SDCC Armchair Coverage:
Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Draws Me Back In!

I haven’t gotten a lot of them reviewed for the site (I haven’t gotten a lot of many things reviewed for the site), but I think the best toy line story come the end of the year will be the return of an old king, Marvel Legends. Hasbro has been on a steady incline since bringing back ML in 2012 and this year they’ve been killing my wallet with great figures!

I haven’t kept every single one (that’s how BAFs work…), but the Odin Wave, the Hobgoblin Wave, the Coulson 3pk, the Thanos Wave, the Ant-Man wave, the Hulkbuster Wave – I just keep buying these things! My ML shelf is pretty much Hasbro-dominant at this point thanks to their great Marvel Team. Hasbro hasn’t had their Marvel panel yet, but that didn’t stop them from debuting a new wave on the convention floor! With a new, and awesome, Absorbing Man as the build-a-figure, the next Spidey Wave is also scheduled to include:

Janice Lincoln Beetle… okay, well one character I had to look up isn’t bad, the scorching-hot-right-now Spider-Gwen, the best Jack O’Lantern figure there’s ever been, an update of the Ben Reilly Spider-Man on the current fantastic Spidey buck, a long overdue update to Morbius (does anyone have one without a melted face?), a classic Venom (with no blue overspray, thank you Dwight!), and frikkin’ Speed Demon! He’s been such a longshot all these years that I don’t even put him on my want list. My first thought was that I basically made up this line up myself. We’ve got five figures easily replacing their older counterparts and three great first appearances in the line. It’s awesome.

For more details, check out Pixel Dan’s Walkthrough!

Oh, and never mind the awesome Walgreen’s Exclusive First Appearance Daredevil (& Black Ant!).

For a ton more pics of the Absorbing Man Wave check out ActionFigurePics!


7 thoughts on “SDCC Armchair Coverage:
Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Draws Me Back In!

  1. There’s about 2 figures from this wave that I really want (Gwen and Ben), and that Absorbing Man isn’t enough to get me to buy the rest.

    People seem shocked that they’ve gotten a Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman figure to market so fast (the character debuted last year, her ongoing book’s only had 5 issues), but I think only the hood is actually a new piece (even then, who knows). The body is just a repaint of the teenage girl buck that’s been used since Jubliee (and has already been used for 3 other Spider females), and I think that head’s a reuse from the Mayday Parker Spider-Girl.

  2. Latest seen the Gwen head and looks good at proto stage. Between these and Figuarts an Christmas shopping early been crazy to keep up. Liking everything though. Still wish get a classic Beetle but I Did like that book.she’s in. Speed Demon finally and admit never thought that would’ve happened ever. I wonder on that Absorbing Man, th head looks kinda undead to me. Extra pieces maybe? New Ben is a major want (Ares wave, no thanks)

    Don’t forget Speed Demon comes with Silvermane.

    1. well, Speed Demon comes with Silvermane’s HEAD. on an RC car. #comicaccurate LOL

  3. yeah,an unpainted Gwen head was revealed today, as was the Udon head for the Taskmaster who comes in a 3pk with classic Cap and modern Mockingbird. first head shown was more skeletal and reminiscent of 2002 Skeletor.

    A Sauron was added to the volcano diorama, but that is NO CONFIRMATION we are getting him. We have seen characters like Ultimo and Devil Dinosaur in previous dioramas, as well as repurposed GI Joe vehicles for the MUs. we still don’t have any of those for MU or ML.
    Sauron is believed to be movie Lizard body, possibly Annihilus wings on arms, dino head. shots are to dark to see tail if there is one.

    No word on how the ML poll voting is going, either. SUCKS that it’s “SDCC only”, and not open to vote online. as noted in the other post, it’s VERY Asgard heavy, with charactters like Ulik, “Borr”[sic], and the Disir (pretty much walking skeletons).

    **IF** we get Ulik and Sauron, best bet is for BAFs. I can see Borr being made from the Odin BAF, just a new head and accy’s.

    1. pure speculation: Beetle hips = future FA Wasp?? I don’t know of any other character who has those style of flared hips (not even YJ-Rita!) and it would be a great re-use of that mold!

    2. so that Sauron is confirmed: DISPLAY CUSTOM ONLY, much like the aforementioned Ultimo and Devil Dinosaur.

      that “3pk” with Tasky was only HALF of the Red Onslaught BAF wave. as in, when Red Skull spliced part of Xavier’s brain into his for the AXIS crossover, and started wearing the Onslaught armor. Waiting on confirmation of an alternate “helmet” head aside from Skull’s…er, skull.

      Captain America = CAP WOLF! alt head! LOL #truestory
      Namor – Utopia/Dark X-Men black and blue uniform
      Taskmaster- Udon alt head confirmed.
      Nuke – patriotic DD villain, recently in “Death of Wolverine” story (Warpath/Crossbones body)

      Abomination – ?? not sure where he falls, Cap/RO or somewhere else? part re-use of Rhino BAF.

      Spidey – Absorbing Man
      rumors of alternate pieces, like Allfather BAF
      Ben/Astonishing Spidey – alternate head/hands for Spider-Carnage
      Spider-Gwen – unmasked head confirmed
      Venom- alt “tongue head” confirmed
      Speed Demon – Silvermane head on RC car accy
      (Lady) Beetle
      Jack O’Lantern – I was looking at a better picture, and I think this is the T-bolts “Ghost” body from the previous SDCC set?

      MUs – 2pks are back!
      Danvers+ Kree (Mar-Vell?)
      Inhuman Triton +
      Hyperion 2pk – reg and Dark
      Cap Falcon + Vance Astro (GotG)
      Yondu (comic GotG) +
      Thor 2pk – Jane + Unworthy Thor
      ULIK the Troll

      Falcada wants a 6″ Warriors Three set! YES!!
      AoU figures possibly in Cap3: Civil War line? (likely, since we finally got Widow in Cap2!)

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