Retro Review: DC Classics
Wave 5 (Metallo)

Black Lightning

Black Lightning is my least favorite from this wave. I have to admit some bias because I dislike his modern look. I would’ve preferred his early 90s look first, but his vintage costume or his late 90s costume are better than the current version. But the problem with the figure is that it doesn’t do a good job of replicating the costume. The use of a standard buck is fine, but the paint work is fuzzy on both the blue and yellow lines. The head sculpt, while accurate, loses something with the goggles painted gold in a line where Guardian and Wildcat have their eyes so well-displayed, or where Blue Beetle and Booster have see-thru goggles.

Finally, my real problem with Black Lightning is his articulation. I haven’t mentioned artic up until now because all of the figures I found, save one, were good. But I was lucky. Wave five was plagued with bad hip joints. They were frozen out of the package and the softer peg would usually tear before it gave. I’ve tried various tricks on my BL’s left leg, but none have worked. That hip is still fused and is possibly damaged from my failed attempts. Since the replacement cost is high, I don’t bother with it and he stands on my shelf as my most disliked figure in the entire line.


Eradicator was the figure I wanted to like best. His pre-release photos were great. His unique shield/cape looked like a great piece. The new “Superman” head looked good and I loved the clear visor. Yeah, the clear visor. As you can see, the solid gold visor just lacks the charm and makes him look a little dopey. Okay, a lot dopey. Otherwise, this is a great figure. The buck works. The paintwork is great. The shield/cape is a great piece. The head sculpt, even if a little “Dean Cain-ish”, is good. But those goggles just blow. Another thing that could have saved it would have been a clear yellow energy hand. This ‘Superman’ could emit beams of energy from his hands and both the MOS and DCD versions utilized the clear plastic for that effect. I love clear plastic by the way.


Riddler is another good figure that’s set back by minor annoyances. While the suit buck isn’t the most popular among fans, I don’t mind it (I’m mildly amused by bifurcated ties and how Superman’s pecs retractably fit into Kent’s suit, okay?). The buck does it job on suited figures, and the green version looks good on Riddler. His head sculpt has a slight smirk that I like and I love the hat. As usual, the head is the best part of the figure. The paint work is clean for the most part. My figure ended up with some black scuff marks on his hat and neck, but the real issue is the question mark tampos.

In the prerelease photos, they were on his coat piece and his arms, but they were left off the arms on the final figure. Similar to the Eradicator’s golden goggles, this makes him look dopey. Who buys a suit with the pattern not extended to the sleeves? (Sorry, couldn’t resist). The Riddler does have the benefit of the one accessory in the entire wave, his trademark cane. Continue to Page 3…

21 thoughts on “Retro Review: DC Classics
Wave 5 (Metallo)

  1. Box set on Matty Collector? Hell yes! I still need Eradicator and my Atom’s left hip is broken, so I would definitely pick it up without a second thought. Do you recall where it was that Mattel said this?

  2. i got this set for 140 and i was really happy about that, knowing that it runs near 300 is crazy and makes me feel for those who dont have it. if they re release this set i might pick it up only if they add the changes that the promo picks had, i want the see through goggles and the question marks on the arm.

  3. Unfortunately, eddy, Mattel already said that Eradicator’s glasses will NOT be clear in the rerelease. Given that piece of stubborn and niggardly (look it up) idiocy, I can only Assume that Riddlers sleeves will remain unadorned.

    1. Wait, so Mattel not only confirmed a re-release, but gave specific details on what would and wouldn’t be done with them?

      Where was all this said and how did I miss it?

  4. I’d be glad for a re-release just to add Metallo to my collection. I wish they could have been up front earlier about a re-release though as I would have tried hard to keep on being a completist, but now I’ve missed a chunk of wave 9 (Wildcat, Guardian, and Mantis) and am missing the Dr. Fate variant.

    1. Communication is key.

      It’s similar to Wave 9. They could have mentioned that future all-star assortments would have most of the figures, but left that out while apologizing for the low quantities.

  5. So they’ll rerelease it (maybe) but still not fix the problems? Sounds like Mattel….

    Either way just get that stupid Metallo and Eradicator (who, with the news of Superboy, really needs to return) at decent prices and all will be cool.

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