SDCC Armchair Coverage:
Four Horsemen Rule the Roost!

I don’t have a ton of pics for you on this one, I want you to hit up MWCToys for his great close-up shots, but I have to point out all the great sculpts the Four Horsemen took with them to SDCC! First up, you’ll see the latest from the Power Lords line! I’m personally happy to see this line is still going strong! While Series 2 has some great aliens based on Raygoth, I’m kinda bowled over by the updated Adam Power. I love the space suit. It’s only the best space suit figure I’ve ever seen. Series 2 is also slated to feature Sydot and some early Series 3 pics of Disguyzon round out the Power Lords reveals.

On the epic Mythic Legions side of things are a ton of test samples from the massive line. I can’t express my disappoint enough that I just didn’t have the cash to spare during their Kickstarter, even more so now seeing all these test samples. Its stunning work even in just the one color. Have fun scrolling through those images.

Also of note, is the rebranding of the Ravens line as “Mythic Legions – Birds”. We’d seen some of these before, and I’m not ornithologically inclined to be able to name everybody, but there are some more great bird sculpts using the Raven buck. I’m fond of the Blue Phoenix, the Blue Jay, & the Chicken this go round. Cool stuff!

Continue to MWCToys for those great close-ups!


3 thoughts on “SDCC Armchair Coverage:
Four Horsemen Rule the Roost!

  1. Ooooohhh…! Those Power Lords Prototypes are exquisite!! As I’ve said before, if ONLY they were in a 6″ (MoTUC-compatible) scale, the Four Horsemen could have all my money..! Wow! Disguyzor (and Sydot! and Raygoth!!) looks so Great!

  2. Wishing the Power Lords humans were available in 6″ (DCUC) scale, would be nice having some more 4H sculpted heads for customs… (and, yes, that space suit is a thing of beauty!)

  3. I’ll add my voice to the choir (singing the same song I’ve been singing for years); if the Power Lords were 6″ scale, I’d be all about this line. The designs keep getting better and better; I’m just not interested in dinky little figures.

    The birds… eh. I’m pretty well burned out on bird variants at this point. If I’m not mistaken, We’re clocking in at well over 2 dozen figures that are just the same body with different paint and sometimes a new head. I get that the first wave sold well (too well, since supply clearly didn’t come close to meeting demand), but the amount of new versions they’ve revealed seems like overkill.

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