Outer Space Men Infinity
Colossus Rex Review

Articulation is what we’ve come to expect from OSM. Several swivel cuts due to the Glyos joints at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees, and ankles. All those work well. I am a little sad for OSM. The Power Lords articulation is amazing and in some ways it makes the OSM feel limited, but that’s not as true with Rex. Maybe it’s the awesome chest, I don’t know, but he just seems like he’s capable of some great body language with his 14 swivel joints. An extra set of claw hands also help in that regard as well. I love him having the accessories, but he’s been sporting claw hands for most of his time with me.

Rex included a nice batch of accessories. The 4H kicked things off with this classic mace, but with room leftover in the budget, a new staff weapon, shield, and chest armor were added. All these pieces are great sculpts – they’re sharp, literally, so be careful! And they really increase the play value for Rex if you’re looking for gear (I love the Jupiter tampo on the armor) or more value than just the standard trunks look he’s been sporting for 46 years!

Overall, Colossus Rex is the next-to-last big name to cross of the OSM list (yes, he did ship with Gamma-X, but still Rex is Wave 6 and Gamma’s Wave 7!). Rex is yet another entry into the OSM line where the Infinity Edition showcases a killer, detailed sculpt that is hard to believe was sculpted actual size. Even with his small stature, he looks imposing in the group show and has a quality that seems to extend beyond the OSM line I think. I can see some folks picking him as a foe for any 3 ¾ line. Joes could still use some Manimals to fight, right?

Thank you again to the 4H for sending Rex along!

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Colossus Rex Review

  1. Amazing looking toy. Have not really been keen on the OSM, but I definitely like this guy and Gamma X — hooray for GitD!

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