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JoeCon 2015:
Hasbro & Collector’s Club Armchair Coverage

Classic Clash – Storm Shadow (v2) vs. Spirit Iron Knife

Marine Devastation 2 Pack – Cobra Shadow Guard vs. Gung Ho

Cobra Commander vs Shipwreck & Polly

Croc Master vs Blowtorch

Iron Grenadier vs Steel Brigade

Vanishing Act- Torpedo, Hit & Run and Zartan

Sneak Attack – Specialist Dusty, Firefly, Bazooka

Chase for the MASS Device – Cobra Commander, Cobra C.L.A.W.S. trooper, Duke (DVD set)

Rock Rampage – Cobra Shock Trooper, Cobra Rock Viper, Alpine

And now let’s look at those vehicles. It was a little confusing at first, but basically there are two editions of each set. One for retail and one for SDCC. The first set, Desert Duel, includes the Cobra Basilisk (Snow Cat repaint) and classic Striker in a desert deco along with a Desert Chuckles and a Cobra driver. The SDCC version includes two additional figures: a Cobra Air Trooper and the G.I. Joe Night Fox.

So not too much different on that one, but this next one makes up for it. At Retail, the “Silent Strike” edition of this set includes the Skystriker in a dark grey deco with Ace & Sightline (new character) and an awesome Orange HISS Tank with a driver and a gunner. This Orange tank kinda makes me wish I still had the white, black, red, & blue ones…

So then, the SDCC version is a totally different deco that calls back to the 80s and the opposing armies repurposing the other vehicles. This set includes a Cobra-captured Skystriker repainted in crimson & silver and called the Scythe. (seriously, think about how it must look from the top, it’s gotta be cool). The jet is piloted by a Cobra AVAC and an Alley Viper Office. On the flipside, remember my affinity for an orange Hiss? Well, how about green! This Joe-captured Hiss tank, now called Chimera, includes new versions of Grunt & Steeler!

Continue to Hisstank for Booth Pics!!

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14 comments to JoeCon 2015:
Hasbro & Collector’s Club Armchair Coverage

  • Mark

    Some great stuff…why now after I sold my collection. The show stealer for me has got to be the Tiger Force Tomahawk. Loved the Tiger Force vehicles but I never had any so I made a custom Tiger Force Night Attack Chopper a couple years back. http://www.joecustoms.com/customs/customs_specific_item.php?kind=vehicle&id=968

  • The hell with all of that. NEW MIKE POWER! Holy crap, I may have to finally join the club. I don’t really care if they stuck a micro LED in his right eye, just the fact that they gave him a proportional head and addressed the ‘but he’s only got one mechanical leg, how can he run fast without ripping himself apart?’ issue makes me need this.


    Gotta get me some of those!

    Just as I was planning to sell off loads of my modern G.I. Joe stuff, too . . . .

  • J. Lee

    Wish I had a closer Toys R Us. Know I would buy some of these indeed. The transfan in me sees that Scythe as a possible new Ramjet/Thrust deco if do a crossover line. Yeah still dreaming for that. Gotta say enjoyed all the reveals and await to see that Pythona proto.

  • Battle Catman

    Aw, snap! Iron Grenadier/Steel Brigade 2-pack? Sign me up!

  • He-Mullet

    I think I just Cobra-Lalalalala’d my pants!

  • Brainlock

    ok, where did I see a white shirt Bazooka with blue 14? it was definitely NOT an off color pic of the two-tone blue, because that 14 was darker than the two-toner. also, they’re using his real name now? sigh….

    wish the green tank set was TRU, too. :/

    I was hoping for the announcement of 6″ers, but maybe SDCC??
    I can imagine the shortlist is: Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow, Shipwreck, CC, Destro, Cobra Trooper/Viper, and a female every fourth wave, starting with Cover Girl. >_>
    BAF: MASS device. LOL more seriously, SNAKE armor using Mandroid/Monger base.

    • I’d buy a 6″ Cobra Commander (helmeted), but that would be it.

      • Okay, maybe a Cobra Trooper of some sort. To hang with my other 6″-scale goons, so they can hang out and bitch about their bosses after work.

        I have a rich internal fantasy life.

        • Brainlock

          HALO figures make good BATs and other armored characters like Barbecue and such that are tertiary at best. so hiding them in back rows, you don’t notice they’re smaller, esp if you use spice rack risers.

  • De

    I truly enjoyed myself at this year’s JoeCon despite the travel hassles getting there (Springfield’s airport looks more like a bus station, only cleaner). Exclusive items were rather neat, even if their price points were a bit shocking ($168 for the Tiger Hawk Helicopter, for example). Mark Weber, the new G.I. Joe brand manager is a very down-to-earth kind of guy and he was asking fans questions all weekend long. In particular, he was asking what characters people would like to see going forward.

    If you’re interested in answering that question, the G.I. Joe Discussion group on Facebook is compiling Top 10 lists that will be passed along to Hasbro. All they ask is that you use the YoJoe.com classifications (version 1, version 2, etc.) if there’s a particular version you’d like to see.

    J. Lee: You should be able to order all of these (except the SDCC set) through TRU.com, but you’ll definitely be able to pre-order through Big Bad Toy Store soon.

    Brainlock: No 6-inch figures this year. It’s not totally off the table, but it definitely won’t be happening this year. The only reveal at SDCC this year will be whatever Kre-O sets are coming.

    • Brainlock

      where was the con at this year, Illinois? I could’ve driven to that one. I only recently got around to following…Hisstank? on FB, and they made mention of it once or twice, so I thought it was next month or later. NOPE! still out of the loop on a lot of stuff, but I’m not really buying any 1/18 the last few years.

  • JediJones

    Interrogator was a 1991 Cobra figure, so not sure why he’s not getting the love here. Other than Pathfinder, I don’t think any other figure in this sub is more deserving of the slot. Especially with this sub being painfully light on villains. He’s way more deserving than of the most notorious pegwarmers of the ’90s, Barricade.

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