SDCC Armchair Coverage:
Hasbro’s Transformers Combiner Wars

Hasbro had their big Transformers Bash today and showed off a bevy of new product. I think the most exciting thing for me was probably a domestic release of Masterpiece Starscream. Yeah, it’s kind of a reissue, so I shouldn’t be excited, but I don’t have him and his secondary prices suck. So yay! Plenty of TRU checking in my future anyway…

In other news, Combiner Wars will rage on on our toy shelves with some spiffy, wonderfully garish G2 repaints:

TFW2005 covered the Transformers panel and reports back that these two combiners will be sold as giftsets, but are not exclusive to anyone retailer. Both are faithful to their G2 designs and really give fans a fun option for their collections. Many G2 Superions should’ve long crumbled by now (gold plastic syndrome… ew!) and G2 Menasor never actually made it to shelves. I don’t know that I’ll be buying these, but they warm my heart so (I love garish things).

Next up is a bot I will buy: Scattershot!

Scattershot appears to be yet another retooling of Silverbolt (but it totally works). Where’s the rest of the team, you might ask? Well, we don’t know. TFW reported that he forms “Betatron” with existing CW limbs. He did have some pretty unique limbs so reuse is probably an issue here. Hopefully, Hasbro will have something up their sleeve because it’s not a party without Computron…

Finally, Hasbro unveiled their fan-vote combiner! And I… kinda hate it. Oh man, I think it’s because I wanted this to be so cool. I love the idea. The fan vote. The all-female team. New characters. It was all too good to be true. And I knew there would be reuse; I was okay knowing that Hasbro would slap some Gisele heads on Tom Brady’s body and call it “woman”. I was at peace with that… but those colors? They’re not completely bad on the final robot – a tertiary color would certainly help, but they went astray because they didn’t follow history. Scramble City bots don’t have group color schemes. I think, and I could be wrong, that they’re cool because they’re hodgepodge. The G2 designs are atrocious and beautiful. The TFCC’s super-garish FSS combiner has my interest piqued. But this? This just doesn’t get me right there like so much of Combiner Wars has. There is a lot to love – the new feet with rocker ankles, the Combiner weapon, and the color choices aren’t bad, but the feel has been lost. And so I just have to be “that guy” on this one. Hopefully it connects with other collectors.

Okay, that’s all I’m going to cover for Transformers this go round. TFW2005 has the panel coverage for Generations and for panel coverage for Robots in disguise as well as a ton of cool galleries from the booths and of official images.

11 thoughts on “SDCC Armchair Coverage:
Hasbro’s Transformers Combiner Wars

  1. Like others have said, it looks like Victorion was colored as a combined bot first, then broken down and the single bots figured out after the fact.

    But you’re right–the color scheme is weird. I guess if you wanted to, you could pop the new heads off their bodies and put them on the CW Deluxes we have now.

    I’m still gonna get her (and G2 Superion).

  2. I said it earlier: “I think someone is colorblind!”
    (but now I kinda want a Goldbug, even after becoming EXTREMELY annoyed with ‘Bee the last few years. just like Elmo taking over the Street.)

    “Next up is Victorion and her limbs.
    Her torso is Pyra Magna, a Hot Spot remold.
    The helicopters (Alpha Bravo remold) are Stormclash and Skyburst
    The two race cars are Jumpstream, a Breakdown remold, and Dustup, who is the Dead End remold.
    The set is rounded out with Legends Groove remold, Rust Dust.
    Sold as a set with a poster and card. Out “sometime next year release””

    oy. I voted on this via the TF app, but I do NOT recall any color schemes offered! and seriously, what colorblind idiot decided “fire engine red” and “hospital scrub green” worked well together??

    I don’t get why we need TWO Choppers, esp after the Alpha Bravo furor.
    I was hoping to hear of an Inferno redeco of HotSpot, as I snagged a Protectobot set last week and now all but Blades have sold out. Hope they restock so I can make my own with the ALLEGED G1 combiners coming (Mirage, Ratchet, Prowl, etc)
    Any word on Onslaught redeco or other Combaticons, yet?

    also, I’ve spotted CW Thundercracker and Viper (Cobra blue Powerglide) up here in the StL this week. anyone know if are we getting CW Starscream and/or Skywarp? holding off on TC until I hear. and Megatron now seems to be fairly widespread, despite earlier sell outs.

    “No plans for Dinobots Combiner

    No plans for Predaking, or beast combiners in general.

    Cannot conform MP-28 is Hound”
    Sad for no EXTINCTION. we at least need a CLASSIC G1 Dinobots set! (I bought an extra set of Bay4merz for an Extinction project, and….yeah, no.)
    Predaking I can live without.
    I know no Hound is going to make the Ferrous Bovine annoyed, but 3p version was just listed on BBTS.

    but yeah, hope we get more Technobots. I thought there were some planned, like those G1 Combiner redecos? I had all the Techs except Silverbolt back in the G1 days.

    1. If you’re talking about the Leader class figures, yes, we are getting a CW Skywarp and Starscream. Both are from the Generations leader class Jetfire mold.

      If you’re talking about the Legends figures, the answer is once again “yes.” Skywarp is coming out in the upcoming wave (with Rodimus). Starscream was actually released before Combiner Wars started. He came with the Waspinator minicon.

  3. Honestly, I’m cool with the hilarious red-and-mint color scheme, I just wish they weren’t ALL that color, as you said! I’m cool with colors that burn your retinas, but as you stated: All the other Combiner teams have different colored limbs! I LOVE that! I really like that each limb is a separate character, and that you can SEE them in the combined form. Victorion’s limbs just don’t…stand out. I don’t care about any of them as characters, because they all look like they’re just there to be limbs. It’s no fun! They should keep the garish red-and-mint for the central bot, but change up all the limbs with unique color schemes. That would change my thoughts about this one in a heartbeat.

    1. I was looking at some more pics this morning from the show floor, the red is not as glossy, and the hospital/mint is more subdued, so it looks SLIGHTLY better than the above pic. those simple changes in those shades improve it about 6% for me. still BAD choices for a full set, tho.

  4. Underwhelmed. These combiners are too little, too late for me. If they’d got on with these four or five years ago, I could’ve saved loads on not buying 3rd Party knock-offs (which, admittedly, are huge and pretty dang cool). But after the lame string of re-issued combiners from years past and the truly horrible FOC Bruticus in boatloads of silly colours, I thought they’d never do combiners again, and just stick with the constant stream of Optimus, Megatron, Bumblebee, Starscream, and repaints thereof that they’d been churning out for ages.

    As for Victorion: That’s pretty much Perceptor’s colour scheme, with all the silver concentrated in the hands, feet, and sword. And they’re all female, so they have to be colour-coordinated with each other. };D

  5. I love Superion. I’m kinda okay with Menasor, I want a Devastator so badly, but I’m sorely disappointed in the fembot combiner. Especially their individual modes. sculpting slightly protruding breastplates onto existing molds with reused heads is such a freaking cop-out. And it was supposedly a collaberation with Takara! Between the two companies they should have at least tried to make it look like they made an effort. I like the new feet and hands, but that’s about it.

  6. No plans for the Seacons, Predacons or Terrorcons makes me very very sad. Here I am thinking we’re gettin nearly every G1 Combiner team in Combiner Wars and they say “No beasts” which leaves off every single remaining G1 team next to the Technobots.

    Speaking of….Scattershot looks awesome, but if Hasbro doesn’t fill in the rest of his team, I will be a little P.O.ed. Re-tooling them from other TFs is easily done:

    • Brawl becomes Nosecone
    • Streetwise/Dead End becomes Lightspeed
    • Any Jet TF becomes Strafe
    • Takara Deluxe Groove or Legends Groove becomes Afterburner

    So, it’s not that difficult to pull off. I just have no clue what to expect next year now.

    Those G2 box sets are awesome and I was holding back on not getting Superion but now I’m going to bite. If they do retro-G2 style boxes like they did for the Fall of Cybertron Bruticus set I will be even more inclined to buy it. Here’s hoping for G2 Combaticons also!

  7. I think Hasbro is saying that, because it’s an all-female team, they color coordinate. That’s sexist, Hasbro. Almost as sexist as the combined form wearing high heels. Holy crap.

    The color schemes don’t have to be as fugly as the G2 ones, but the G1 Scramble-style combiners had mixed color schemes without being an eyesore.

  8. Really, couldn’t do Elita-1, Firestar, Chromia, and two new ladies and gone that route. Oh well, and I thought saw sonewhere that a G1 inspired Brutics was being done. Still buling Superion (got Slingshot aka Quickslinger the other day discounted for $11 cause bubble was damaged. Fixed that with tape but glad found over alpha bravo. Gifts so gotta fix that. Only two others to.finish and then work on Menasor. Saw the Protectobots once but no Hotspot.

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