Toy Fair ’14: Armchair Coverage
Super Powers Returns!

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Did I die? Is this someone’s idea of a joke? Are there really… really going to be six more Super Powers figures in DC Universe Classics? I think I need to splash some water on my face.

Okay, I’m back. And I just kissed my wife for good measure. Super Powers is back! My excitement should come as no surprise. Surely, you’ve seen my DC Checklist – which I know desperately needs a 2014 update. I’ll get on that here soon. DCUC has been on a admittedly crummy run since DC & their New52 Relaunch strangled it back in 2011. (And make no mistake, friends, it was not Super Powers homages or Rainbow Lanterns that killed it, it was DC itself). The subscriptions were nice, but never much more than that. The SDCC exclusives dried up (Swamp Thing literally, is yours cracking yet?). 2013 was supposed to net us just a mere five figures more. The Doomsday that less of us wanted, an amazing Hook Aquaman, a Superboy whose head sculpt I can’t believe came from the same line as Aquaman’s, Ice, and our pal, lil’ Damian Wayne was going to take us out.

But wait! There’s more. A sendoff item of sorts was hinted at prior to Toy Fair. The logical assumption was a repaint, a capstone: a true Super Powers Superman. I’ve commented before that we really did need a better Superman (unfortunately so, I want more new characters dammit, but that is my no. 1 want) and it seemed like Mattel was going to answer.

I had no idea.

Today at 2pm local time, while I was at work in my mild-mannered, Midwest locale, Mattel rounded up all your favorite toy nerds and bloggers that could attend Toy Fair. They put them all in a room and while they held them captive, they beamed out pictures of the reveals to the rest of us. They must be fans of Armchair Coverage? Who knows. I clicked on the link that appeared and scrolled through MOTU reveals – awesome ones, too, I’ll get there later tonight. I was looking for my Carolina Blue Supes. I saw him! And then a Batman & Wonder Woman. A Gold Superman! A stupid Hal Jordan with lots of questions. Mxyzptlk! And they were all topped off by a Super Powers repaint of the BAF Kalibak.

After I picked my jaw up off the floor and realized my phone was lighting up with texts and PMs like crazy, I… well, I went back to work. I mean, my staff really didn’t much care, so I had to contain my excitement.

You’re all getting the short end of that stick now! Sorry! I’ve heard some complaints – there are valid ones, I’ll cover in a sec, but there are also one that I find difficult to entertain. This special release exists because of Super Powers. I don’t think for a second we would be getting a Total Justice sendoff, a Kirby sendoff, or a – god forbid – Geoff Johns send off (would you prefer all your favorite characters as dead action figures, or as their horrifically costumed replacements?). I think if Super Powers hadn’t been a big deal, and a big part of the line from day one, this wouldn’t even be happening. It’s not an “what could we have gotten instead” situation. If it were up to me, we’d keep trudging along and we’d get to each figure we want, so I do feel bad these guys aren’t good enough for everyone.

And while I’m in love with this whole thing, I can still nitpick it to death too. The price, $30 each, does feel high. It’s not that much higher than Day-of MOTUC’s $27 and we are getting a BAF part to counter the accessories, but there’s almost no new tooling here. I think that’s the only thing I’m a bit disappointed. I’m not a fan of the 4H’s Superman head sculpt, it’s not even their best Superman head sculpt. Kalibak could’ve used a new noggin’ too. For $30, I’d like to have seen more new tooling than just little Mr. Mxyzptlk.

And then there is, as always the character selection. Superman & Batman are locks. Wonder Woman probably should be too. WW & Bats will likely replace the ones I have on display now. And, as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t even have a classic Superman out because I don’t like any of the ones from before. This one is one new head sculpt away from being exactly what I wanted. Mxyzptlk is a great addition – I’m hoping for a flight stand (or alternate lower torso so he can stand with Bat-Mite, but I’m not holding my breath). Gold Superman is similarly outstanding. He was planned for the 50th Anniversary of Superman way back when and I loved it the first time I saw the plans for it. I’m excited again now.

And there’s the one I picked on earlier – Hal Jordan disguised as the Riddler. Produced by Pacipa in Argentina, Super Amigos featured a repaint of Hal Jordan as the Riddler. This is a cute & clever nod. While there are several foreign “additions” to the line, this Riddler has long stood out among them. He’s definitely a solid sixth choice – we weren’t going to get the new tooling needed for Kirby’s redesign of Orion. I don’t really need Shazam in all yellow (versus gold). The only other choice I could think of would be a Lex Luthor in his original powersuit (which was sculpted at debuted before the squared off one saw release). So, “Green Lantern as the Riddler” is a fun choice, even if it means I have to buy another damn Hal Jordan. Though, Matty, did you really have to emulate the crappy plastic used on the Riddler with the funky mismatched colors? I’ll be curious to see if my fellow Super Powers fans enjoy that choice.

Finally, we get to Kalibak. No new noggin’ but I’m overjoyed all the same. This will be much closer to the one I wanted all along as he was the one Apokolips denizen who didn’t get the dual design treatment when the line was thriving back in ’09-10.

Wow! Can you believe I wrote a whole thousand words on just seven reveals? Can you believe you just read it (or maybe you were smart and skipped to the last paragraph.)? Look for these guys on Mattycollector in the fall, $30 each. The release dates suggest the plan is to release them wave style, three one month and the other three the next, so start saving up that $180 now! Heck, I might need to save up more than $180, did I mention they’re on Super Powers replica cards? I’m not for not opening toys, but I’d love to keep at least one of these carded. Hrm. At least I have half a year to save up!

Check back later tonight for MOTU Armchair Coverage!


63 thoughts on “Toy Fair ’14: Armchair Coverage
Super Powers Returns!

  1. I can believe you wrote 1000 words!
    I’m excited, too! This is the 2nd of my customs to come to life!

    They made so many of the same colour choices I made with my own Kalibak, and even better: they went all the way with the flesh tones! Thank you, Mattel! I wasn’t quite brave enough, so even though my custom Kalibak has been anchoring my Super Powers shelf for years now, I will not mind picking up this one, not a bit!

    Good work, Mattel!

    1. I always love seeing your stuff!

      You know what – Mattel stole our SP Mr. Freeze custom picture and actually shopped it around to retailers to sell them on Batman Legacy. For all we know, your paint choices could’ve “inspired” the figure similarly!

    2. I did the brown Kalibak repaint myself, and I think I did switch up the arms?
      of course, at the moment, he’s buried in storage 40m away. 🙁

    3. Rich, I’ve been making custom DCUC figures myself for my growing collection. Thanks for the tip on what I’ll need to make an Aqualad. Now I have to find one of those Star Trek figures.

  2. Words cannot describe how lame I think this is. I know there’s been fan clatter for years over this, but I’ve never understood it. We’ve gotten most of these figures numerous times in much better color schemes, why does anyone want them painted worse (at double the price) just because they then more-closely resemble an older, inferior product line?

    While I’ll certainly never blame the Super Powers obsession for the death of DCUC (I think you hit the nail on the head, Noisy, with DC’s insistence on pimping the New 52 product that no one wanted), it was never my favorite aspect of the line. There are plenty of other figures, or even versions of the same character, I’d have rather bought than some of the Super Powers homages/characters.

    1. They should have done this as an easy 5pk with “bonus” Mxyzptlk, because that’s all he is, a pack-n to something bigger. Definitely NOT worth $30.

      Then again, Marvel is doing the same with Rocket Raccoon, but he also has more than 3-4poa and a giant brown torso. he gets a BFGun.
      (yeah, not too happy with either of those two, atm)

      my reaction to this went from Cool! to HUH?!?!? to YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! as I found out more details. yeah, I’m pretty much done with DC on comics and toys, now.

    2. More than Nu52, I’d lay much of the blame for DCUC’s decline on Scott and Co putting pretty much EVERY egg in the GL Movie basket. Clogging DCUC with all the Lantern stuff assuming (wrongly) that GL was the next and forever huge thing, PLUS the GL subline, PLUS all the movie stuff? That’s when they lost me as a customer, and I know I’m not alone.

      And that failure snowballed into forcing close-to-production randos into the horribly-managed sub which further alienated casual fans.

  3. I’m excited for these figures! I actually think it’s cool they gave riddler the discolored plastic 😉 I love super powers tho so I guess I’m biased

  4. I don’t really know what to say. Kudos to them for giving Supers Powers some final love although when I got your email with the link, I thought they would be straight reissues of the 4″ inch line since it’s celebrating its 40th birthday in 2014. The actual stuff revealed is a mixed bag.

    I would love to get the repainted Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. I plan on skipping the Pacipa “Riddler,” Gold Superman, and reworked Kalibak. I would love to get Mr. Mxyzptlk. It all depends on how the waves are released and who is included with whom. (I’m still not clear on whether or not the waves will be sold online together as they have done in the past.)

    Again, it is still a nice surprise and certainly something to get excited about. Just not $180 bucks worth of excitement on a year when I’ve finally stopped collecting every MOTUC Matty keeps sticking me with and have begun breaking up “the family” on eBay.

    1. That would be an even more awesome reveal. You set yourself up there!

      I’m still not sure if it’s a set of three or singles. Singles would be smarter.

    2. it’s my understanding that this is a six month sub, like Black Freighter or various MOTU subs?
      Feel free to correct me, Noisy. All I have is third hand info.

  5. So, The End.

    I’m glad about Bats, Supes and WW. Mxyie is an accessory, not a figure. Gold Supes and Lazy Riddler really hack me off.

    Noisy, my un-met friend, I am very happy for you that you finally get your proper blue color Superman. I would wish, for the ending of a line that cross-mingles with the anniversary of a long-defunct toy line (produced by a long defunct company which was absorbed by a competitor), something a bit more ‘wow’ was being done.

    1. This is all extra to me so I’m just drinking it up. I was resigned to just getting Aquaman, Ice, and Damian (that awful Superboy is a stretch..), so six more is music to my ears, even if they’re not new characters. Almost all these are destined for the shelves here and that’s great.

  6. The nostalgia’s not there and the lines been done for months now. If I can pick them up cheap on Ebay, maybe, but Mattel’s not getting an extra $180 from me. And the disappointment doesn’t stem from merely the Super Powers theme, but the just sad state of the DC/Mattel partnership form a collector’s standpoint.

    “Remember when it used to be that colectors were just one small part of the group and companies couldn’t afford to cater to us without keeping kids in mind? ” – Noisy on Hasbro splitting Transformers retail offerings between kids and collectors.

    Mattel is still mired in this failure. Why? Can it just be the size of the company and the lack of success at the box office?

    1. To me, DC can go defunct at this point. It would make little difference to me. I have friends getting paychecks from them and I’d hate to seem them lose that, but that’s about it. I don’t know everything, but I know enough to know DC more or less squashed Classics purposefully. That, after the comics, is enough for me to not care despite all the money they’re saving me.

      1. Huh? First I’ve heard of this. They made some bizarre demands, but I’ve no clue how DC was more to blame than Mattel for Classics ending. Please elaborate.

  7. Gotta quibble: If you’re gonna go full Super Powers color correction (if you care about that), you gotta have the correct Shazam. And since Shazam actually had a SP fig (and gold Supes didn’t, and HalRiddler is a foreign knockoff), there is now a hole in the SP/DCUC universe. A hole never to be filled. Woe be unto us. 🙂

    (it’s a fun wave for the SP fans, and there are a lot of them, but I’m really not digging that HalRiddler, and I’ve always hated the figs that had the yellow/gold–they needed to be all one or the other–I’m looking at you Dr. Fate and Shazam, anyone else?)

    1. That is a great quibble. I counter that anything from the unmade “4th wave” counts though (bring on Lois Lane’s jet!) so Gold Supes is in. Foreign Riddler I’m a little easier on, but if I had to pick one to kick out, it would be Batman. And only because I have an affinity for the black cowl. That’ll be the hardest swap for me to since he’s the first DCUC I bought.

      The bright side on Shazam is that none of the gold is in an aritculated area, so he’s fixable without much effort.

      And I still say Orion is far, far bigger issue! 😀

      1. If they included Lois in this I would probably be less fuming.
        pop a Zatanna head on a decent F buck. DCSH Supergirl, maybe? Donna with clean forearms and new belt?
        Not sure what the Canary body looks/STANDS like without the netting, but it could work. (POSEABLE?? LOL)

        or pre-Crisis Kara. Big hair with headband sculpt was all they needed on the SuperGrrl body.

        both had protos. as did astronaut Steve Trevor. but at least we aren’t getting Quadrex or the Crystar knock-off.

        1. There is nothing to fine about really. Having to overpay Mxy aside, this is an easily skipped set for folks that don’t like or want it.

          I’d take any of the ones you mention, but mixing parts is more expensive that just paint mask changes and that may factor too.

    2. The Captain Marvel/Black Adam 2-pack was a perfect opportunity to do something with the colours, either way, but they didn’t change a thing.

      I think that was the only 2-pack I skipped.

      1. That 2pk was supposed to be all yellow. I don’t recall if it was a factory or design screw up that missed it. They tried to correct it later with that SP WW/Shazam 2pk, but that withered on the vine.

  8. The biggest blunder is no silver or vac-metal Robot Brainiac.

    Lack of accessories is rather insulting at 30 bucks.

    1. Vac metal would be awesome.If would never work on that much articulation though.

      The BAF parts are at least an accessory if nothing else. If you factor in Kalibak the price per fig drops to $25. It’s not much, but it’s there.

    2. They did the Perez Brainiac in DCSH, about a year or two before it relaunched as DCUC. Hit up evil-bay

  9. I’m actually pretty excited about these.

    Although I much prefer the more muted and metallic tones of the big trinity figs we’ve already got, these three will snag center stage on my Crisis-era shelf for sure!

    Supergoldman is a nice Fearless Photog-esque nod to what could’ve been; he’s unfinished business finally cleared up. Sure there were more goodies slated for SP4 and beyond, but he’s the cheapest.

    Speaking of: yes Noisy, they DID have to emulate the crappy Pacipa plastic on El Acertijo. (Acertijal?) When is a riddler not the Riddler? When he asks silly questions.

    I’m doing fine with my McGuinness Mxy from DCD, but between the two companies I’ll have the option of classic or contemporary for the Imp and Bat-Mite; I can live with that.

    I honestly had no interest in a Kalibak redeco before today, but now that I see it, I’m down. Those earth tones will go a long way to breaking up the verdant Apokoliptian display. Though, he really could use a golden tiara to frame his face in (and because he’s the prettiest princess.) Whattaya say TG, can we throw in one more clip-on accessory for old times sake?

    1. Fair enough on Ol’ El Acertijo. I think it’s just the lower legs that bother me. I also have a built up aversion to when Scott gets “cute” (making Loo-Kee a chase figure, unproven materials to get gimmicks no one wants (Swamp Thing, Stay-Puft)). Keeping the messed up colors is akin to that at least a little, but if his fans love it, I’m not one to complain. 🙂

      A new heat on Kalibak would’ve sealed the wave for me (Ha!). Too late for that. I am kinda tempted to see if we can get the Superman head molded flesh and the hair painted though because that Gold Superman head looks much more amazing than the blue one for that very reason.

  10. Where the heck did they get the tooling money for Mxy? Isn’t that the crux of so many of their arguments that DCUC cannot move forward? C’mon!

  11. I can’t say I’m super excited about these figures, but it’s more than I expected as a last hurrah. I was figuring on only a light blue Superman that would cost Mattel less than nothing to produce. Maybe with a Mxyzptlk figure added in, since Scott had hinted at smaller figures for the 2014 Club. (I’d still like to know who else was on the possible list for the cancelled line) He even looks like a pack in figure (similar to Tin) that would have accompanied a Superman.

    Still, we are getting a little more than what Mattel has been dragging us through the last year or so. We are getting 5 final figures this year, plus now these introduced Super Powers tributes. It’s better than expected.

    I know we can all agree to disagree what Mattel did and what they could have done. So now we either buy what we want or don’t. Complaining isn’t going to change anything. I do hope the figures are sold individually and not as 3-pack waves. I’m not planning on opening these very large carded figures, except for Mxyzptlk and want an extra of him to place with my other Superman villains.

    Noisy, tell Vault I’ve been making custom DCUC figures to expand my collection and just finished a Parallax. He came out nice. I post my results on FB if he wants to see him. I’m determined to have a complete Legion collection since there is no more 12 packs coming even if it takes me a couple years to custom them.

    DCUC was/is a great line. I don’t think there is going to be anything else to replace it for me and I will thank Mattel for that.

  12. Other than Supes, the rest will be an easy pass for me but I am happy for those who have been wanting this. This vintage cards are a nice touch..

  13. I love the idea of these figures, they’re just too expensive for me. What I find funny is Scott said in an interview with Pixel Dan that Mxy was going to be a pack-in with the repainted Superman had the DC club gone through. They would have pissed off so many sub-holders with that one.
    At least this way they’re not forcing anyone to buy them.

  14. 6 of the 7 would have been easy passes for me out of the gate. Don’t begrudge anyone the SP repaints but they’re just not for me. Had Kalibak gotten a new head then maybe…

    But Myx? That hurts. 90% of my DCUC stuff is in storage at this point and I think a lot of it is destined for eBay, but the villains will be kept. And I’d love to have Myx for the Superman villains.

    But $30? MSRP on the mini Lantern three pack was $15. Bat-Mite has been a pack-in twice. Hell, Lookie and Kowl (and don’t even get me started on THAT situation) are only going to be $20.

    $30 for what amounts to a pack-in figure? I’m not sure I can pull that trigger.

  15. Is Mxy really that beloved that all new tooling possibilities are acceptably sacrificed?

    Definitely not in my book. As you say Noisy, that Supes head is over. It worked OK with the long hair but was never a good iconic Supes look.

    Glad for those excited, but these feel almost more of a desperate last gasp than the desperate last gasp of the lame sub figures.

    These should’ve been slotted in over the last few DCUC Waves when enough collectors actually cared.

  16. This hits a sweet spot for me too though it gets a little sour with 30 a figure, 3 a month. With shipping thats like $105. Guess its time to start saving! Myx! Finally!

    That GL/Riddler hurts to look at though. If they were gonna get fun couldnt they have put a Luthor head on the Suit buck and said “Here, Toy Biz DC Superheroes Lex Luthor!”

  17. Many good points here, bit I don’t think truer words have ever been spok…typed “And make no mistake, friends, it was not Super Powers homages or Rainbow Lanterns that killed it, it was DC itself”

  18. I’m kinda bugged by the fact that they went so far as to use different color greens to emulate the mismatched plastic of the original Riddler figure, but they’ve given him brown hair. Exactly which set of fans are they aiming for here? He’s not really accurate to anything.

  19. just when he was thinking that Mattel could not fall down any more down once again I surprise on having explored the depths of the abyss of the mediocrity.

    not you, but for me the Superpowers are well where they are, in 80’S, in our memories of the infancy and in the collectors’ shop windows, not in this bastard DCUC customized at hign prices and of almost impossible available.

    Mattel has re-defined the concept of ‘Adult Collector’ as person of medium age who waste his money buying garbage on having thought about how to recover his lost childhood.

    1. “Mattel has re-defined the concept of ‘Adult Collector’ as person of medium age who waste his money buying garbage on having thought about how to recover his lost childhood.”

      I’m not sure they redefined anything, that’s pretty much how I would describe myself. If it weren’t for nostalgia I would never have started collecting in the first place. In fact, it was my fondness for Super Powers that got me to start buying DCSH figures, and that is the first line I started collecting.

      1. I honestly never really stopped collecting, though as a tween/teenager my parents tried to curb my enthusiasm for action figures. They were determined to force me to “grow up,” as though maturity is a reflection of one’s hobbies, rather than a characteristic of one’s character.

  20. Everytime I see his picture, I feel as if that little Gavin MacLeod figure is mocking me. Well played Matty, well played.

    Maybe the joke is Matty has been Mxy all along and he’s jackin’ with us just like he jacks with Big Blue. Dadburn 5th dimesional imp. Hey, can we get Scott to say his name backwards? 🙂

  21. You’re the first guy I thought of when I saw that Kalibak, Noisy.

    You’re right. He really needs a new head sculpt to drive the point home. My hope is that one of the better third-party guys does one. That would be one of the few 3P purchases I would make.

    1. A 3rd party head would be fantastic! While I’d like a new head for Supes, I’ve been looking at the gold Superman head which is molded on the proto, not painted and I can live with it. So Kalibak’s head is really the only tooling I feel like we’re missing.

  22. When I first saw this announced, I loved it due to my Super Powers obsession. Then I saw the price and the figures (more Batman/Superman/Hal? Ugh)and I was not loving it so much. But y’know what? I’m right back to loving it again. The best way to wrap your head around it is to take DCUC right out of the equation and just think of it as Mattel doing an homage to the classic Kenner line. Forget about subs and characters we haven’t seen yet and never will. That’s not what this is about. That’s how I’m rationalizing it, anyway. Love the new colors on Supes, Bats, and WW. I like the inclusion of the Amigos Riddler, but I hope they can give Hal darker hair. And yes, I like that they made the plastic different colors. Sort of a tongue-in-cheek nod to the old-school collector. I do agree with pretty much everyone that Kalibak should have a different head sculpt, though. With the steep price, I’m hoping Matty surprises us with one packed in with Myxy (along with a flight stand, ’cause that little imp is just not worth $30 by itself.) Doubt it, but here’s hoping. I’m also really excited about the packaging and hoping this translates into less limb-warpage. So, yeah, after cursing Matty’s name last month after Scott’s State of the Union address, they’re gonna go ahead and take another $180 off me. I’m pretty sure that makes me part of the problem.

    1. As long as you act like Quint in Jaws, screaming and cursing the shark as it eats you, fighting the whole way, you’re not part of the problem.

      It’s the ones who bend over and smile and believe they’ll get kissed after, they’re part of the problem. 🙂

      1. LOL. I know, but one of these days that damned shark’s finally gonna bite down on a scuba tank or power cable or something…

  23. Let’s face it. I own 318 Mattel DC figures. So I am going to be buying these. I just wish they were $25 a piece instead of $30. Makes me feel like I am buying Wave 5 again almost.

    Price aside, I really like these. I just wish the internet would remember that A. Not everything is for them and B. They don’t have to buy it.

  24. I can’t wait for these. Super Powers was SUCH a fantastic line and wonderful part of my childhood and the Four Horsemen’s superb craftsmanship updates the figures excellently. Kudos to Scott Neitlich and gang for giving fans such a neat (and quirky) set.

  25. Sorry, I don’t get the excitement. It sounds that if Mattel put crap in a can and slapped a Super Powers label on it people would buy it. I had the entire Super Powers line way back, but that line had it’s day. This was supposed to be DC Universe Classics’ last hurrah and collectors of DCUC deserved better. I agree that a correctly colored Superman was needed (and frankly should have been made earlier), but cheap repaints & a pack-in Mxy are not worth $30+ each. They could’ve made any NEW classic characters just as cheaply (akin to what they did for the end of JLU), it would’ve blown people’s minds, it would’ve been the big talk at Toy Fair and could’ve possibly revived the line because any NEW classic characters would’ve sold out. Instead they offer unrequested mutations like a Gold Superman, GL/Riddler and yet another Batman (which is merely the Azreal 2-pack’s head on the 1st wave body) and slap them on a Super Powers card at absurd pricing. Really? And you still think DC’s new 52 alone killed the line instead of Mattel. I love DCUC and appreciate the characters I was able to get, but Mattel made so many bad decisions with this line regardless of DC’s New 52 push. One could argue that Mattel didn’t have to offer anything to close the line, but having done so and what they chose to do exemplifies their long ignorance of new characters that the “adult collectors” (the targeted market) kept requesting. I guess I’ll never understand how Hasbro is able to continue Marvel Legends with a vast array of characters and yet Mattel couldn’t continue DCUC similarly. Oh well, DCUC and its collectors deserved a DCUC ending and not a SP-retread.

      1. Oooh, that stung. I’m pretty sure they are trying to find a medium between children and adult collectors that can cater to both. I just can’t see how this line will attract any collector just coming from collecting 4H sculpted DCUC figures. You just cannot compare the two.

  26. When they announced a secret reveal for Toyfair, my thoughts immediately fantasized about fan-demanded & unmade characters. (Savage, Vixen, R. Hood, etc.) The news came and for the most part I was a bit disappointed.

    Don’t really care for the pricing and I share in the same detestation. That’s just too much buck for the bang IMO.

    I really don’t see myself picking up the new figures. I do however enjoy the new or old or old new packaging design. Nostalgia is an easy seller to most. If it was determined that a Super Powers line will be an ongoing series then I would definitely consider doing a MIP collection. Although, I hardly think this would be the case considering the tight, very tight, budget on tooling as exemplified in these new repaints.

    I know there is some Club Infinite hate ventilating, but I for one appreciated most of the figures offered through the subscription minus the the outrageous DR shipping situation and the Batzarro & Red Hood choices. We really can’t disregard the kool characters we got from there like Jay & Wally, Lantern leaders, Metron, Ivy & Ghul, M. Master, Constantine & P. Stranger, Mallah, and some team builders. I know there was some lackluster in quality but overall they were pretty decent enough. That’s not too bad if you asked me.

    I really wished Club Infinite could continue. Sadly, the demand came and left and now we are stuck with Total Heroes. Gonna cross my fingers and hope we see a revival during the next set of DC films in the upcoming years.

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