Top Ten: Marvel Legends
We’re STILL Waiting To See!

In our final line-specific Top Ten, we want to take a look at our other favorite comic universe! (Hey, “Old DC” still reigns supreme in our hearts even if “New DC” doesn’t!). Vault and I discussed a bit about if we wanted to go for a mixed list of ML/MU, but that might be confusing and I know I can safely speak for Vault when I say that we prefer the 6″ scale so this is strictly an ML list. Ironically, I had no problem coming up with dozens of characters that I still want to see in ML even though the line has been ongoing for nearly TWELVE YEARS! First of all, I don’t even want to think about the fact that I bought that Black Spidey & Iron Man that long ago, but it’s amusing that, even after that long, I’ve got some big wants on my personal Top Ten. Toy Companies just can’t win…

* – That said, I think only two of mine and none of Vault’s picks are in the MU line, so we might not be so upset about their inclusion there… just sayin’.

My list was heavily influenced by two things: compatible figures from other lines and… well, horrid figures. The former is simply because you can use some Marvel Select or Marvel Universe figures to fill-in on an ML shelf. MS Thanos & the MU Frost Giant are hanging on my ML shelf right now. So, for this list, I skipped wants that are available in compatible lines (Sorry, Uatu, I promise I’ll pick up your MS figure some day!).

For the latter, one of my chief complaints about the older, Toy Biz ML line was that it would consistently “ruin” my favorite characters. If you pressed me for my top most wanted Marvel Legends: It’s Captain Britain, War Machine, Rogue, Nova, Wonder Man, etc. I have them as figures and they perturb me more than fill me with the joy they should. Still, I wanted this list to be about unmade characters, so I’ve put those characters in my back pocket for some future “Top Ten Marvel Characters I love that Toy Biz Gave Crappy Figures to and I Need Hasbro to Redo” list. I think that’ll fit in the title box…

I think that covers the caveats for this list, so let’s get to the names!

Noisy No. 10 – Stingray! Vault No. 10 – Manphibian!
Look, my shelf is still short a marine biologist – and I even have SeaQuest figures – so Stingray is a no-brainer for Marvel Legends. I fear how Hasbro might try to solve the riddle his cape/wingsuit provides, but I still think his design would make for a very toyetic action figure. And, hey, some of the best MLs/DCUCs are characters you might not have expected! I have to admit, Marvel Legends has a very nice assortment of monsters. The Monsters Gift Pack in particular was amazing to get, but I can’t help wanting a few more to complete the set. Manphibian’s beastlier take on the Creature from the Black Lagoon would easily set him apart from the glut of ML-humans on the shelf.
Noisy No. 9 – Sif! Vault No. 9 – The Living Mummy!
I could (& maybe will…) do a list of Top Ten Thor characters that need an ML. Seriously, I had to really force myself to narrow things down and pick just one. The Warriors Three. Balder. Odin. It could be awesome. Ultimately, I have to go with Sif. ML needs more women of the kickass variety & Sif has come into her own lately, finally headlining her own title. We have Dracula, Frankenstein, a werewolf and a zombie, so where’s my mummy? Poor N’Kantu hasn’t gotten much love over the years, but he’s still a core team member in the Legion of Monsters. Like Manphibian, all the new tooling is probably what’s holding him back the most though. I guess they’ll remain the two-pack of my dreams.
Noisy No. 8 – Grey Gargoyle! Vault No. 8 – Frankencastle!
Ignoring, that the Grey Gargoyle first appears as Thor villain for a moment, *ahem*, I actually first ran across this character in the old Iron Man line back in uh… damn, 1994. These lists are making me feel old. Grey Gargoyle can’t hang out with Stingray in my PhD shelf (he only has a Master’s in Chemistry), but his rocky texture would look fantastic on the toy shelf! Franken-Castle was a completely new take that turned a well established character on its head. The idea of saving the Punisher’s life by turning him into a Frankenstein monster was an idea straight out of the crazy sci-fi Silver Age… and I loved it. The books could have been written a bit better, but that doesn’t affect what a cool toy he’d make.
Noisy No. 7 – Enchantress! Vault No. 7 – Morbius!
Okay, really, I promise. This is the last Thor thing. I can’t help it; I even snuck the Executioner in the pic! I want him too. Thor’s heroic cast got a spot, so it’s only right to give one to his Asgardian villains. We don’t have a great Loki, we have a couple, so I’ll move down the list to another notable thorn in… Thor’s side, Enchantress. Did I mention she hangs around with the Executioner? Spider-Man Classics gave us an ML-esque Morbius back in the day. With his creepy emaciated body, long claws, and torn cape, the figure was near perfect. Unfortunately his action feature required a head that was made out of a horrible rubbery plastic. Mine rotted off a couple years ago, leaving a Living Vampire sized hole in my collection.
Noisy No. 6 – Silver Samurai! Vault No. 6 – Blade, The Vampire Slayer!
How does this guy not have a Bowen Designs piece? The rest of my list does (even Sif up there is Bowen WIP)? What craziness is that? Well, Bowen Collectors need an SS and so do ML collectors. We were close once, but somehow AoA Sunfire (BS!) beat him in a ToyFare Fan Poll (Read more at The Fwoosh!). One thing, Hasbro, his name is SILVER Samurai, not Gray Samurai. Get it right. I don’t just love the monsters. Blade’s always been a cool character, even in the 70’s. Sure he may not have worn all black with a stylin’ pattern shaved into his head, but his original look has charm! Not every man can pull off a large red coat, green pants, tinted glasses and an afro. But Blade did it, all while staking Dracula too!

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59 thoughts on “Top Ten: Marvel Legends
We’re STILL Waiting To See!

  1. If you need a villain for dr strange, with a name you can pronounce, (not that I don’t love dormammu) how’s about baron mordo?

    My list for wanted legends characters still runs very deep, from rounding out the heralds of galactus to the roster of the west coast avengers to the morlocks to the non-Thor asgardians to more of spidey’s rogues gallery. I can’t be the only marvel fan out there who wants silvermane or alistair scythe or white tiger or the spider doppelgänger or quasar or phyla vel or morgue or the high evolutionary or night thrasher or sif or Titania or ms marvel or calypso or shriek or Mary Jane not as tiny teeth dunst. To name a few. Narrowing my top ten would be tough, especially given that some characters I like a lot got sub-par legends… Ms marvel, domino, rogue come to mind immediately, but so do kraven, man spider, and mandarin. Man wolf kinda sucked too.

    1. I want a lot of those that you mentioned Especially the Spidey ones and I also want Uncle Ben, The Burglar and Aunt May.

      1. the difference is, people would buy the marvel guys.

        on a serious note though, yes, the re-dos would be a long list, but there’s plenty of depth to be mined yet before we even get to them. while i’d love a byrne thing, for example, and legends should shoot to get that done, until we get a high evolutionary, we’re not even close to the same page on the “completion” discussion.

  2. My personal “Golden Age” at Marvel ranges from the late 70’s through mid-80’s, so anyone who showed up in the Original and Deluxe versions of the old Marvel Universe Handbooks is fair game.

    That said, I am probably in the minority of fans who prefer Hasbro’s take on Marvel Legends over Toy Biz. I bailed out when the figures all began turning stick-thin with those oversized shoulder joints protruding from their arm sockets. With Hasbro, I discovered out that less is more. So there are characters that need apology figures and ones which Toy Biz covered in the 90’s throughout the various cartoon show lines such as Spidey, X-Men, FF, Iron Man, Hulk, and Silver Surfer which have yet to show up in either Legends, Select, or even Universe scale.

    And might I just add that Randy Bowen could have turned the toy industry on its ear if the quality of his busts and statues could be carried over into plastic form? Am I right or am I right?

    So here goes, from top to bottom this time around:

    1. Jack of Hearts!

    Easily my favorite Marvel character of all time, given how he was featured in the very first Marvel comic I ever read as a kid. I have the Bowen bust and the Eaglemoss lead figurine, but no company from Mego to Hasbro has ever given us a single action figure to this day! There are some great customs out there which prove how toyetic Jack could prove at retail. Thanks to Kurt Busiek, he’s also an Avenger and there’s never been a better time to release him in plastic form.

    2. Stingray!

    I have the awesome Bowen bust Noisy displayed above which should explain a lot. In addition to Noisy’s valued endorsement, I feel that Stingray is an easy choice given his Avengers status, his continuing relevance in recent years, and the fact that all Walt really needs is his wingsuit done properly. I would love some flexibility to it, but just going the way of something like Falcon’s wings would do the trick.

    3. Nighthawk!

    My third favorite Marvel “cult” superhero. It truly blew me away to get him in Marvel Universe line, so all they need to do is to release him in Legends scale. Same version, same costume.

    4. Safari Jacket Wonder Man!

    Easily my favorite of Simon’s many outfits and the one I grew up with. Has yet to be done by any company in any size range. A must for any Bronze Age Avengers collection.

    5. Furry 70’s/80’s Beast!

    Again, we’ve yet to see a proper Avengers Beast from his lengthy tenure, (issues #137-211 of the original Avengers comic) on the team, which makes no sense given that folks such as John Byrne and George Perez worked on the guy during this period. After that, he even lead the Defenders for quite a while. A pre-Morrison, Jim Lee X-Men version just isn’t the same. We need the more simian-ish Beast from his classic years as both Avenger and Defender.

    6. High Evolutionary!

    We also need more classic Kirby characters. I was reading the Evolutionary’s entry over at Wikipedia the other day and wondering how the heck this guy has yet to be made into an action figure! He’s been good, evil, neutral, played important roles in many a storyline, showed up on TV, the works. Much like Thanos, he’s an excellent candidate for the movie treatment. But we need a figure of him in his classic armor first. Get on it, Hasbro!

    7. Grey Gargoyle!

    I have no doubt that we’ll see Gee Gee again at some point since Toy Biz noticed him back in the day. (You think you feel old ’cause you remember the 90’s, Noisy? Try being around for Mego’s World’s Greatest/Pocket Super Heroes in the late 70’s! Now THAT is old!) 😉 So yeah, the Grey Gargoyle had an excellent two-parter in Avengers during the 70’s Byrne run and he showed up with the Masters of Evil in the classic Stern/Buscema/Palmer “Under Siege” saga in the 80’s. So he’s got both the look and street cred to make the cut!

    8. Silver Samurai!

    I agree completely here. We got a beautifully chromed up version (which, sadly, could not sit down) in the 90’s and he’s been in the Wolverine movie to boot! His ties to Wolvie and the X-Franchise got him into the Marvel Universe two-packs as well, so a Legends version should be a no-brainer. But please chrome him up if possible!

    9. Son of Satan!

    I need a complete Bronze Age Defenders roster. We got his sister Satana under a civilian name for SDCC last year. If “Hellstrom” is too politically incorrect, just call him “Marvel’s Daimon” or something. But he’s always been actively involved in the MU and yet, neglected by the toy companies. Heck, Toy Biz did a line on Ghost Rider, two biker dudes possessed by a freaking demon and even included mini-comics as pack-ins! Daimon has been closely linked to Blaze and Ketch, so he should have been made by now in one form or another. Just make it the classic 70’s version who had his own book.

    10. Hellcat!

    Just because Daimon needs to be with Patsy. Plus, she’s one of Marvel’s oldest characters, and that bust of hers above is a beaut! Besides that, given the toy industry’s record in turning out stellar female figures, I hesitate to waste a slot on a poorly designed character. Sorry, ladies!

    ‘Nuff said, all you Marvel maniacs. Excelsior!

    1. Randy Bowen figures would’ve kicked ass if they could carry the style and look over!

      Great list overall, but with all our overlap, you knew that already! 🙂

  3. I included some re-hash characters simply because some I simply can’t forget:
    (In descending order)
    Any Herald of Galactus (Terrax shows they can do ’em right)
    Giant-size Storm/Mohawk Storm (probably inevitable)
    Hercules (non-Burger King)
    Silver Sable (Moonstone buck)
    Isaiah Bradley Captain America (Hyperion buck)
    Jennifer Walters She-Hulk (the Hulkettes buck makes this easy)
    Skurge the Executioner (Wrecking Crew buck)
    Sif (Hulkettes buck, a Jaime Alexander 50/50 would be nice too)
    Thing (there has NEVER been a definitive one)

    1. we had Jen-Shulkie back in the Blob wave, and even had an exclusive “Jennifer Walters” variant I bought off back in 2007.

      using the current Hulkettes buck for Sif is just too big. She’s a normal sized person. Heck, all we really need is Elektra (F buck w/ tabard) with a few mods like the headpiece and (WORKING!) scabbard attached at the hip. THUNDRA and TITANIA could use the Hulkettes buck, but I don’t see many others?

      Herc – it always annoyed me they switched his colors and never included his harness, so a redux for him would be nice. and make the skirt removable, while you’re at it.

      Thing – we need a “definitive artist” in order to get a “definitive Thing”. I think I made mine with the RoSS Thing (w/pants) and …a TB head?

      1. oh yeah, Diamond Lil in Alpha Flight could probably use the Shulkie buck?
        Anaconda in Serpent Society?

        one of those Nazi-nuns from 80s Cap, not sure of her name? She was in Sin’s first appearance with the brainwashing camp/Teen Cap arc.

  4. Squirrel Girl really has got some loving lately and a plastic love would be nice. Maybe a bushy tail with felt or something, though extra bonus spider island Cage child and caccoon in webbing SquG would blow my mind.

    Like both but dunno many of the monsters mentioned except Morbius he does need a nicer fig.

    Okay in no order or reason heres a small list from me.

    Ultimate Jessica Drew: Okay this probably floored many but I dig the costume, she has been a mentor to Miles(whobI.was stunned to see get a fig and still warmed pegs) and also is it wrong I found her cute so a maskless head would be nice.

    Cloak & Dagger: Its just time this pair got some ML love.

    Mockingbird: Classic and Modern mix

    Dark Ms. Marvel – we got Moonstone but need this to fill the void left on the team. Yes I am building the Dark Avengers.

    A-Bomb: I like his design

    A new Rulk: I missed the target only wave so use the movie Hulk buck change head and easy peasy.

    Any Doppelganger: I dug those things too much, swap out grabby tentacle hands to grab the original and easy win.

    Speedball, Rage, Nightthrasher, Namorita (flesh tone is my pick), Firestar, Justice, Silhouette, Turbo. Yeah just give us New Warriors.

    The infinity Watch: Really I liked this team and like to see some of these looks for Modern era. Drax, Gamora, Moondragon, Pip the Troll, we got Warlock but a new one is welcome.

    The Superior Foes: I like a few of these guys and though female we do get the correct Beetle suit. A new Shocker without a gimmick action.feature is really needed. Speed Demon, Boomerang (Cap Cold can kick out Geofferang and add him as a new rogue), I forget the others

    Not new but a Wrecking Crew Box set would be nice.

    And lastly anybody in need of an update, Elektra I am looking at you yah fugly thing. Thing, Scarlet Witch, etc.

    1. i feel like warlock got a pretty damned good legend, but yes, the infinity watch would be nice to get rounded out (especially since we’re not getting the hulked out drax any other way)

      i’m also a huge fan of ghost rider’s nemeses, so any chance to get blackout, mephisto, zarathos, a proper dracula, sin-eater, lilith, nightmare, scarecrow… these folks would make me really happy. not asgardian happy, but happy. that said, who’s a guy got to fist to get a madcap or a foolkiller?

      and it goes without saying that anyone who gives me a death’s head 2 will automatically win the internet for a month.

      1. I didn’t care much for that Rulk wave Warlock for two reasons:
        1- the costume. luckily, he’s had several looks over the years, so a redo is more likely. Esp when one of those looks can be easily recolored into Magus w/ a new head.

        2- the Infinity Gauntlet. great accessory, but not having a swappable “normal” hand (like MS Thanos or CnC Thanos’s glove) kinda ruined it for me.

        1. i get the gauntlet complaint, especially if you have the MS thanos and prefer to display him with the gauntlet… you can’t have 2 gauntlet’s in your shemboomey, you just can’t.

          on the other hand, i think the costume they used was a pretty acceptable version. it wasn’t great, but it didn’t have any overt flaws. that said, you and i are, i fear, some of the few marvel toy fans left who might be a warlock AND repainted magus. marvel fans talk a good game, but our buying habits don’t always bear the weight of our rhetoric.

  5. A few more:

    Serpent Society: I just feel alot of these characters could make neat figures

    Diamondback: Just dunno which suit.

    Avengers Academy Kids


    White Rabbit, the Gibbon, Grizzly, Frogman, Arcade, The Ringer, Unicorn, Paste Pot Pete, yes some morts turn out as cool figs. Killer Moth anyone?

    Prodigy, Richocet, Dusk, The Hornet, Paperbag-man (he got a MU)


    Chameleon, Scorpion (newer look), Rhino (can’t find the MS one), Oh just some newer Sinister 6 Members

    Trying to think of cannon fodder like Aim and Hyrda soldiers.

    Victoria Hand.

    HAMMER soldiers

    1. We’re *supposed* to get AIM and Hydra soldiers as variants to Red Skull and Zemo in the Cap2 movie/ wave (Mandroid BAF), next year. They’re splitting the “six” figure waves again, but assure each case will contain at least one of each figure, so…2x Cap, 1x everybody else?

  6. Ooh, Death’s Head 2. Sure, he’s so pointy I’m not sure he’s safe to pick up, but I’d take one!

    Quasar, Jack of Hearts, Nighthawk (the MU one just taunts me!), Meggan, classic Shang-Chi, Bug, oh yeah, and most of the guys you all picked already…

    Franken-Castle would’ve been so good a figure–if they’d struck while the iron was hot, as it were. Hasbro doesn’t seem to crank characters out fast enough for that: every time they do a Spidey figure, it’s probably gonna be phased out in the comics. Scarlet and Venom are both cancelled, and Superior could be over before he shows up!

  7. YES YES YES! To Morbius… Mine looks like he opened the Ark of the Covenant and took a look inside.
    Firestar? Hell and yeah! She was the reason I dabbled in MU…
    Strange Needs some baddies… (While yeah, Dormuumuu would be cool, so would be Mordo) but, by Crom I NEED a Shuma Gorath!!

    He-Mullet’s Top Ten ML that are not Spidey Related:

    10- Shuma Gorath: Tentacle Monster, had videogame appearances, Links Conan to Marvel
    9- 90s Jubilee: The Vampilee BAF is not an acceptable substitute… We finally got a Jim Lee Jean and only Jubilee is missing from the Fox Kids X-Men Roster (and Chuck’s hover chair, but we’re looking at figures, not “vehicles”.
    8- Phil Coulson… The only thing I want from Agents of SHIELD immortalized as a toy.
    7- A Toad that can be poseable… The Toad we got from Toy Biz is well, useless.
    6- Cloak and Dagger. While they first appeared on a Spidey comic they did branch out from Spidey. Don’t mention THAT SNES/Genesis game…
    5 and 4- Power Pack… Seriously, it’s 4 kids they should count like 2 Kids = 1 full figure.
    3- a Real Bruce Banner that is not a Repainted Stephen Dorff.
    2- a 90s Rogue that did not fell from the Ugly Tree, hit all the branches on the way down, flew up and fell down it again. (Scarlet Witch should follow close by)
    1- Nate Grey: The X-Man.

    (If this had been a Spidey List it would have had Rocket Racer, 90s Kaine, Shriek, Doppelganger Spider, A Real non-Dunst MJ, Lady Ock, Alistair Smythe, Hammerhead, Silvermane, Tombstone… big wheel would have been 11)

    1. Yeah, Vault asked me about Jubilee and I said she’d been done, but I forgot it was the vampire and not the classic version. Some great picks there!

    2. it fargin enrages me that we’re this far into marvel legends and nary a tombstone. WHY GOD??? WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!

  8. It would be almost impossible for me to come up with a top ten. Like Noisey, I want so much more from Thor’s cast of characters. Sif, The Warriors Three, Odin, Balder, all great choices, but a comic accurate Heimdall is my #1 most wanted Asgardian.

    I also agree that Dr. Strange’s cast has been woefully under used. Clea is certainly one of my top wants to go along with Dormammu and Baron Mordo. Umar would be great, as would the Ancient One. Heck, I’d gladly buy a Wong too.

    I’ve always thought that Eternity would make for a fantastic BAF.

    I wish that the ML Black Bolt wasn’t so terrible, but even if I weren’t getting a new one of him I still want Medusa, Karnak, Triton, Gorgon, Lockjaw, and Maximus.

    There’s a ton of Fantastic Four characters that I want too, like Crystal, Attuma, the Red Ghost with his Super-Apes, the Awesome Android with Mad Thinker, and Wizard.

    The Enforcers have always been really high on my list even though I know they’ll never happen. Fancy Dan, Montana, and Ox all need there day in the sun!

    All that without even getting into the X-Men, which I could probably easily come up with another 30 characters.

    Oh! I also want a Doctor Bong.

    1. It kills me that Thor movie toys keep NOT GETTING any comic-based support. Hasbro is doing those movie-specific ML waves now for Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man, but isn’t there another Marvel movie out right now… hmmm??

      1. don’t even get me started… well, ok, do.

        not only is it not showing support for the movie, and thus misses out on cross-platform cooperation and synergy, it misses the point to get young thor fans invested in merchandizing. and merch is like heroin, only far, far more addicting… get that first toy, and pretty soon, the kid is blowing guys in a back alley for a whiff from inside one of the idris elba’s helmets. hook ’em while they’re young, it’s worked for the tobacco industry!

        it also would feed the collector gang out there who go on countless toy-themed chat boards and discuss the dearth of thor movie figures. 😉 they put a lot into those costumes to bring those characters to life on screen, why not celebrate that hard work with sculptors and painters bringing those designs into the 3D world, and letting me buy them? (well, ‘cept for the scabbards… the problem w/ the super mega resolution 3D imax experience is, when they make foamie sheet scabbards and hang them from asgardian belts via spring-loaded key chain clips, we can see that shiz.)

        and while i’d love some movie stuff, the comic toys could easily sway a kid, or a collector, into trying out the comics, so it’s good for business all around. why not dangle a ulik or odin or skurge under the peoples’ noses so we get all hot and bothered and then, when the jones hits, and we aren’t due for another movie for 3 years, we can GO BUY THE FARGIN COMICS!!!!!

    1. They did Wesley Snipes and they attempted to do a comic-based one recently (but I don’t think it made it out to stores), but Vault is talking about the older, 70s version.

    1. X-Men Classics “Extreme X-Men” Rogue. pretty rare figure. I still have one unopened, not exactly sure where it ended up in storage?
      the body was re-used for Domino in the WalMart 2pk with Cannonball (ML7 Ghost Rider, new head & torso piece).

  9. I totally want a little Loki. 🙂 With his doggy and Ikol. Though, let’s not go down that road… 9_9; I don’t want to cry today, thanks.

  10. 1) Young Avengers. We got half the team in costumes that they almost immediately ditched. We need, at the very least, Patriot redone with the domino mask instead of the full head mask, plus a Kate Bishop Hawkeye, Stature (make her in 6″ and 12″ for good measure), Speed, and Vision (I personally preferred his “Iron Lad remold” look, but I’d settle for the more common look he adopted after a couple issues).

    2) Squirrel Girl. Because Squirrel Girl.

    3) Lady Sif and the Warriors 3.

    4) Lady Loki.

    5) The original X-Men. Classic, and surprisingly relevant.

    6) Daisy Johnson, aka Quake. Hey, they made Maria Hill, she stands a shot.

    7) X-Men First Class. The movie, not the comic. ML has been home to many one-off film figures, including Blade, Daredevil, Punisher, and a few X-Men 3 figures. I loved First Class, loved the costumes, and really wanted figures of them. The closest I could get was some Minimates. If Hot Toys ever comes through, after having secured the license two years ago, I might have to break down and purchase my first ever high-end 1/6 scale figure in the form of a blue Jennifer Lawrence.

    8) Avengers: The Initiative. That book was much better than it had any right to be, and there were some great characters, like Cloud 9, Komodo, Hardball, MVP, and Butterball. Okay, maybe Butterball wouldn’t make a very spectacular figure, but there are some great figures to be mined from this gem.

    9) The Runaways. One of the best new books of the past decade, though one that quickly lost a lot of steam after the original creators left. The characters have really drifted since, only showing up sporadically, with a couple of them now involved in the unreadable clusterfuck that is “Avengers Arena.”

    10) Armor. The last Astonishing X-Men we’d need to complete Whedon and Cassaday’s team. Heck, let’s just give this spot to the New X-Men. Dust, Surge, Hellion, Pixie, Wallflower, Wind Dancer, Rockslide, Mercury, the Stepford Cuckoos, I’ll even take Elixir, Wither, and Blindfold.

    Honorably mention to:

    Red Sonja. Technically a Marvel creation, and Toy Biz did a ML compatible Conan, so I want the She-Devil with a Sword to go with her. I put this in honorable mention because it’s a pipe dream, even if the logic does kind of work. Marvel no longer has the rights to the character.

    Havok in any costume besides the “hulu hoop head.” Really, I’ve liked almost every costume Alex Summers has worn, besides his original, which is the look they keep going back to. An honorable mention because he’s already had a figure, that figure was just of a crap costume.

    Wolverine. Have they ever made a figure of this guy? They should. He just might catch on with the kids.

  11. ok, read this list this afternoon and let it percolate the rest of the day.

    Aesir – ODIN (BAF or Lord Thor sized figure), Volstagg (Blob BAF), Fandral, Hogun, SIF, Balder, Tyr, Loki (80s Simonson, similar to Kid Loki look), AMORA, Malekith, Executioner, Hela, ULIK. Two THOR based waves and you’d be done (for now).
    Throw in a new Hercules (harness, no/rem.skirt) and ZEUS, and I’d be happy.

    New Warriors: Thrash v1, Justice, Firestar (FA/Spider-Friends and Avengers variants), Nita (green or white suit), Nova (Red/Kid), Speedball, Rage, Turbo, Silhouette, Bengal, Elementals(?-4pk), Sphinx I and II, Cardinal,
    (dare I tempt the Egyptian Avengers?)

    X-Force: Cannonball, Sunspot, Tabitha/Boomer/Meltdown, DANI MOONSTAR (WHERE IS SHE???), Shatterstar, Rictor, Domino, Caliban, Warpath, STRYFE (proto is where??), Reignfire, some MLF like Tempo, Reaper, and Wild…thing?

    Exiles: Blink, Morph, Mimic (alt.armored head+arms/claw hands/rem.wings), TJ/Nocturne, Proudstar, Heather, Gambit, King Hyperion, Vision, Spider, random variant characters, incl AoA.

    Squadron Supreme: we get Hyperion and NO ONE ELSE??? Even Nighthawk fits in here! We could even get Supreme Power variants!

    Alpha Flight: Vindicator (red/green variants), Shaman, Northstar+Aurora, Box (red+blue var), Marrina, Puck (since he only got a VERY LIMITED BAF), Madison Jeffries, Snowbird, Persuasion, Master (of the World), Dream Queen, Flashback, re-release the Sasquatch variants (w/wider Hulk torso?), Diamond Lil (Shulkie buck?),
    (re:Box- variant the torso piece only? w/N+A??)

    Thunderbolts: looks like we’re getting some of the team next year? still need Mach-1, Techno, ATLAS BAF, Meteorite, Jolt, Citizen V, Zemo (black), Swordsman, Fenris, Speed Demon, Dallas/Crimson Cowl,

    Great Lake Avengers: Doorman (black buck), Flatman (Reed/”flat” pack-in), Bertha (Blob BAF), Mr.I (Gambit head+M buck), Dinah is only real challenge, with slim F body and wings (which = Sauron!)

    Young X-Men: Rockslide, Dust, Wolfcub, Ink (in DoFP!!), Mercury, etc
    Young Avengers: I gotta agree this team needs a do-over since they changed their appearances almost immediately. Stature BAF.

    Dark X-Men/Avengers: whole team, esp Mimic
    All-New X-Men: those new costumes do look kinda cool, if a bit busy.

    Avengers: Quasar, Jack of Hearts, Sersi, Black Knight (90s jacket), Wonder Man safari, Beast, Namor (speedo/X-Men), Scarlet Witch, Squirrel Girl, Jewel, Cage, White Iron Fist, Monica Rambeau/CM/Photon, etc

    X-Men: Hellfire Club (Shaw, Leland (Kingpin buck), Mastermind, HF Guards), Nate Grey, Lilandra, Madrox, X-Factor v1, v2, v3; various updates.
    IMPERIAL GUARD: at least a few essential members!
    Excalibur v1: ShadowCat, Nightcrawler, Rachel-Phoenix, Capt Britain (redo:Hyperion), Meggan (gold/green var), Widget, “Mother”(?) and TweedleDope, Capt Albion(?-the chick?),

    Guardians of the Galaxy: v1 team, but preferring the 90s run look. Charlie, Vance, Marty, Nikki, Starhawk, Aleta, Nikki, Talon, Phoenix X, etc

    Ultimates: yeah, pretty much everybody left.
    Marvel Knights: Dr Strange, Hellstrom, Adam Warlock, etc
    Marvel Movie figures: XFC (most men = Xorn?), Avengers, F4, MCU, etc

    Villains: go crazy. I’m not asking for a complete Masters of Evil, Serpent Society and Circus of Evil, but a few key players we haven’t seen yet. Titania, Anaconda, Blastaar, Magus, etc

    I’ll probably recall more wants later

    1. “Microns” – Cmdr Rann, Mari, Bug!
      each of them is pretty easy, and I made quickie customs using movie Reed, Elektra, and Ult.Nightcrawler (w/XMC Magneto helmet).

      I planned a Huntarr with an extra Blackheart, but never got around to it.

      1. oh, you want a Top 1000 list?
        well then…[rolls up imaginary sleeves, cracks knuckles, hits up….]

  12. That list covered everybody pretty well. My cannon fodder idea was meaning other than Aim and Hydra. The hellions, Doombots, Skrulls, Kree, Hammer agents, Hand Ninjas,

    Boy I almost got into saying Vipers but thats GI Joe. (If they did 6″ of them I’d sell blood and organs to troop build)

    Did we ever get a Darkhawk?

    Spider-girl aka Mayday Parker
    American Dream
    Wild Thing
    Fantastic Five
    Other M2 characters. Hard to remember them.

    Anybody wonder if What If characters could be good figs. Punisher Venom, Fem.Ghost Rider, Lord of Vampires Wolverine,

    1. Only the MU one, not a Marvel Legend.
      As I’ve been wishing for a while now:
      Darkhawk, Sleepwalker, Speedball, Spider-girl, Squirrel Girl, and Nightmare.

  13. I won’t be satisfied into I get a Marvel Legends-style (or even Marvel Universe) Disco Dazzler figure!

  14. there are a few legends i’d love to see get a straight-up re-release, like the incredible movie doombot and the FF dragon-man fig, which goet distributed, but terribly so, and now the aftermarket on those figs is just flat out petarded. trust me, as a dude who WAY overpaid for that doombot, you all want one. you don’t know how bad you want it till you have it, but he’s seriously one of the best legends-class figs ever made. he’s so good, i will gladly take the hit for my fellow collectors and advocate ruining the secondary market value by making more of him, cuz he was a must-own figure. by all accounts i’ve read, the dragon-man is the same story.

  15. I could go for these figs but not necessarily in the order below:
    1. Darkhawk – we got him in Universe so why not?
    2. Sauron – BAF him like ‘Nihlus.
    3. Deathwatch – Excellent GR villian for the the first run through.
    4. Shadowcat – Can I getta Blue Excalibur version?
    5. S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent from the Marvel Avengers Alliance game – One in each color, male and female, with 4 accessories from the game apiece. Great Convention set.
    6. Johnny Blaze – The Spirits of Vengeance one, but not the cyborg.
    7. Sif – The Val fig from the Hulk two-pack could work.
    8. Abomb – To finish out any Agents of S.M.A.S.H. since the cartoon is going right now.
    9. Dragonness – Got to have a random from the fandom.
    10. Grim Reaper – He gets love from the comics and cartoons but not in the form of a toy.

  16. We got a spidey (which I need to hunt down), but the rest of the Future Foundation. Seen in MU but MLs would be nice.

    The NOW looks of the Fantastic 4 as well as the new FF would be neat. (Reading later cause got at Library)

    A poseable Rocket Raccoon.

    Sidestep a bit but since they own Marvel what about a Disney Legends, Gargoyles(had a Marvel comic), Darkwing Duck, Kim Possible, Ducktales, Incredibles, etc. I would buy a few.

  17. Looks like I’m late to this party too 🙁 I blame school and homework for monopolizing my time and not allowing me to ponder Marvel Legends, lol! Anyways…
    In no specific order:
    1) re-released and AFFORDABLE Dragon-Man, and
    2) re-released and AFFORDABLE Doombot (like Dayraven mentioned)
    3) Ultimate Jessica Drew (I’m shocked that someone else mentioned wanting her as well, lol) – as long as she turns out better than the Miles Morales figure
    4) Lockjaw – like Noisy said, his absence is unforgivable
    5) The Runaways – this line-up would probably work best in a box set. The box sets are something that I really miss about the Toy Biz era that Hasbro has neglected to do so far. But anyways, I agree with JamesLynch that The Runaways was one of Marvel’s best series in years, and those kids and their pet/bodyguard Deinonychus deserve figures!
    6) a decent Ultimate Iron Man – I’m shocked that there hasn’t been one by now, with the deluge of 6″ figures that have followed the movies, the Iron Man Legends line, and because SOOO many other (i.e. pointless, lol) Iron Man figures (Neo-Classic, for instance) have been released.
    7) The Fantastic Four – also, preferably in a box set. I’d love a cohesive, timeless look to them, as the previous sets either have a certain aesthetic (like the Wieringo-inspired faces of the figures of the box sets), or had incompatible uniforms (like the Ronin wave and Toy Biz “Classics” series).
    8) The Fantastic Four – but a VARIANT of the aforementioned box set, kinda like the MU sets that were available with the classic uniforms and the Future Foundation uniforms! FF, NOW, Ultimate (as long as the headsculpts have the younger Ultimate look too), whatever. I’m not picky, as long as the uniforms have a cohesive look.
    9) Old Man Logan – Since Hasbro insists on giving us multiple Wolverines, and since they released a MU version, I could see this happening.
    10) Ultimate Cable – Kirkman’s 90’s nostalgia-gone-wild reinterpretation of Wolvie and Cable is too ridiculous/awesome to not have his own Legend.
    *) Also, I can’t think of a certain figure specifically, but I wish that Hasbro would throw in animation and video game inspired figures/references, much like how Mattel would frequently pay homage to animation (like the Super Friends figures and Beast Boy’s Teen Titans animated-style costume) and older figure lines (like Super Powers-inspired figures) when designing figures/costumes for their DC line.

    It’s probably pretty obvious that my tastes in Marvel are somewhat limited, but the Marvel stuff that I do read, I absolutely love. That being said, I would LOVE to see someone revive Toy Biz’s Legendary Comic Heroes line. Legends-style figures based on a nearly endless assortment of comic characters! Just imagine the diversity of the lists we would have here if there were to be a Top 10 of comic characters IN GENERAL, who deserve Legends-style figures, lol!

  18. I honestly want everyone on Noisy’s list and no one outside of Squirrel Girl on Vault’s list. Not sure how that’s even possible.

  19. 1. Magik with Darkchild Variant
    2. Ultimate Spider-woman
    3. Nighthawk
    4. Hellcat
    5. Shadowcat
    6. New Mutants Cannonball
    7. Wolfsbane
    8. Agent Coulson
    10. Rulk

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