Bounty Hunter Week!
Star Wars Black #07
Greedo Review

Greedo is an all-new sculpt, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty of these pieces elsewhere in the line in the coming months. A better Star Wars fan than I could shout out where his jumpsuit and vest could come in handy (and please do in the comments if you can, I’m curious). Greedo himself just needed his unique head sculpt and hands. Those three pieces are done wonderfully too – the lever of detail on the noggin’ is probably what sells me overall, but the hands are nice too. Hasbro made sure to nail these details down.

The other good thing about the body and any potential reuse is that the articulation is the star of the show here. The ball-jointed neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, torso, hips, and inverted ankles combine with the thigh swivels and double-hinged knees to give Greedo some impressive movement. With his great alien look captured in the sculpt and all that articulation, I think I’ve played with him the most out of the seven I’ve opened. That’s ridiculous. It’s friggin’ Greedo.

The paintwork had a few issues here there, notably the bluish silver paint on the eyes being a little crooked. It’s not a big deal, but it annoys me a lot in that close-up pic on page one and I bet you saw it too! Other than that, the figure is mostly cast in the appropriate colors, but some sharp paintwork can be found on the belt and the yellowish running stripe on the jumpsuit. It’s crisp where it needs to be and has a great dirty wash over the whole outfit.

Greedo included a removable belt and his “shoot first, fire second” laser. The gun fits great in the holster and looks sharp, but it also fits perfectly in his right hand. The vest is also removable if you’re so inclined. I do wish he came with a little more – a glass? Something? But it could just be withdrawl from Han Solo’s figure which included a bunch of fun stuff.

Overall, I know this is the figure where things are going to start getting me in trouble. Greedo was just too fun to pass up and if that keeps being the case… well, I don’t think I have enough room. Hasbro has done a great job kicking off Star Wars Black though. I’ve had some nitpicks, but the sculpts are sharp and some great paint apps and smart articulation really combine for an outstanding figure. I still want bicep swivels, but I’d be lying if I said Hasbro wasn’t on to something. I won’t be getting everything – the Wave Three Anakin is testament enough to that, but if the figures keep coming out this sharp, then yeah, I’ll be buying a few more than I expected.

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23 thoughts on “Bounty Hunter Week!
Star Wars Black #07
Greedo Review

  1. I don’t know why everyone thinks he’s a bounty hunter. Clearly, he is a nurse. Look at his sensible shoes.

  2. Even if his figure hadn’t turned out so awesome, Greedo would still be a must. He is iconic. His brief scene with Han sets Han up as a badass who shoots first …just in case. I have all the bounty hunters on my list for this line but let’s face it: For all their later greatness, when compared to Greedo, guys like Bossk, IG-88, 4-LOM, and Zuckuss are originally background characters and Greedo is practically a lead. At least slightly below Boba Fett in term of importance within the entire OT proper.

    Releasing him in the same wave as Han instead of Chewie makes a lot of sense as well. Not only do we get to recreate the infamous cantina showdown, but we also get both a hero and a villain in one fell swoop.

  3. BTW: The pics and captions are outstanding as always. LMAO at those Keanu references! Not exactly Greedo’s finest hour here, either. 🙂

  4. I am so glad I read this when was done eating. Seen Greedo and will agree he is a great looking fig. I just am like you trouble if get too into this so not expecting to buy full waves. Money wise that is. The review and pics awesome. I had to laugh at the “haters gonna hate” shot that pose was too funny and why can’t I think that up with some legends that could do it. If I was drinking anything woulda done a spit take. Made me think he stepped in Bantha fodder or maybe dengar dung. (Great now I wanna see 6″ Bantha and dengars.)

    I haven’t got Luke yet, awaiting Jedi Luke to hit. Know will have to get Sandtrooper on 2ndary market.

  5. I definitly have little interest in the 3.75″ scale figures but these are right up my alley. And at three or four figures a wave its not gonna kill me to have to pay for them all. If they did this with GI Joe I dont know what I’d do.

  6. so i have to ask… at this point, have you called/emailed poe and asked for sweet mercy yet? through up the fingers man, request missio and end your humiliation… he was right about you and this line. i think you should offer him a “poetorial” to explain why he guessed correctly, and how he knew you’d fall for SWB.

    man, the posability on this cat is nuts, i think even superior to darth maul… that’s cool as hell. and by going “johhny mneumonic” does that mean he plays second fiddle to ice t and must forever be unable to bed dina myer?

  7. I love this guy! Like you, Noisy, I didn’t have plans to pick this guy up, but when I saw him, I couldn’t pass him up. I’m very happy with him, and that’s despite his not having many accessories. Granted, he didn’t have many accessories during his appearance in the movie, but I still would have liked him to have something. The box looked very empty when compared to his wave-mates.

  8. So did you check to see if his hands (and head) are easily removed? I have a couple customs in mind for him, but they won’t work with those alien fingers. Beyond that, I think there’s a Jedi of same race, but I also see some Greedo Lanterns coming, too.

    I can see the body being re-used for other Rebel pilots, not sure about the vest, tho? Is it the same as Han’s? Could a thicker arm work with it to make a coat? (re numerous H-MLs like Fury, Punisher, Red Skull.)

    also, LOVE the comics, as always!

    1. re-posted for SW7 “Force Friday” 2015?
      sigh…all the fun in this review and many stores are glutted with him still, nearly two years later.

  9. Great review, pics, and hilarious comics! You’re obviously having fun with this guy. I love the heck out of this figure. Only complaint I have is the elliptical eyes, which should’ve been perfectly round.

    I reckon they could reuse the body for Beedo and Pax & Trax Bonkik, they’d just need new vests and paint jobs. There’s some really obscure background guy who’s just a human wearing one of these jumpsuits. But if I don’t know the guy’s name, chances are he won’t get a 6″ action figure any time soon.

    A little bit of metallic paint goes a long way to improving the eyes . . .

    . . . though I have seen a custom that uses costume jewellery stones for the eyes that looks amazing.

    1. yes, sorry about that. River Song borrowed the red high heels, and they somehow wound up in the Black Archive in London Tower. shh! 😉

  10. reuse for ponda boba maybe?
    (I guess I spelled that right)
    the cantina alien that Obi Wan “disarmed”.

  11. I have never been a StarWars fan…even in my youth.. but thes figures just look cool…

  12. Reading this review, I am amazed at how exactly we are on the same page, from the appeal of the line to ML fans, to the disquieting realization that Greedo is an amazing toy that you need. Great fun.

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