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Some camera issues kept me from finishing up my regularly scheduled review last night. Now, I love toy reviews, so I was little despondent. They’re a ton of fun to do (usually!) and they’ve kinda taken over what used to be a news/checklists/anything/everything website. I gave a split-second thought to pioneering pictureless reviews, but I quickly came to my senses. So, I thought… what do I really need to get done on the site.

It took me all of a second to answer. It’s my red-headed stepchild checklist. The little one. The one from the line I’ve maybed picked up two figures from all year: Marvel Universe. I have to apologize to all my MU bros, particularly the ones that e-mail me on a rather frequent basis, that have wanted to see this checklist updated. Checklists are a lot of effort and if the passion for a line just isn’t there… well, you know how it goes. Still, I am interested in being thorough & complete. And, it is mostly for that, and because that darn camera, that I have a HUGE update to bring the 2013 page up to speed.

I haven’t seen a good cardback to put together a header just yet, but I’ve updated the listings to the current figures and picked up official images of most of them. I was surprised by a lot – that damn Deadpool Taco Truck from SDCC had excellent packaging! I so don’t need that though!

Anyhow, the single-carded figures for this year are added as well as the multi-packs. The cancelled/delayed figures have been removed. To keep things simple I skipped some of the repackaged figures this year (even though they’ve been renumbered, that was odd). It should be good to go… or so I think.

That’s where the call for a little help comes in. Many of you have been great about e-mailing in when you spot an error, but I’m hoping to give the whole of the MU Checklist a huge onceover now that the line is nearly over. I’d like to suss out the little inconsistencies and, if you love the line and surely know more than I do these days, I’d like your help. Who’s missing? Are there variants that ended up not getting released? Should those figures with light-up bases be added (or are they Avengers figs?) Lots of little questions that I’d like to consult my fellow fans on, so please take a look and provide some feedback. I’d appreciate it:

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7 thoughts on “Marvel Universe
Checklist Update

  1. Here are the issues I’m aware of so far:

    I need to add
    -Electro with Clear Yellow Hands
    -WW2 Cap (Reissued, more blue?)
    -Modern Thor (Lightning Deco?)
    -Iron Spider (Clear?)
    -FF 3pk w/ Clear Invisible Woman
    -2012 Ultimate Giftset

    I need to Remove:
    -Darkhawk variant
    -2012 Rhino
    -Angel, Red Variant

    Release Date Changes:
    -Wave 20 to January 2013
    -Wave 21 to November 2012

    Possible Additions:
    -Figures with Light-Up Bases
    -SDCC Hellicarrier w/ Maria Hill

    1. The last few revision cases have added new paint variants for older figures such as Ghost Rider and Iron Spidey. I would consider those more as actual new product than the character announcements which never came to light, but others might disagree. Opinions, gang?

  2. Excellent job refreshing this list. Marvel Universe is hands down my favorite line to collect and I will miss it like crazy. Hopefully, the Avengers rebranding will work out for collectors and not simply focus on the tons of movie stuff we’re seeing with minimized articulation. That would really suck for all of us.

    Figures like Falcon, Black Widow, Red Skull, and the Leader have given me hope of seeing MU continue in design quality and overall variety, albeit movie-centric in packaging, but right now, I’ll take whatever I can get! 🙂

  3. Did the Valkyrie, Thor, and [other guy] three pack wind up being dead in the water?

    I’d say the Light Up Bases belong to Marvel Universe. The figures are the same molds. Black Widow has gold instead of silver wrist-stingers, but all the others may be identical to their MU blister equivalent.

    PS. What is the story behind all the variant Captain Americas? I saw three MU (not Avengers) blisters at Target… a middle-aged (thicker) cap in chainmail, and two thinner, identical buck caps, one in chainmail and one in smooth gloss blue.

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