Retro Review: DC Classics
Wave 5 (Metallo)


I’ll just be upfront, Metallo is truly the centerpiece of this wave. He’s not my favorite version (that would be the SA orange/green version), but this one looks great. He has a ton of detail – not just the wires and tubes, but dents and dings all over the figure. The articulation is great with all sorts of joints hidden in the gears – some of which are designed to look like they’re working as you move the figure around. Oh, and he’s huge. Upright, he towers, but he can also crouch and just be massive. To top it off, like any good Metallo, you can expose his kryptonite heart by removing that big “M” on his chest (it fits snugly, but removes easily). Underneath you find the chunk of kryptonite within and the entire cavity is painted in a manner that really manages to look like glowing on first glance. He’s a great piece. And I’m not sure, but he may have been a leftover DCSH sculpt.

In Conclusion…

Overall, this wave is really a run-of-the-mill wave when it comes to classics. There are some good figures and some bad figures. The C&C is a great piece, but maybe not the version every fan would have wanted. Is the wave worth $200-300? Of course not. I can’t imagine that any one wave of toys would be. And I’m not sure what drives the price so high for this particular wave. It could be that it’s stacked with figures that various fans would consider essential. Atom is necessary for any JLA shelf and Amazo is one of the classic DCUC villains. The Riddler is needed for any Bat-villain shelf and for the Legion of Doom display until we know for sure the leotard Riddler is coming. The Eradicator is part of the always popular Reign of the Superman story. Black Lightning was hot in the modern JLA during the time of his release. It could be any or all of those things driving the price. Or it could just be that addictive component – completism. I know that I wanted them all when I went to eBay a year ago this week. I felt I was lucky – I picked them for $100 shipped right before the price went crazy. At “only” double the price or so, I thought I got a deal. With them selling at three times that, I guess I did.

Recently, Mattel has said they might look into doing a “box set” of Wave 5 on I hope that’s the case for the many DCUC collectors out there who are still missing these figures. They may not be worth $50 a piece, but they fill out important roll calls on a DCUC shelf and of all the figures, these are among the handful that definitely need to see reissue.

21 thoughts on “Retro Review: DC Classics
Wave 5 (Metallo)

  1. Box set on Matty Collector? Hell yes! I still need Eradicator and my Atom’s left hip is broken, so I would definitely pick it up without a second thought. Do you recall where it was that Mattel said this?

  2. i got this set for 140 and i was really happy about that, knowing that it runs near 300 is crazy and makes me feel for those who dont have it. if they re release this set i might pick it up only if they add the changes that the promo picks had, i want the see through goggles and the question marks on the arm.

  3. Unfortunately, eddy, Mattel already said that Eradicator’s glasses will NOT be clear in the rerelease. Given that piece of stubborn and niggardly (look it up) idiocy, I can only Assume that Riddlers sleeves will remain unadorned.

    1. Wait, so Mattel not only confirmed a re-release, but gave specific details on what would and wouldn’t be done with them?

      Where was all this said and how did I miss it?

  4. I’d be glad for a re-release just to add Metallo to my collection. I wish they could have been up front earlier about a re-release though as I would have tried hard to keep on being a completist, but now I’ve missed a chunk of wave 9 (Wildcat, Guardian, and Mantis) and am missing the Dr. Fate variant.

    1. Communication is key.

      It’s similar to Wave 9. They could have mentioned that future all-star assortments would have most of the figures, but left that out while apologizing for the low quantities.

  5. So they’ll rerelease it (maybe) but still not fix the problems? Sounds like Mattel….

    Either way just get that stupid Metallo and Eradicator (who, with the news of Superboy, really needs to return) at decent prices and all will be cool.

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