SDCC Armchair Coverage:
DC Collectibles Animates My Childhood

This is gonna be another go check out MWCToys post! There are a ton of images of the various DC Collectibles offerings on Michael’s page! I was most surprised by the Arkham Knight version of Professor Pyg! He’s from the game, but the figure looks faithful to his comic book appearance during Dick Grayson’s way-too-short Bat-stint. There are a lot of great TV-based figures. The Designer Series goes strong with some cool figures based on Bermejo & Capullo artwork. Bermejo’s Batman & Capullo’s Wonder Woman stuck out at me in particular, but what really got me were the New Frontier compatible, Darwyn Cooke figures, most notably a classic Supergirl with a great Krypto & Streaky!

The real story for me DC Collectible’s Batman Animated line though. You’ll have to scroll about halfway down the page to see the, but DCC is going where Kenner & Hasbro feared to tread with the latest wave. We’ve got Gordon! Zatanna! Ra’s as he actually appeared in the cartoon! Etrigan! And Klarion! (Still not sure if those last two ship together or not?). They all look great and this line has just completely won me over. I’m behind on reviews, but they’re so fun. Keep an eye out for an update to that checklist along with some new dates for the previously announced figures, until then continue to MWCToys for those great close-ups!


7 thoughts on “SDCC Armchair Coverage:
DC Collectibles Animates My Childhood

  1. Not a fan of the Arkham Knight stuff, but seeing that ManBat? I came across the 4″ version tonight, and he look like he’ll fit in with my JLU stuff…if I ever get it unpacked….

    Unmasked Merlyn! shweet! Now I can have Capt Jack and Malcolm….hang out!
    #shipping! (is it too late to start an TorchArrow/ArrowWood fic? I’m almost afraid to see if others have beaten me to it….)
    still need to grab Canary(s?) and Dig, and Flash, and…all the CW stuff, really. only have masked Malcolm “Dark Archer” so far, from a friend’s shop.

    Bermejo series-
    i…don’t get it? is this from a particular comic run or did Lee get free reign to create his own versions of characters? armored Hal and Bats, wrinkly-suit Superman (at least he has RED SHORTS!!) and Lex?? LEX IN A WRINKLED SUIT???

    Cooke series- I get this one. Adam is my favorite so far.

    DC …Icons?
    not sure about new Firestorm (too high gloss?), and John doesn’t need stripes over his feet.
    Joker is Joker. hard to go wrong with him, but it has happened.

    again, those giant hip holes have kept me from buying these before, but it looks like they’re getting better? Gordon and Zatanna look nice, as do Ra’s and Etrigan. that placard w/Z below does state Klarion and Etrigan are a 2pk.
    tempted on that Batmobile, but a definite sale would be the next version (NBA?). I LOVED that one!

    that Canary and PG statues, tho! and Joker looks like that “Harley’s Joker” cosplayer.
    Ollie and Dinah look cute.

    Capullo series-
    WW….Barbie has more life in her eyes.
    Joker… you know how I said messing up the Joker can be done? sigh… 🙁


    Wizard’s Wand= extendo-grabber lightsaber? LOL
    and JAY’S HELMET!!!!

    LOTS of great pics, Michael! THANKS!

    1. Most of my collection is all Joker merchandise and have to say I totally disagree with you on that icons figure.

      Icons Joker is amazing. I cannot wait for that to be released. Finally a Fedora wearing Joker that looks like he stepped right out of the classic comics.

  2. Some neat stuff, there. Shame I’m cutting back on collecting. Look forward to the Batmobile and Roxy Rocket. Hope they get to BTAS Scarecrow and Killer Croc eventually. Not fond of the redesigns.

  3. Well seen an update to the Mad Love set. All I gotta say is. Keep out of sight of soccer moms. Not classic suit and black suit Joker anymore. Its “Wanna Rev up your Harley” Harley and a different shade of Purple Joker.

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