SDCC Armchair Coverage:
Mattel Serves Up MOTU Classics 2015!

Mattel wasted no time on Preview Night revealing the remaining figures for 2015. This was basically the worst kept secret in SDCC reveals as 2015 promised to finish up the vintage line-up and the number of figures left pretty much equaled the number of releases. That said, it’s still amazing to see everything on display. The best pics I’ve seen come from two Instagram accounts worth following MisterPhillz & afpRon! Here’s a sampling of their great pics, click on the images to enlarge them:

afpRon gives us a great close-up on the overtly-hinted Talon Fighter, the 4th quarter two-pack of Flying Fists He-Man & Terror Claws Skeletor, what I’m guessing is the Holiday two-pack of Laser He-Man & Skeleton, and a long-shot of the fourth quarter figures with some of their accessories visible. Perfuma’s giant flower is crazy and I’m glad to see Dare includes more than just a repaint of the football armor from NA He-Man. Let’s see… Dragstor’s crossbow is awesome. The Laser figs look great; love the new head sculpts. The other two-pack doesn’t do much for me – the He-Armor is a tad bulky, but it looks great.

MisterPhillz gives us great close-ups of the third quarter item, Buzzsaw Hordak (note the outline on his chest where it opens), and the remaining 2015 figures of Saurod, Perfuma, Dragstor, & Dare! I think Saurod steals the show from these releases. Damn.

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24 thoughts on “SDCC Armchair Coverage:
Mattel Serves Up MOTU Classics 2015!

  1. Yesss Saurod and Dare on just preview night. I’m most excited to here about the 6″ Thundercats Hoooo

  2. pics are already floating around of Hasbro’s Walgreen exclusive Daredevil: same figure as HobGoblin wave, only in FA yellow, with a Rocket wave Hawkeye alternate head. This is listed as “Fall exclusive”?

    Also, the O’Grady “Black Ant” Ant-Man, which is basic buck with new helmeted head. this helmet looks nothing like the comic version, but almost like MC2’s Stinger?
    I believe this is also Walgreens, only for a “summer exclusive”?

    this is probably link to watch:

      1. um, not Ultron. Thor. Now I don’t have to whine about aftermarket prices for that ‘Walmart Exclusive’ Avengers Movie wave. 🙂

        1. crap. Beetletron is in the TARGET 3pk…of which they replaced the Rad.Man pic, but are using the same slot in their system, causing much dissension and hilarity in the ML ranks.

    1. oh, and still waiting on details but: Spider-Man Absorbing Man BAF wave!
      -Spider-Gwen, Morbius, Jack O’Lantern, Lady Beetle, Speed Demon with Silvermane head (on RC truck? someone supplied the comic page that confirms this).
      -Ben Reilly/Sensational Spidey is also shown, not sure if in this wave or not?

      MU: CLASSIC GOTG Vance and Yondu!! ULIK! Lady Thor! Capt Marvel (Carol unmasked), Spider-noir, Triton, Machine Man, Cap Falcon.

      There is also a poll **AT SDCC** for future MLs, which is VERY Asgard heavy.
      Many are annoyed this is *SDCC ONLY* poll.

      1. Spider-Gwen is *reported* to have alt “unmasked head”. other accy details are trickling out, can’t confirm ANY right now.

        Announced earlier today: 3pk with “Classic” comic Cap, Now! Mockingbird, and Taskmaster. not sure of source for Tasky, but it’s reminiscent of Udon, with leg armor? AFP for pics. This is likely the “three more reveals” overheard while someone was filming the new Spidey wave.

        also, reports of the AoU Ultron Target set hitting Australia Target, already. figs in hand pic posted on “Marvel Legends Community” fb page.

        1. update: Tasky is apparently based off an animated appearance? Udon head has been swapped in today, in place of the more realitic hooded skull (someone called him “Skeletor” LOL).

          Spider-Gwen has also been spotted with an UNpainted Gwen head: yellow shoulder length hair, flesh face on painted Spider-Gwen body.
          the hood on the masked version looks to be a separate piece, so not sure how hard/easy that’s going to be to swap out without damaging hood?

          also: NON-confirmation he’s coming BUT: a SAURON has been added to the ML volcano diorama.
          consensus is likely built on movie Lizard body, possibly Annihilus wings on arms, plus dino head. only available shots are dark and do not show a tail.
          Marvel has placed their own in-house customs in displays before (Ultimo, Devil Dinosaur, repainted GI Joe vehicles), so this is NOT CONFIRMATION we are getting Lykos.

          I’m hearing Hasbro Marvel panel is at 6p PST tonight.

  3. Love Saurod, Perfuma & Dragstor.
    I am SO looking forward to Point Dread & the Talon Fighter. I so desperatly want to put it on top of the castle – and I DON’T EVEN HAVE THE SPACE TO DISPLAY THE CASTLE.

    (I don’t know if you can tell, but I never got the Talon Fighter as a kid 🙂 )

  4. I was desperately hoping for Perfuma, but Saurod ended to be the coolest figure revealed until now for me. I’m not so excited for the other ones, but I’ll wait to see more pictures…

  5. Thundercats 😀

    Just when I thought I had finally given up collecting they bring back Thundercats… I will need some MOTUC to display with them, and some DC and Marvel characters. Oh and some Ninja Turtles. There is probably going to be some other figures as well LOL.

  6. Man oh man, some great stuff here and we have not even touched on the Thundercats (which can have its own article once we see some pics). Mattel is looking good (and even some of the BvS stuff looks top notch)

  7. Well, as expected all I definitely want are Saurod and the Laser Lights. Though Dragstor looks a lot better than expected, and who the hell is Dare? Is he from the He-Ro: Son of He-Man series that never was?

    Is this it for the line or are there going to be any more? My wallet hopes it’s done, but my heart doesnt.

    1. Yup, that’s the Dare you’re talking about, all right, Alex. The line started with He-Man’s ancestor, and winds up with his son. Kind of poetic.

      Would’ve done a couple of minor things differently (working ab-wheel on Dragstor, vac-metal on FF He-Man), but for the most part, I’m still wowed.

      I wonder where FF He-Man’s whirling mace got to? And will he include another Power Sword, as show in the picture? Finally, which figure is going to get the Millennial King Hssss snake torso packed in with it? I’m thinking either Buzz-Saw Hordak or Perfuma.

      1. Oh god, I forgot about the King Hiss torso. I very much hope it comes with Saurod. It would make sense since he only has one accessory, and I can see them retconning him into a snake man.

        But with my luck it’ll come with the damn She-Ra character…

        1. Yeah, I was thinking Buzz-Saw Hordak or Perfuma because those would be the figures most people would complain about having to have with the sub, and the snake torso would be the bribe for non-fans to keep them.

        2. Or, come to think of it, there was a fuss made about how King Hssss will make his return in the next Mini-Comic starring He-Ro II, so maybe the snake torso will be included with Dare?

          1. That would work. I’ll be picking him up as well, that’s pretty awesome that they’re making him.

            That said, if this is truly all that are left, it’s going to be frustrating as all hell that we’ll have a figure from a show that was never even made, yet somehow STILL don’t have figs of the movie versions of He-Man and Skelly…

  8. Man oh man! Seeing these figures is kind of bittersweet. It’s like we’re nearing the finish line! So awesome to see these finally. Everything looks great. Saurod really stole the show for me. Dragstor (my Mosquitor) looks awesome too. Can’t say I’m all that enthusiastic about the He-Man/Skeletor two packs though. I never had either of ’em so there’s no nostalgia there. I’ll wait to see ’em in person though.

    1. I had the arm-swinging leaders as a kid, so I’m eager for those (grumble, grumble vac-metal), and I’m always happy to pick up a version of rare stuff I never had as a kid for whatever reason, plus I want to experiment with LEDs, so I’m also looking forward to the Laser Leaders 2-Pack.

      Man, I’m so jazzed today by this news!

  9. Apparently Amazon wants in on SDCC style exclusives, because this

    just went live today.

    (don’t want to click the link? It’s a Marvel Legends 4-pack of MCU Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Bruce Banner. People sez the Thor seems to be resculpted, Hawkeye has a new head, BW has a deco change and GOSH DANG BRUCE BANNER, man! Can we have a Tony Stark now, along with Falcon, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, pretty please? Heck, that would make a nice 4-pack too)

    That’s a good price for 4 figures I really want. I have a feeling this will go fast, folks.

  10. It they plotted this corse two years ago, why put the two Heman/Skeletor variants back to back when 2014 had no Heman/Skeletor variants? I don’t mind getting them, even though it being four of the last figures I could think of way better figures to fill those gaps, but getting them back to back sure reduces the thrill of these figures.

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