Top Ten: DC Universe Classics
We’re Crushed They Skipped!

In our first two Top Tens, there was some (maybe misplaced) optimism. MOTUC could possibly go on beyond 2015. Star Wars Black has a shot to be “the” line to collect the next few years. Today’s Top Ten has nothing to do with anything like that. With the last five figures slated to be released on Mattycollector in 2014, we can offically stuck a fork in DC Universe Classics*. And that means it’s time to reassess. To take a look at our sprawling DC Collections and do the thing collectors seem to love, staring a giant shelf of toys and seeing… who’s not there.

* – Call me foolish, but I’m still hopeful that those DC bucks can find a way to limp along. Looking at JLU & MOTUC, I’m sure Mattel’s game, but I’m not so sure that DC would want to play ball. They kinda suck like that.

These lists aren’t necessarily a list of the ten (twenty) most popular characters Mattel skipped over for DC Classics or even one we expect a lot of folks to agree with like the two previous. It’s also not geared to give even one iota of concern if “DC Direct” had made a particular figure or not. I don’t care about that anymore than I care if there was a Super Powers or JLU figure. It was a free-for-all and I told Vault to just pick the ten figures he really wanted on the shelf. He did. I’ve seen his list and I would buy all of his picks, and I’m sure he’d buy all of mine, but my list morphed a bit into something different after he & I talked. I decided to exclude characters that had already been made, but in a different costume (mostly, you’ll see). I might do another Top Ten later just for alternate costumes on released characters. That might be fun…. for another day. Let’s get on to the list!

Noisy No. 10 – Aztek & Zauriel! Vault No. 10 – Alternate Supermen & Batmen!
I’m already cheating, I know. I just couldn’t chop the Morrison Baby in half. I’ve been reading comics for thirty years, but Morrison’s JLA run is still one of the most fantastic things I’ve ever read and we didn’t get near enough toys from it. My JLU Aztek and TJ Zauriel still stand proud on my shelves, but articulated Classics of this 90s pair is still a huge want. I’m glad to say, aside from one particular Green Lantern, DC Classics was a line of mostly unique characters. Don’t get me wrong; I am truly happy about that fact, but DC’s big two suffered a bit because of it. Bats fared better because of his short lived sub-line, but great versions like Kingdom Come, One Million, Earth 1, etc. never happened & my shelves are sadder for it.
Noisy No. 9 – Phantom Girl! Vault No. 9 – Doc Magnus & The Chief!
I could’ve picked any Legion girl for this spot, but I’m partial to Phantom Girl (or Apparition, if you prefer). I get Mattel’s caution, the Legion is a huge rabbit hole even if you’re just reading the comics & not trying to make toys, but only one lady in that giant Legion set was a poor showing. Admittedly, I can’t pick who I would’ve left out for her either, but that doesn’t make it right. I’m putting these two together because they’re in a similar situation. Both characters are the “leaders” of their group, but are just mere, apparently uninteresting, mortals. This apparently precluded them from selling in an “adult collector” line. Even the failed subscription didn’t bother with them and now my Doom Patrol and Metal Men will forever be little incomplete.
Noisy No. 8 – The Ray! Vault No. 8 – Oracle!
I think, out of everyone on my Top Ten, this is my most indulgent pick, even more so that Aztek or Zauriel. The Ray was a fun 90s dalliance & GA legacy character and I loved it. Particularly that “Legacy” bit. It’s a shame DC doesn’t want to tell stories about them anymore, but I digress. The Ray is just one of those toyetic designs that would’ve looked great in Classics. A major part of Barbara Gordon’s career took place behind a computer instead of a mask. As Oracle, she not only ran interference and research for the Bat Family, but she helped coordinate the efforts of most of DC’s major heroes and ran her own super team, the Birds of Prey. It’s a shame she wasn’t recognized as Oracle in the Classics line.
Noisy No. 7 – Stephanie Brown (Um, Any?)! Vault No. 7 – Warlord!
This is one character that I wonder about ever coming up in the Mattel offices. DC was really big about disavowing here for the line’s heyday, so approval might not have been easy to come by. We did get a great DCD Batgirl version, but I feel like a Spoiler would’ve fit well in Classics (most of the Bat-family got figures after all). Honestly, I would really love a figure of her as Robin. Warlord pains me on two different fronts. Not only is he a great silver age character that deserved a spot in this line, but he also would have made a perfect tie-in to MOTU Classics. In 1982 Remco Toys produced a line of Warlord figures that was heavily inspired by the original MOTU style. A modern SDCC two-pack with both DC & MOTU Classics would have been an awesome homage.
Noisy No. 6 – Vigilante! Vault No. 6 – Trickster!
While I love Marvel Legends, I prefer the DC aesthetic that the 4H crafted. It looks fantastic, but the need for part reuse kept us from getting some truly unique figures. Vigilante here is one great example. This GAer would’ve lent some nice western spice to our shelves, but figures like him, the Shining Knight, or the Viking Commando couldn’t seem to get the time of day. The Flash Rogues a sore subject for a lot of collectors. While Batman’s Rogues fared well, Barry & Wally’s did not. Only a couple made it into the line despite hundreds of chances. Then again, had Trickster made it into the line in those later years, we might not have gotten the right version. Yep, I’m looking at you Captain Boomerang.

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103 thoughts on “Top Ten: DC Universe Classics
We’re Crushed They Skipped!

    1. Supergirl almost made the list! They screwed the pooch on her. The 90s comic version was simple and iconic. The headband Supergirl was from an important era. The hotpants Supergirl would’ve fit in best with most of what they put out… and, they only managed the animated-based version and the crummy stand-in that replaced her. Bo-ring.

  1. As Huge as the DC Universe is, I could drone on and on (and on and on!) about all the characters I would have LOVED to have seen in DCUC. I’ll TRY to keep this brief!:

    10. Black Orchid (So strange and Beautiful, until she became just strange…)
    9. Vibe (I know I’m crazy!)
    8. Tarantula (Just about ANYBODY from the All-Star Squadron!!)
    7. Copper from The Metal Men
    6. Bloodwynd (Has there EVER been a figure of him?)
    5. Brother Power
    4. The Thorn
    3. Geo-Force (Likewise ANY of the other Outsiders!!)
    2. MerryMan (I want The Inferior Five, Too! It’s a sickness! [^D)
    1. Will Payton Starman

    It’s hard to say good-bye to such a phenomenal line….

    1. That’s a great list! Bloodwynd!!! I might have tossed him and Maxima on here if I’d thought about them last night! Ugh! Maybe we need to do Top Ten by decade. LOL

      1. Such an easy figure for them to have done too. It’s a shame they can’t do a really cheap “new head” subscription to snag some low-hanging fruit.

    1. My hope is that Toy Guru unveils a 6-figure mini sub of the Remco Lost World of Warlord line on MOTUC bucks. I know that will bother the DCUC crowd because of scale (and deco) but hey! Warlord!

  2. (Disclaimer: Go grab a sandwich or snack and something to drink. This will take a while. There’s also extended use of the words “could,” “would,” and “should.”)

    I’m gonna bunch up my Top Ten since (a) I cover more ground that way and (b) it allows me to cheat. You guys have made some excellent points here, and the bottom line seems to be equally about getting the right version of a major character as is having everyone in the old Who’s Who series out in action figure form.

    10. Super Powers. We never got a proper Jose Luis Garcia Lopez Superman or Wonder Woman. Batman was SO close! Mattel even prepped up their Battle Damaged Batman for an easy repaint which could have landed a spot somewhere in the Unlimited series that thankfully gave us the excellent SP Penguin. That still left Kalibak’s Kenner counterpart in limbo, though…

    9. Warlord. Agreed on all counts! The entire Warlord saga has so much in common with the first year or two of vintage MOTU that it should have been a virtual shoo-in. A DCUC/MOTUC two-pack would have killed two birds with one stone. A mini-sub line consisting of the other Remco homages/updates (Arak, Hercules, Deimos, Mikola, and Machiste, plus essential female characters such as Tara, Mariah, and Jennifer Morgan) would have been even sweeter. After all, MOTUC pulled off their own Filmation sub!

    8. Mera. A cut-and-dried case of not striking while the iron was hot. DC Direct did give us a beautiful version which I only managed to snag a week or so back (thanks, Heather!) but I’m sure that the 4H would have delivered on an equally solid level.

    7. Flash Rogues. The thing that bugs me most about this list is how a lot of characters turned up in different lines like JLU or Infinite Heroes. The Rogues certainly fit that bill, with guys like Trickster, Weather Wizard, and Heat Wave all setting Mattel precedents which didn’t repeat themselves in DCUC. Trickster would have fit in great with Blue Devil. Same goes for the original Captain Boomerang in his classic outfit next to Deadshot and Bronze Tiger.

    6. Vigilante. And Shining Knight. And Crimson Avenger. Look no further than their appearances in the JLU line. The Soldiers were just Seven, give or take a Wing. Would it have really been so difficult?

    5. Doc Magnus & The Chief. As Vault called it, the Metal Men and Doom Patrol will never be truly complete without their Founding Fathers. We’re seeing the suit buck reused yet again this very month with Ra’s al Ghul, so there’s no excuse there, either.

    4. The Ray. Yeah, but I wanted BOTH of them! We got Uncle Sam, so I was expecting not only Ray Terrill, but Phantom Lady, Human Bomb, Black Condor, Doll Man, Firebrand, and anyone else who was ever a part of the Freedom Fighters. Again, it’s a relatively small roster to cover.

    3. More Villains. Just imagine a Secret Society multi-pack done up using the George Perez lineup from JLA #195-197! Not only would it have given us definite versions of fan favorites such as Killer Frost and Psycho-Pirate, but the Ultra-Humanite would have had guys like the Signalman, Monocle, Rag Doll, and Jason Woodrue/Plant-Master/The Floronic Man to boss around or double-cross. This set would have been a dream come true for many a Perez fan the world over.

    2. The JSA. So near, so far! We ALMOST had the Golden Age roster covered except for guys like Mr. Terrific, Johnny Thunder & his Thunderbolt, and a Silver Age version of the Al Pratt Atom. But then you have to include the Earth-Two Superman, Wonder Woman, adult Robin, Helena Wayne Huntress, and saddest of all, that most neglected of characters, the the Star-Spangled Kid. (Which would also mean Stripesy and a full circle call in to the Seven Soldiers of Victory at number #6 above.) 😉

    1. The Legion. This one hurts the most because Mattel practically handed us a double bacon cheeseburger but withheld the french fries. And this, after the first multi-pack sold out TWICE.

    A viable alternative would have been to sprinkle in more Legionnaires throughout individual waves, but this never happened. It almost worked out with Starboy in Club Infinite Earths with the unmasked head, even though they forgot to toss in a ring fist. A mini-sub within CIE itself would have moved things along even faster had the main sub not tanked. But instead we’re left without a must-have second wave of characters like Mon-El, Sun Boy, Element Lad, Polar Boy, both Invisible Kids, Bouncing Boy, and ANY female Legionnaire besides Saturn Girl. (No Tinya as Noisy requested, nor Dreamy, Luorno, Salu, Shady, Ayla, Mysa, a Hot Pants 70’s version of Supergirl, and perhaps one of THE most requested figures ever (drum roll)…Dawnstar!)

    There could also have been a Collect and Connect Blok, Tellus with pack-in Quislet, even Gates would have made it in there somehow.

    But what do I know? DC just killed the entire Legion franchise anyway. 🙁

    As Dick Giordano used to say, Thank you and Good Afternoon.

    1. Great list, Clutch! I was tempted to do some “teams” too, particularly the Freedom Fighters!

      And you are completely right about Mattel’s willingness to do so many of these great characters in other lines. On the one hand, I guess some plastic representation is better than none, but it slays me sometimes to see those guys and not have them in scale. (I think even Bloodwynd made it into Infinite Heroes! Duh!)

  3. So much agreement, with both the article and the comment’s lists. I’m not even going to try and wright out my own at this point. I am very happy with most everyone we got in this line, so I can’t complain too much.

    That being said, I will always have a little tear in my eye due to the desire for more Legion. The single largest pack-out matty has done (until our castles start shipping soon), and it sold out so fast, and proved to be so popular that they needed a second run (which also sold out quickly), and which still remain in high demand on the secondary market. Yes, it takes a bit of time and resources to do 12 figures, but if the interest (read: money) is there, why couldn’t they do more?!? As it stands, I will have to resign myself to a Legion shelf which will never be anywhere near complete. Combined with the lack of any LoSH books currently, my heart is aching. LLtL!

    1. The Legion was a huge wasted opportunity. That 12pk sold well, it’s a shame they couldn’t put a 2pk program together.

      Then again, the steam just isn’t there for the sign-ups on the DC side anymore. It stinks!

  4. Oh how these lists share my feels on what DCUC coulda been if kept going (without nu52 or that as a second line)

    Easily see top wishes with Oracle and Steph both high on my lists. Ladyblack Hawk (soft skirt)along with Misfit and woulda had an easy BoP team with Huntress and Canary with Barda and PG thrown in. Black Alice and Manhunter for extra spots of non made BoP members.

    The Secret Six was half done all we needed was Rag Doll, Knockout, and Scandal. Throw in a King Shark and Banshee, Black Alice (I know twice used), and think that was it for them.

    Vixen shoulda been made. Base her on the JLU toon or her pre nu52 design and easy buy for many. Other JL/JLI members, Vibe, Gypsy, Dr. Light II, Tasmanian Devil, (actually I could list a ton)

    Villians were so lacking that I felt my I seeing things with my tiny villian shelf compared to my hero one. Dr. Light, Rick Master, Weather Wizard, The Key, Heatwave, Vandall Savage, Pied Piper, Circe, The Furies, Granny Goodness, Dr. Pycho, Ventriloquist and Scarface, Firefly, Gizmo, Mammoth, Plasmus, and the list could go on.

    Man many potential characters never to see plastic. I know I would even like to see James Gordon, Harvey Bullock, Renee Montoya (w/ bonus Question gear), Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsean, Perry White, The Wall, Alfred Pennyworth, and many more supporting cast.

    I could go on but my battery would die before I finished.

    1. Lady Blackhawk almost made my list!

      I noticed we didn’t pick too many villains either. Vault had the only two. My biggest one if Prometheus, but you have a great list going there. I kinda feel like DC started screwing the old villains before everything else in recent years and that hurt the standings for a lot of them.

    2. BoP and Secret Six are two of my favourite things in comics ever, so I concur most strongly with this. I’d have preferred slightly different takes on both Huntress and Canary (particularly Canary’s full bodysuit from the Chuck Dixon era of BoP) but would definitely be content to round out the roster with Lady Blackhawk, Manhunter, Misfit and Oracle (IMO one of the best DC characters, now much missed). I count Savant and Creote as members, but they wouldn’t be as interesting in figure form as they were on the page…

      The ever-shifting membership of the Secret Six (not to mention a difficulty with basic maths that rivals late-series Blake’s 7) lengthens my want list a bit; Ragdoll and Scandal are musts, and Cheshire would be great to complete the original modern lineup alongside Catman, Deadshot, and a green Parademon. But I’d feel incomplete without a Knockout, so we’d need a Mad Hatter as well for the v2 set. And Jeanette and Black Alice are too fun to leave out…

      1. If I didn’t decide on no alt costumes, Canary would be on the list! The SA version was a necessary choice, but she is a character that needed multiple figures. Secret Six members would’ve made for good toys for sure.

        I’m a deep dive comic nerd though and I keep thinking about the originals when people mention S6. I would’ve bought those too…

        1. Yeah! Same here. A S6 12-pack with the 60’s Bridwell/Springer and 80’s Pasko/Spiegle rosters would have kicked some serious rear. That one has to go into our Toy Bucket List for sure!

  5. Some great picks! Completely agree with you on Warlord and Vigilante, and Clutch is dead-on about Dawnstar. (That always surprises me, that nobody’s made her: she was all over Crisis and the wing tooling is lying around somewhere.)

    There is, of course, a ream of semi-obscure characters I’d love: the Mark Shaw Manhunter, the Heckler; or a military set with Sgt. Rock, Blackhawk, Unknown Soldier, Enemy Ace, and Mademoiselle Marie. (I thought that might have some cross-sell potential!) Or a DCUC weapons pack, with a Phantom Zone projector, JLA or Titans communicators, Friend-in-a-box, Brainiac’s shrink-ray gun or Bottle City of Kandor; even smaller characters like Krypto, Streaky, or Mr. Mxypktk…

    There’s so many things DCUC still could’ve done, so I don’t know if I’d ever be “done” with the line.

  6. It breaks my heart a little bit everytime I think about how the line has ended. So many left even though we really had a great run with the figures we got.

    Im gonna cheat a little since there is way more than ten figures I still want and put just the teams down for some of the choices. Id take any of them in figure form. Also not in any particular order.

    Freedom Fighters: They started it, still need Phantom Lady and the Human Bomb and any of the others!

    JSA: Still a few characters left from both the classic and the modern. Johnny Thunder and the Thunderbolt, GA Mister Terrific, Wonder Woman, Modern Dr. Midnight, Modern Hourman, so many!

    Morrison JLA: My entry to full on comic reading. 1st appearance Kyle Rayner, Connor Hawk Green Arrow, Aztek, Zauriel. Even the villians, Prometheus, the General, Queen Bee to name just a few.

    Post Morrison JLA: The Elite, Major Disaster in his trenchcoat, Faith, Manitou Raven. Actually this is turning into more of a Joe Kelly JLA. Im cool with that.

    Sgt. Rock: This one demands its own entry. We got Kamandi and Jonah Hex, this one seems like a must.

    Civilians: Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Commissioner Gordon, Alfred, Lex Luthor in a suit.

    Legion of Superheroes: Need more!

    Superman: I too want a good head scultp Superman with a better cape! But I also want Lois and Jimmy, Lex in a suit, Mr. Mxyplyk, Live Wire, modern Guardian, Maxima, Dubblix, Mercy Graves, Natasha Irons, Dan Turpin, modern Braniac…

    Hitman Tommy Monaghan: My Never-in-a-million-years want. In a two pack with Nat the Hat and a semi articualated Six Pack (think Batmite).

  7. I would like to have just about all of the characters others have mentioned, but I’m a lover of the iconic classic Silver Age, so my wish list tends to skew there. I also like team completions (at least rounded off to original & essential members). So my choices are (in no particular order):

    1. Aqualad (Garth) & Tempest
    2. Speedy
    3. Wonder Girl (Silver Age costume) & Troia
    4. Mera
    5. Nightwing (Superman)
    6. Flamebird (Jimmy Olsen)
    7. Adam Strange (Classic Costume)
    8. Dove (Don Hall)
    9. Johnny Thunder & Thunderbolt
    10. Composite Superman/Batman
    11. Superman (in original Light Blue Costume)
    12. Kid Flash (taller to match size of other Titans)
    13. Earth-2 Robin
    14. Miss Martian
    15. Lagoon Boy

    1. More Legion: Mon-El, Phantom Girl, Shadow Lass, Sun Boy, Dawnstar, Bounce Boy, Ferro Lad, etc…
    2. Challengers of the Unknown
    3. The Forever People
    4. The Sea Devils
    5. The Blackhawks

    1. Kanjar-Ro
    2. Brainstorm (I just dig that crazy helmet)
    3. Trickster
    4. The Shade
    5. Hush
    6. Dr. Light
    7. Dr. Sivanna
    8. The Fatal Five (to join Validus)
    9. Vandal Savage
    10. Felix Faust
    11. Queen Bee

    Essential Civilians:
    1. Bruce Wayne
    2. Dick Grayson
    3. Lois Lane
    4. Jimmy Olsen (Silver Age or Kirby 70’s Version & perhaps some of his transformations?)
    5. Comm. Gordon
    6. Alfred
    7. Chief (Doom Patrol)
    8. Doc Magnus (Metal Men)
    9. Billy Batson
    10. Diana Prince in White 70’s Mod outfit

    As for smaller figures:
    1. Krypto
    2. Mr. Mxyzpltk
    3. The Atom (articulated at least 5-7 points)

    Oh well, it’s time to wake up! Thanks for listening and dream on.

  8. you two disappoint me… nary a new god to be found. you made it to “rehash batman A” and “any superman other than the 15 we got” but no yuga khan, no sleez, no female furies? you guys suck. 😮

    1. I love the New Gods, but if I were to try and rank them into the list the two that would come closest to making the Top Ten would be Kanto & Granny.

  9. It’s amazing we got as many women as we did and blew my mind when Mattel saved a spot for one in each wave. The 4HMen sculpt women like no other.

    I think the ladies alone could have held two years of their very own subscription:

    Granny Goodness
    Wonder Girl (Sandsmark)
    Liberty Belle
    Dr Light
    Miss Martian
    Phantom Lady
    Lady Blackhawk
    Killer Frost
    Black Orchid
    Crimson Fox
    Cheetah (Debbie Domaine)

  10. The lack of a Grayson Batman is one of my biggest regrets, and easily a “now I can die happy” figure. Even DC Direct dropped the ball: I can’t believe we got variants that only showed up in a poster, but no Dick Grayson.

    1. It would’ve been cool! DC fans tended to trash the idea for the (probably rightful) fear that a MOTUC Warlord would preclude a DCUC Warlord – but, look, we got neither!

  11. Starro was made. It was a comiccon exclusive. it came with the 5 members of the Justice League from their first appearance in Brave and the Bold.

    1. Yep, J1’s got it. That was an Infinite Heroes item – though they did give away some Classics sized facehuggers with it oddly. Vault and I did snag those.

        1. No, Starro in the JLA DCIH Box Set is not foam. It is a big fat (& quite heavy) bendie figure. But it’s so thick and the arms so short that bending the arms was not easy and made little difference. It’s basically a display piece. (One weird thing is that it seems to have a weird sticky feel to it that doesn’t go away.) Anyway, it looks better in the package as a nice 3-D representation of the classic Brave & Bold comic book.

          1. I wonder where I picked that up then. I thought I’d seen a cross-section with a yellow foam type stuff on the inside. Maybe I made that up. LOL

            I never got it just because it was realyl the Morrison shape with the old colors. One or other I would’ve been sold, but the mix didn’t work for me.

  12. random listings:
    Will Payton Starman – easy redeco of the Thom-Starman. sure, Will never had the “sparkly longjohns” like Thom and Donna, but it would have been a neat look for him over basic black with red stripes and white star. (still shudder at thought of yellow/purple longjohns!)

    Zauriel – three (four?) differnt Hawkmen, A Hawkgirl, yet no Angel? TOGA for me.

    Dawnstar – speaking of Hawkgirls…only giving her a solo spot due to her popularity.

    Mon-El – CLASSIC look, but knowing Scott, it would have been his brief Super-Mon look. ugh.

    Gangbuster – need more Hispanics…even if they’re Kryptonians in denial black outs.

    Ambush Bug – admit it, you know you want Irwin. and Cheeks. (maybe a Jonni DC cut out?)

    Chief/Doc Magnus – so easy, yet so far. plus, the wheelchair could have been used for…

    Oracle – at least I still have my DC BoP 3pk Barb!

    James Jesse – Trickster’s been popular enough to make it to the CBS show, JLU, and he’s basically Flash’s Joker, but…still NARY A FIGURE FROM ANYONE!

    Geo-Force – at least we got a DCD of King Brion.

    Supergirl – I know the “hotpants” look is still desired, but I have to go with the pre-Crisis look, tbh. She got a DCIH figure, but I never saw it.

    Kyle Rayner – FA crabmask and Red Lantern boots we already had, so all we really needed tooled was the gauntlets. (yeah, he had kneepads, but being economical here, re-use works)

    Connor Hawke GA – maybe a swappable Ollie head?

    Ray II – I was wondering if they could do a variant “white/powered down” and “black/powered up” with the jacket being made from same clear yellow as Silk Spectre’s top?

    Damage – FA look, no “grow and go boom!” nonsense!

    Vixen – word is she kept getting pushed back. :/

    Johnny Thunder/T-bolt – possible variant with Jakeem? or 3pk?

    Vandal Savage – the old DCD figure needs an update

    Metropolis 5pk – LOIS, Clark, LEX (suit), Perry, and either Jimmy or SP blue Superman. (maybe 90s Brainiac in place of Perry? black body, cape, new/modded GA head?)

    Gotham 5pk – ALFRED, QC Bruce, QC Dick, JIM GORDON, TALIA
    DCSH already had Bruce, and Alfred & Jim are just two suit bucks, Talia could probably re-use modern Selina buck, so only QC Dick would need to be new. Only included her because set needed a woman and Oracle should be single-carded, and CW/HQ/Ivy already had their solo shots.

    Legion Ladies – 6pk of 30th Century’s Girl Power! I prefer reboot/90s looks.
    Tinya/PG/Apparition, Luornu/Trip.Girl (purple/orange/mix), Dream Girl, Projectra/Sensor, Andromeda (in place of Supergirl), Kid Quantum, White Witch, Violet (mini), XS, etc

    Legion II – the other guys who didn’t make the first cut, incl Blok, Invisible Lyle, Chuck/Bouncing Boy, etc

    Legion of Doom – Giganta heading up a 5-6pk of evil. not necessarily SF crew, but a more modern comic crew, as well.

    Flash Rogues – JESSE, Capt.Cold, Heatwave, Weather Wizard, Piper, ZOOM?

    Secret Six – Catman, Deadshot, Ragdoll, Parademon, Knockout, Scandal, Cheshire?

    Suicide Squad – pull Floyd to this set? Classic Boomer, Waller, etc to complement Lod set

    Outsiders – Geo-Force, Black Lightning, Katana, Halo, Metamorpho, Baron Bedlam?

    New Teen Titans – proper sized/apology Kid Flash, FA Nightwing, Starfire redux (Blackfire?), white Raven, adult Speedy …vs Brother Blood?

    The Titans – adult Troia, Nightwing, Flash-Wally, Arsenal (“brown arrow”), Tempest …vs (non-powdery) Deathstroke?

    All-Star Squadron – Johnny Quick, Liberty Belle, Firebrand, Tarantula (brown), Robotman (silver)
    Young All-Stars – Neptune Perkins, Flying Fox, Iron Munro, Fury, …not sure if I want Tsunami or Capt. Nazi who will need a new name here?

    Freedom Fighters – Uncle Sam, Phantom Lady, Ray I, Human Bomb, Black Condor
    JLU – Batman Beyond (with wings!), b/w Superman, WarHawk, Barda/Aquagirl, Old Bruce vs Blight?

    Challs – someone once suggested one body with four heads, like an “army builder”?

    Chaos/Order – Chaos Beast Hawk, Light Dove, Klarion (bum-Bum-BUM!) the Witch-Boy and Teekl!, Dr Fate/Nabu, Kestrel, Mordru, Don Hall

    that’s all off top of my head, without getting into apology figures (DMITRI!) or Elsewords (GL Kal-El, Elseworlds Finest, Kingdom, Age of Wonders-?, WW)

      1. it’s part of my default list for the last decade, updated as needed. 😉

        (yeah, I swear I’m an Aspie on days/situations like this! LOL)

  13. Mr. Terrific
    Johnny Thunder and T-Bolt
    Star Spangled Kid
    90’s Black Condor
    Shaggy Man


    1. 90s Black Condor! You are my hero. I hated trimming him off the list, he almost got swapped out for the Ray.

      All good choices – Shaggy Man reminds me that I really want a General!! Ugh!

  14. – Super Powers Kalibak: I made no secret on the boards that I desperately wanted a Super Powers Kalibak, and I would have adored a cartoon version of him with the shorts and short sleeves. Aside from being a nostalgic favorite, he also completes a team, and we all wanted teams completed. Single biggest disappointment to me, though the consolation of not having to hear the vitriol of the comics-only crowd upon his unveiling almost makes it OK. Almost.

    – Satellite Zatanna: Again, a team completer, but also, her Wave 14 figure sucked and she deserved another chance, especially since she was nothing short of adorable in the ’80s. That JLA group shot with her holding Flash’s hand? Adorable.

    – Chronos: Killer Moth is one of my favorites from the line. Chronos would’ve joined his ranks. The zany costumes and D-list characters are what made DCUC so much fun.

    – Super Friends Captain Cold: Aside from making my Legion of Doom a little more cartoon accurate, I truly like this color scheme more than the cyan uniform and caucasian flesh tone. I know it makes him that much more of a Mr. Freeze clone, but so what? It would have been an easy and sharp repaint, but his pegwarming status doomed any chance of that.

    – Super Friends Grodd: Again, I crave cartoon accuracy, but also, I really dislike the Grodd we have. What a boring, boring figure. Using the Ultra-Humanite limbs and a head sculpt in the vein of Gygor, we could have had a really great Gorilla Grodd, despite all the resistance from the SF haters.

    – Classic Bizarro: I detest the one from DCSH, and yes, I need one for the Legion of Doom portion of my DCUC display.

    – Classic Scarecrow: I still can’t believe I don’t have a Scarecrow in my collection. The stylized toothpick from DCSH is not welcome, and the Wave 17 version obviously had a good face sculpt but suffered from inclusion in the dreaded Lantern wave.

    – Felix Faust: Really thought we’d see him. Desaad as a base would’ve been great. Just a cool villain and one of the few from the comics to show up in the later, better seasons of Super Friends.

    – Red Hood: A two-pack with the classic Joker and the Under the Red Hood versions would’ve been sweet, but if push came to shove, I’d take only the latter. One of the few modern designs I give a rip about.

    – Bikini Barda: Ugh, the helmetless variant! We were almost there! A beautiful face sculpt, she’d have looked great on that bikini bod! And it’s an iconic look for her! Too bad, so sad.

    1. SP Kalibak would’ve made my alt costume list! I have next to no love for the Kalibak we got.

      Solid choices in your list too! (I love nearly all old DC, I’d plug away at this line forever). Barda would’ve been really well served with a MOTUC buck!

      1. You don’t like the Wave 6 Kalibak?? What an awesome, toyetic figure! But he definitely belongs on comics-Kirby side of things. Still, I’m surprised to hear you say that.

        1. I’m really set on the SP Kalibak look, so the toyetic of the one we got is a little wasted on me. It also doesn’t help that his hip has always been loose and his furry arm doesn’t stay on well. 😛

  15. To put together a Top Ten list when there are sooo many more figure that should have been made is hard. I’m going to try to create a list and see if I can stick to just ten, in no particular order.

    Granny Goodness
    Sgt. Rock
    Mr. Mxyzptlk (he could be packaged with a light blue Superman to make several fans happy)
    Johnny Thunder and T-Bolt
    The Legion (how Mattel could let this one slip by is beyond me. Characters like: Light Lass, Dream Girl, Shadow Lass, Sun Boy, Element Lad, Invisible Kid II, Duo Damsel, Ferro Lad and Chemical King required very little new parts. Most of Dawnstar’s parts would have come from Hawkgirl. They could have done a 12 pack very easily and sold it out just as fast as the first set did. Scott keeps talking about budgets for figures, does anyone study marketing there?)

    I think I could walk away from this line if I had these figures. Sure I would want more. There are several teams left incomplete: Outsiders, modern JSA, Freedom Fighters, Secret Six, Flash Rogues (a five pack of Heat Wave, Trickster, Weather Wizard, Pied Piper and SA Capt. Boomerang would have been fantastic) New Teen Titans,Fatal Five and villains. (Chronos, Key, Dr. Light, Psycho Pirate, CNC Starro, Angle Man, Silver Swan, Dr. Sivana, the Doomsday everyone wants…this list could go on.)

    I have hopes that maybe fan out cry of us not letting go of these figures will convince Mattel to perhaps put out five packs for conventions to keep this line alive. There are a lot of simple repaint/minimal sculpts that could be added into a set to off set one or two figures like was done for Huntress.

    1. I really do wish there was just a way to keep some part of the line going. Look at ML and it’s 11 years and counting. So dumb of Mattel to retire this look, but the rumor mill says it might be more DC than Mattel.

      Great picks on your list!

      1. I think, at least it seems likely, that yes, it’s more DC/Warner Bros. than Mattel choosing to dial it back and let it all die.

        DC/WB is just in a complete tizzy of NOT GETTING IT as Marvel/Disney manages to succeed.

        And yet, even as Mattel/DC/WB fails and flails, they suddenly go full steam ahead on DC Superheros Imaginext! HUGE tooling budget it seems! Arrgh.

  16. The stand Sinestro Scarecrow really coulda been repainted and tooled into a classic look.

    Bikini Barda on the female MOTUC buck. No brainer there second I read that I got a visual and easily make up for that earlier release.

    I would take a nu52 Red Hood, yes I said it, over that which we got. Throw in a helmetless head with the mask and easy win.

    One I see we haven’t mentioned is Ms. Martian. Green skin cutie gets no love except that one DCIH scale two pack.

    Don Hall Dove and Female Hawk come to mind. Along with Kestrel (sp?)
    The Blood pack, the aliens from those annuals, any random characters introduced from that tale.

    Brother Blood
    Kid Lobo
    Wonder Girl Cassie
    Red Devil
    Calender Man
    Clock King
    Knight & Squire (after reading these were fun characters and yes DCD did but never saw)
    Any Jokerz gang members (think of the fun here, the Deedees, Bonk, J-man, etc.)
    Roxy Rocket
    Yellow ring Guy Gardner
    A correct Rocket Red aka non geoff jones design. ANY ONE OF THEM! With a changeable number

    Still recalling, have to find my books.

    1. A new Scarecrow made out of the Sinestro one woulda been great. And, yeah, Miss Martian. She is likely in my Top 25. You have some great other choices too!

    2. I’ve been begging for a Rocket Red Brigade figure with # sheet stickers for a good decade, now. Instant Army Builder!!!!

  17. Well, I started to write a big long blather, but I figure most everything I was saying would come across as either sour grapes or ‘armchair quarterbacking’ which seems to really tick off the Supporters of Scott (you know the type. “Well, if you’re so smart why aren’t YOU running a toy company” and similar snark). So, I present this:

    Things I wanted, in no specific order:

    New bucks. Young Teen (male and female), Young Hero (male and female) at the very least. A new Female buck would have been a good idea. I would have liked ‘Oversized’ and ‘Slender that isn’t Deadman’ as well.

    Civilians and Secret Identities. Isn’t that the kind of thing a subscription or ‘for fans only’ website exclusive is made for? Kent and Lois. Bruce and Gordon.

    Paul Kirk Manhunter. I’m sure the execution would be painfully flawed in some manner but I still wanted it. Clone two-pack as an army builder is a natural repaint.

    Ambush Bug and The Heckler. Gee, a new lean, lanky buck would suit either of those pretty well, huh?

    More Legion. Lots more.

    Forever People.

    Miller ‘Dark Knight Returns’ Superman and Robin. Robin likely not I figure, but my mon Supes don’t shiv. He balls nasty. Wait, what? I mean Superman on a MOTUC buck, what’s not to love?

    It’s a real shame Mattel just couldn’t figure it out. I don’t think they even understand how they poisoned their own well with crapped-out releases, bad QC, lackluster style choices and a stunning lack of imagination.

    I will give them this. At least they did manage to get the Metal Men out.

    1. You still managed to go after those supporters with that first paragraph anyway. LOL

      But, best to stick with a want list! Some great choices too!

      1. *heh* Yeah, sometimes I just can’t help myself. 🙂

        Of all of that I wrote, the lack of ‘Dark Knight Returns’ Superman hurts the most. As important as the DNK Robin is, she wasn’t going to happen without a new ‘female teen’ buck in place but Superman…Superman would have been so easy.

        And I wanted to add a couple of others.

        Kamandi’s friend Ben Boxer (and maybe his companions?). Grief, he’s a buck, paint apps and a head. Cheapest figure they could make. They could have made the ‘containment suit’ version but I don’t think that’s as memorable or iconic as the straight-on ‘red tights with a Kirby Squiggle on the chest’ look.

        Blackhawk. The whole team. maybe even *gasp* not only the ‘Classic’ look but that nutty ’60s ‘superhero’ style.

        1. DKR Superman would be neat to be sure, but more because I want him as a MOTUC! It’s a shame that no one at Mattel thought to try for a Superman Legacy line to tie-in with MOS. DKR Superman, a Light Blue Superman, and two easy villains for a quick 4 figure wave would’ve been awesome.

  18. The thing that just kills me is the hints that were dropped during the sign-up period. In the first year, the hints were there for Metal Men and Doom Patrol, and look at who we got. This year, in various interviews, the names Jesse Quick, Human Bomb, Vixen, and Dawnstar were bandied about in such a manner that I feel confident they were in development, along with either Ventriloquist/Scarface or ?/Mxyptlk.

    Sure, some may have been more like 2015 releases, but Mattel had worked through the failed retail figures and were really ready to crank the selection into gear. I just hope that after a year or two off, the DC movie efforts can bring something decent back like Hasbro has for Transformers Classics and Marvel Legends. I doesn’t make any sort of financial sense to decide to not market 70+ years of character designs.

    1. You’re spot on. I really felt good about the Freedom Fighters in year three. Maybe in a few months/years we can get Scott to talk about “the names on paper”.

      Mattel needs to follow Hasbro’s lead and release comic-based figures around the movie tie-ins. Even if we’re relegated to Superman & Batman characters for a few years – that’s okay. We’ve done it before.

      1. Well, what Mattel needs to understand is DC doesn’t HAVE to be an either/or thing. I know DC/WB is frantic to push the Nu52 (and make the movies look like that) really really hard but there’s no shame whatsoever involved in selling the ‘old’ DC.

        After all, when Young Justice was running they also were still showing Batman:Brave and the Bold. When they were showing Beware the Batman (urg.) they were also pushing Teen Titans Go. Pretty much night-and-day in both cases, huh? But the cartoons can co-exist because it’s about CHOICE. Toys can be the same. In a perfect world I could pick up Adams style Green Lantern and Green Arrow, Aparo style Batman, Simonson style Manhunter, Grell Style Warlord and they would be happy on my shelf.

        Actually, what I think I REALLY want is a Figma Paul Kirk Manhunter. 🙂

        (Figma Ambush Bug. Just imagine it. Go ahead.)

        1. The problem on the toys wasn’t old vs new so much as that it was just deemed time for a “new aesthetic”. Which, like usual for DC, is WRONG.

  19. Hot pants supergirl
    Sa bizarro
    Garth aqualad
    classic boomerang
    shining knight
    super powers superman
    super powers wonder woman
    super powers Mr freeze
    super powers kalibak
    granny goodness
    weather wizard
    the shade
    mad hatter
    bras clock king
    shadow thief
    jla Kyle rayner
    Deborah domaine cheetah
    classic ivy
    Perez zatanna

  20. 1) Oracle. That Mattel would make an adult-aimed collector’s line, especially a web-based subscription, without this character is pitiful.

    2) Renee Montoya Question. I loved Renee as the Question, even if it meant Vic was taken off the table.

    3) Stephanie Brown. All of them. Spoiler, Robin, Batgirl. A great character, and one I’m not eager to see return to DC, because I’m afraid they’ll screw her up as badly as they have most of their Nu52 characters.

    4) Batwoman. I’ll be honest, I’m not one of the people who gushes over JH Williams’ run on Batwoman. I did, however, love her in 52 and in the Greg Rucka-penned stories. Plus, the costume’s just really nice, and probably could have made some use of the DCSH Batgirl parts.

    5) Kyle Raynor (Jim Lee design). I grew up on 90s comics, but I will say it; the crab mask sucked. The whole costume sucked. I always loved the character, but thought his suit was crap. The new one’s incredibly bland, but I kind of dug the Jim Lee design, especially when drawn by someone who could make it not look like Kyle was wearing a dog collar.

    6) Cassandra Sandsmark.

    7) Donna Troy Wonder Woman. Anyone remember when Donna Troy was Wonder Woman for like 5 issues? The story, unfortunately, quickly turned back into a Diana-focused yarn that seemed designed only to introduce the Lynda Carter “spinning to transform” thing into canon. But Donna’s Wonder Woman suit was pretty damn nice.

    8) Justice League Unlimited. Not the cartoon series, but the original JLU team from Batman Beyond. Superman in his Kryptonian togs, Micron, Aquagirl, Barda (hell, use it as an excuse to put a corrected normal Barda in the line as a variant), Warhawk, even little kid GL. Make it a boxed set, I don’t care.

    9) Hawkgirl (track suit). Hawkgirl was my favorite JL cartoon character. So much so that I would’ve gladly paid to get a 6″ figure of her in her season 3-5 track suit. It probably would have been an easy (and popular) convention exclusive, back when DCUC and the JL cartoon were both in full stride.

    10) I’m havign a hard time nailing down a final pick, so I’ll give this one to all the figures I felt Mattel did the “wrong” version of, or just got the figure so wrong (thanks to parts reuse or other issues) that I would want them to try again: Black Canary, Robin, Red Robin, Barda, Kid Flash, Wally West Flash, Starfire, the Teen Titans (I actually liked most of the Titans figures, but you can’t make any one lineup of Titans from any one point in history), etc.

    1. All good choices. Except for the Jim Lee Kyle costume. 😉 I’m going to have to go all arch-nemesis on you and say that was one of the worst costume downgrades I’ve ever seen (and I usually love new costumes!). LOL

    2. I liked that look for Kyle, but I also like the FA look for how different it is from the “norm” of costumes. An ideal outfit for me on Kyle would be his crabmask, gauntlets and boots on the Jim Lee bodysuit.

  21. Okay, I know the point of this was the lists and not the writeups, but:
    1. Warlord wasn’t a Silver Age character.
    2. The entire Bronze Age was kicked off by Hal Jordan having a personality beyond “super jock”.

    Sorry, I just couldn’t let that go uncorrected.

    These are good lists, though! I’ll give you mine when it’s not getting on one in the morning!

    1. Did Vault say Warlord was Silver Age? I should’ve caught that in the editing stage. Oops!

      On Hal… well, the GA crossover book certainly helped, and there are always good issues here and there, but he’s not exactly the bastion of good storytelling even well into the 80s. He missed Crisis! LOL

  22. I feel like Vault needs a smack for not saying Ambush Bug. How dare he. Not even a “manekochan will kill me if I don’t mention”? Come on. Boyfriend card revoked. :/

  23. What a list, man, i miss DCUC, i wish they’d just make these 20 odd figs !
    Your bottom 5 would be my 10, with addition of Kyle from the top 5 and a Hitman figure !

    Hey Noisey, what is the Superman you are talking about? the repain which never came? Any pix?

    1. If you google “carolina blue” Superman, it should come up. It was the regular figure repainted in light blue colors. It was originally intended to be packed with Bizarro (in similarly light blue colors), but the 2pk was cancelled for one reason or another. I don’t miss the Bizarro because it was still the animatedish design, but I miss the colors.

      1. Ahh, Ok, Gotcha.
        I found one loose at a Singapore flea market and never saw one in pack (no wonder !).
        It’s on my current JLA display. I use ‘im because it’s closer to the Reeves colour. I didn’t know it was ‘carolina’ blue n so desirable, dang i shd hv bought a couple and i cudda hooked u folks up. will keep an eye out

        Here’s da pix from Google in case anyone else is interested:

  24. Oh got one I think we have forgotten. The Royal Flush Gang. I know each has their own but ace build a fig size, King, Queen and jack in face card motifs and female ten is main pick. 2nd the Batman Beyond gang.

    On this a few more villians

    Mad Hatter
    Tweedle Dee and Dum
    The Fisherman
    A correct Mongul (bonus GL Bzzt and sinestro corps ring hand with floating arm)
    Mongal (black lanertn variant just for creep
    Golden Glidder
    Joker’s Daughter
    Riddler’s daughter
    Power Boy (eeh or just a corpse on a tree packed in with Trigons other kids)
    Dr. Ivo (sp?)

  25. My list would be:

    Manitou Raven
    Prof. Pyg
    Jason Blood
    I, Vampire Andrew Bennet
    General Zod
    A Better Red Hood

    And A few New 52 Original characters wouldve been great too.

    Lucas Fox Batwing
    Simon Baz Green Lantern
    Calvin Rose Talon

  26. I just remembered that Indigo is the only missing member from the rainbow tribe. Another team left incomplete.

  27. I think the only team completed was fire and ice. Super friends needed rima. Super powers kalibak and freeze. Satellite jla needed zatanna. New teen titans needed changeling and nightwing. Classic titans misses troian, speedy, Garth. Deputy lanterns missing meta. Lantern leaders misses indigo.

    young justice missing miss Martian. Flash rogues, batfamily, knightquest saga, Morrison jla, reign of superman missing properly sized doomsday. Jsa missing Johnny and tbolt. JLI. Metal men might be complete depending on copper and Magnus.

  28. Id give you my top 10 but i have so many it wont justify it so ill give you my top 25 that maybe one day Mattel will ever do if the quarterly figures do good.

    25. Mera – Aquaman was never given a huge list of characters involved in his background and Mera is a definite miss.

    24. Hush – Batman is missing so many villains that the caped crusader cant go without.

    23. Talia Al Ghul

    22. Scarecrow – We are in need of a new scarecrow since the first one can barely stand and just a list of problems

    21. Mad Hatter

    20. KILLER CROC – We needed this character to be re done so bad as a build a figure, it makes you want to cry that mattel is ending DCUC.

    19. Vixen – For one this she was unofficially teased to be coming in the line soon, just never happened, but still should like the rest.

    18. Mxyptlk – Wow very notable and very needed to face superman.

    17. Damage (JSA)

    16. Red Hood (Jason Todd) The one everyone has only asked for.

    15. Icicle

    14. Aqualad

    13. Hannu (Green Lantern Corps)

    12. Parralax

    11. Dr. Light

    10. Count Vertigo

    9. Liberty Bell

    8. Glomulus – Larfleeze most used construct.

    7. Merlyn

    6. Vice (Red Lantern)

    5. Killer Frost

    4. Classic Anti Monitor

    3. Doomsday – pretty obvious maybe two years from now at SDCC maybe?

    2. Indigo-1 – We do need to wrap that up.

    1. General Zod

    I know i am missing so many others then i come to realize after i post this. mattel needs to cut total heroes and get back to dcuc

  29. Well, if everyone else is posting their lists, I may as well post mine. There’s a heavy Batman bias here, since that’s one of the collections I’m determined to finish, even if I have to customize them.

    Zsasz (I see why they chose not to do zsasz, but there are so few figures I’d have liked to see one)
    Talia (and sadly, I expect this one would have been in the next years sub, since Ra’s was in this years)
    Tempest (and seriously, why no love for Aqualad? We got versions of every other member of the Fab five, including Wally. You can’t tell me he would have been tougher than 90s Aquaman)
    E2/GA Superman and WW (GA batman needs some buddies on my shelf)
    JLA E2’s Johnny Quick and Power Ring (and the John Stewart counterpart as well)
    Indigo 1 (I know it’d be a tough one for them to do right, but we got the rest of the lanterns.)

  30. Super late to the party, but I’m chiming in anyway with my top five Heroes and Villains (in no particular order):
    Golden Age Vigilante (The JLU cartoon made this guy cooler than he ever was in the comics)
    The Olympian (I like the Global Guardians. Sue me.)
    Golden Age Robotman

    Dr. Polaris (original costume)
    Atomic Skull
    Shaggy Man
    Anti-Monitor (original armor)

    I also would’ve loved to have seen an Ambush Bug/Heckler 2-pak, a Bart Sears designed Extremists 5-pak, the rest of the Fatal Five, and an Elite set.
    And how they haven’t offered a second Legion set is beyond me. It should’ve been:
    Phantom Girl
    Shadow Lass
    Dream Girl
    Element Lad
    Sun Boy
    Polar Boy
    Invisible Kid II (same gag)
    Duo Damsel
    80’s Timberwolf
    retro Supergirl
    over-size figure is Blok
    set includes bonus mini Shrinking violet and Bouncing Boy super ball.

  31. My list is pretty much made up of everybody elses picks. Just being an uber DC fan….I’d love to see all their characters made into figures.

    Since we’re all dreaming, and we know how MOTU has a few sub lines now…..and Black Freighter was fairly sucessfull…

    I want a Crisis on INfinite Earths sub. All the important characters….Monitor, Harbinger, Pariah, GA Superman, headband Supergirl, Alexander Luthor, Weaponer of Quard. The oversized figure could be an accurate Anti-Monitor.

    How about a Legends sub, or a War of the Gods sub, or DC 1 Million, or err Bloodlines? hahaha

    1. Two,

      I might pass on the Bloodlines figures, but I would have been excited to see CRISI figures. Matty could have even worked in the original app. Owlman and Superwoman to complete the Crime Syndicate. Throw in the female Dr. Light as well.

  32. While all your lists are extensive, impresive and vary across the whole dc universe.
    My list is small.
    1.Red lantern mera
    3.Indigo John stewart
    4.Red lantern guy gardner
    6.Ion kyle rayner
    8. A CnC size mongul

    Yea like i said pretty short (but being a huge gl fan there the only ones that really matter to me)

    Also while some of you may disapprove i would love to see mattel bring a new52 line out maybe to retail
    It might breath new life into the line (instead of only ever seeing wave 19 figures and batman)
    I would love to see simon baz, relic and a white lantern guy

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