DC Classics Wave 13 – Retailer Images

BBTS has placed Wave 13 sets and singles up for pre-order as well as providing images of the figures. I’ve grouped the images together below and resized them evenly, but scale may not be accurately represented.

I have one nitpick that I have to point out. For Superboy, I hope there is time for Mattel to have the neck/shoulder painted black on the final product. For some fans, it may be a minor thing, but he just doesn’t look right with the blue neck.

The rest of the figures are all sharp. Based on the BBTS pricing and groupings, Cheetah will be the 50/50 variant and Negative Man’s skull/clear face variant will be the chase figure. The C&C for this wave is Trigon.

Wave Thirteen has been added to our DC Classics Visual Checklist.

32 thoughts on “DC Classics Wave 13 – Retailer Images

  1. It’s finally happened…a series where I don’t want any of the characters, *gasp!*

    Troy looks like my sister, so I’m already put off by it xD

  2. Donna Troy and Cheetah are sure bets (I’m partial to Wonder Woman characters). Blue Beetle’s a maybe. If Blue Devil were his modern, “Day of Vengeance” version I’d pick him up.

    Part of me wonders why Classic Cheetah is so campy looking, but then again she’ll fit in perfect with “Gotham 5” Lex Luthor and pants-less Brainiac.

  3. Hello there, Modern Blue Beetle. You’re going to look awesome next to the Run D.M.C. vinyls on my desk.

    When do these hit stores?

  4. I’m afraid Superboy and Blue Beetle will be Kid Flash sized,which might make sense for Superboy, but Blue Beetle is generally portrayed as larger than the small buck. I’ve always wondered why they never release a group pic so we know what the relative sizes will be.

    1. All the images were scaled 81% of the size Mattel released, but that doesn’t mean anything since they could have been taken from different distances and angles.

      I prefer Superboy to have the Sinestro buck and Blue Beetle to be about that tall too.

  5. Hell yes to Negative Man, and I could probably get a Blue Devil. Man, DCD finally does a Blue Devil figure and this happens…that character is ripe for a retcon. Erase everything after maybe his first year, put him on Brave and the Bold, and he’d be in business.

        1. Mine will be going together on the top shelf. LOL

          I don’t know what it is, but I’m just impressed with how good a job the 4H did on Cyclotron while staying true to his basic roots.

          It gives me really high hopes for Golden Pharaoh.

  6. Those look great! So wave 11 is shipping, wave 12 is packaged, and wave 13 is revealed? Crazy fast.

  7. Eh. This wave is mostly pass for me. I don’t care enough about Trigun to suffer the modern characters. Just Donna, Larry, and Cheetah for me.

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