Toy Fair ’14: Armchair Coverage
Hasbro Dominates Day One!


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TFW2005 – Jetfire Highlight
TFW2005 – Mashers Press Pics

The big news for Transformers is that it will now following the Star Wars trend of splitting the collector’s market from the kids market. We’ve come to such a strange place these last few years haven’t we? Remember when it used to be that colectors were just one small part of the group and companies couldn’t afford to cater to us without keeping kids in mind? It’s crazy to think about now. Has the collector really market grown? Doesn’t seem like it. Have the kids really just left in droves? Probably? Where we will be in just a few years? Like I said, crazy to think about.

With Hasbro putting their Star Wars dichotomy plan into Transformers. The good thing is collectors are at least in store for a short term (and maybe long term) gain. The kids are too – plus, we all know some of us will want to collect those. The easy-transform stuff has some stinkers, but there are maybe some neat toys mixed in (we love all kinds here at IAT, okay) and, if nothing else, I bet some of the flip-open Transformers will have great engineering.

As for me, well, it’s honestly tough for me to stay engaged on the Transformers front – I’m just not interested in movie toys for one. And if we’re really going to get “all G1 up in here” well, Masterpiece is quite nice if you’ve got the money. Still there are plenty of interesting pics to look at in the galleries below. Some of the movie designs are interesting, and then there are some cool, classic/IDW-inspired figures like Gears or the tiny, lil’ Acid Storm (I know, I don’t care! lol), Nighbeat, Roadbuster, and of course that beautiful Leader Scale Jetfire. It looks gorgeous. It looks to possibly be considered in-scale with MP. I mean… I don’t know. He may lure me in, but for the most part, Takara’s got my TF money locked up for right now. I still love the direction Hasbro is going on the collector stuff all the same. Kre-O still growing strong too, though I’m starting to recognize less and less of them?

Finally , I did crack up seeing Skybyte! I have his old, original figure somewhere chroming it up in my garage. I don’t recall much about the character, but I do get a chuckle from him being cool enough (or old enough… eek!) for Hasbro to come back around to. That’s funny.

G.I. Joe

Links to Coverage:
AFI Liveblog – Panel Coverage
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Hisstank – Press Images
Hisstank – Kreo-Display

G.I. Joe thankfully, thankfully, had 50th Anniversary Product. And it kicks ass! Some great 2pks & 3pks (though I don’t always want them all) and some fun vehicle reissues. I’m loving the and the Arctic B.A.T., but you know me and my obscure likes? I’m excited to finally get a good Leatherneck in the 3pk with Destro (who ain’t half bad either). By the way, Hasbro, fix Wet-Suit next! Check out Hasbro’s Press Release at Hisstank.

G.I. Joe is also still pulling down some great Kreons. Mike Power, Atomic Man was probably my personal favorite – but Nunchuk!!! of course makes me smile. Wet-Suit, Footloose, and hey, even Nemesis Enforcer if you’re into that sort of thing and love block figures! The big set was a good surprise the Terror Drome! If I had room for Lego-type stuff and just loved Joes above all else, these Kreons would be amazing. That said, I will own Bazooka and his Fudgee Bar, yes I will.

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32 thoughts on “Toy Fair ’14: Armchair Coverage
Hasbro Dominates Day One!

  1. TERRORDROME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my only problem with this is the PRICE TAG!! I was just pricing some Lego sets this afternoon. oy.

    I guess that Iron Man is only going to fuel the speculation over the next credits teaser, huh? people have already been saying Quill contacts/comes to Earth, and still insisting that Tony leaving Earth for space was filmed for IM3, and other nonsense.
    only looking at MU for ERIC (YES!!!!) and Wasp.
    No word on the missing 2013 variants yet? :/

    SWB6 –
    someone said Bespin Luke comes with an alternate shirt??? That torso looks solid, so that would be half a new figure if true!
    I’m also wondering if Chewie’s head is easily popped off? I has a few ideas about him.
    also, first pic I saw of Anakin, it looked like his tabard was “wet” (p)leather? looks to be same body mold as Obi-Ewan? Except for his hand, of course. I really hpe he comes with EpII head and EpIII Darth Anakin heads.

    Dinobots – I weep for my beloved SLAG. and the designs of the classic quintet! πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
    only a handful of Classic TFs are worth looking at.

  2. must…buy…6″ scale… Jabba…the Hutt…and 4″…Death’s Head…even emotional baggage about superhero figures cannot prevent the need for Death’s Head, yes?

    1. Even my general dislike of Marvel cannot prevent the need for Death’s Head! Though admittedly I want him for my Doctor Who collection, for which he might be a bit small…

  3. Very happy to see new and revisited ARAH product. I was hoping for some of the Concept Case material to make the cut and it’s finally happening at long last. Transformers Generations has a few classics there that may be worth hunting down. Star Wars Black is adding more OT favorites for this year. And a couple of previously announced Marvel Universe characters have surprisingly made their way into the new Infinite series.

    My biggest disappointment so far is the lack of news surrounding the missing Legends variants. Will the Wrecking Crew ever be completed in 6″ (more like 7″) inch size? Inquiring minds want to know!

  4. Some nifty stuff. the G.I. Joe stuff is almost enough to get me buying again, but not quite. Wake me when they re-release the Terror Drome, Night Raven SP3, and STUN . . . and NOT in that sodding Kreo style.

    I’ll probably pass on the New Animated Star Wars figures (unless they’re cool enough for me to customise in a realistic style), but I might splurge on some of the vehicles, if they’re not horrible and distorted.

    TransFormers: some cool stuff, but a lot of stuff I’ll pass on, too.

  5. A GI Joe 2-pack of Lady Jaye and Baroness as a TRU exclusive?

    THAT won’t be hard to find…

    1. I hear you.

      I’ve changed my mindset such that there are very few figures I buy anymore (with the exception of the Takeya Revoltech buddhist figures).

      These Hasbro, Mattel, what-ever-it toys are much more fun to collect via JPEG image (saving the JPEG image my personal collection, not buying the figure).

      Chasing these impossible to find figures, and ultimately shelling out to Ebay scalpers stopped being a whole lot of fun. Why did Hasbro MU in 2013 announce a North Star companion figure to Aurora if they only intended to manufacture 2 (of which both were sent to a TRU in Nowhere, Alaska, both of which were lost when the shipping truck got caught in an avalanche).

      Hell, these Toy Fairs are close to being more like art exhibits. “Look at all these cool concepts are designers dreamed up for display in the sold-out section of! Well, see ya next year with more cool concepts!”

  6. for me, i think SWB is definitely where they’re doing their best work… but between that, TF, GI Joe and Marvel, hasbro is tossing mattel’s salad right now. yes, i know, the matty panel isn’t until tonight… there is NOTHING they will unleash for DCU or MOTUC that will rival a vader with two-part helmet. just nothing. we’re getting chewie to go with our han, we have slave leia, we’re getting darth, ROTJ luke (with fold-back chest piece!!) and motherloving jabba!!!! already… and we’ve got our first vehicle too… just get right the hell out.

    TF fans are getting a new scale, and some cool new pieces, collector oriented, and not just the dreck they’ll pump out for the latest cinematic baybortion… and come on, jetfire looks excellent!!

    marvel fans, we’re getting a nice new shiny nova, some nice looking, if not entirely actor accurate GotG pieces, and then that rehash iron man… but the MU lovers are getting two of my favorite marvel C-listers, deathlok and death’s head, only one of whom has shown up in legends prior to this point… however, like clutch, i find the dearth of information on the shown-yet-unreleased legends to be most out-putting. come on man, we want to finish our wrecking crew and friggin BATROC you dumb asses, he’s IN the movie!!!! make the god damned figure, ZUT ALORS!!

    ZUT ALORS!!!!

    1. Heh, yeah, Toy Guru claims he will unveil a DCUC final figure that will close out the series with a bang.

      And I’m sure that the announcement, Alfred, repackaged from the Dark Knight line, will be the talk of the con. πŸ˜‰

      1. I have a suspicion it’s just a superman in that specific blue everyone has been asking to get for years.

        1. Heh it looks like you are right, Ebon.

          From the Toy News pics, I see a Superman in that lighter blue color.

          Be still my beating heart. Cerulean blue superman (as opposed to navy blue) as arrived.

    2. Someone (Fwoosh?) had up yesterday that upon being asked, Hasbro said all of the unreleased variants and the entire Jubilee wave are in limbo. Basically they are going to start trying to slot individual figures where they can in the new Infinite series or elsewhere, but there (at this point) is no plan to release any of them as a wave or group.

      Which means some of those figures are almost certainly doomed.

      1. The sad thing is between Bulldozer, Batroc, Blizzard, Radioactive Man, and Tiger Shark you have a “Masters of Evil” box-set SCREAMING to be made.

      2. That stinks. I’m sure we’ll all have our choices, but Bulldozer is a “Duh” must. If I can get Radioactive Man & Batroc, I’ll be happy.

  7. Mike Power, Atomic Man brick figure? 4″ scale Deathlok?

    Cripes, Hasbro, just take my money. But let me at least actually FIND these in a store, mmkay?

    I swear, if they make a 4″ Killraven I will explode. I will. I’ll even record it for all to see.

      1. Yes, but.

        Give me an Adventure Team Headquarters with helicopter and ATV. I DARE them. Double Dog Dare!

        Killraven would make me giddy. It’s part of my distant past and the early days of comic collecting, when Comic Stores were new and there were TWO main distributors. Of course we can’t be lucky enough to get Killraven’s band, or a Martian, or some of the foes…

  8. I have a few words to share about the Super Powers reveal, but I am reserving them when you post the proper article. *sigh*

  9. Leader class Jetfire? Crap, where am I going to put that thing? Because I definitely want it.

    Skybyte is hilarious. I was just saying a few weeks ago that RiD is criminally under-represented in the Generations line.

    Star Wars Black can take my money. Still no luck on the Boba Fett front. Hopefully there won’t be any more impossible-to-find figures in this line.

    I’m a little ticked that there are no comic-based Guardians in the Infinite line. I love Gamora’s current comic costume, but I think her movie suit is pretty generic. Same with Starlord, and even Rocket doesn’t look as good without his military togs. Groot being a BAF is kind of a pain, especially if I have to buy that ass-ugly cosmic armor Iron Man. That’s one of the ugliest armors the character’s had in quite a while. He’s got a mask on top of his helmet. Nova I don’t particularly care about. I might just try and snag those BAF pieces loose.

    1. Recent years seem to be having an increase in “Crap, where am I going to put that thing”.

      Comic-based Starlord has to happen after that AIM Agent. Just not sure where. I’d love to see Gamora in her classic costume as a fig too.

      1. I have an aversion to generic costumes, and especially ones that are, to put it bluntly, stripper-esque. Gamora’s classic costume definitely falls in there, as does Black Canary’s Silver age outfit.

        Classic Gamora’s outfit is “green hooker,” her modern costume is “space warrior.”

  10. ah, damn, it seems i can’t stop with the MU too soon – the new offerings are awesome! i also kinda am partial on the Legends – the sculpts are just getting better and really digging the proportions on them!
    Reading now that the 5 POA little Galaxy guys are 2,5″ and no awful 4″ figs makes totally sense and .. i’m oddly now up for them, rather than passing on them… we’ll see if they get released on this side of the planet.

  11. With the Bayformers completely underwhelming me, and TF 3P off the hook expensive it looks like Star Wars Black is my theme for this year.

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