Vault Review: NECA Nightmare on Elm Street NES Freddy

With the popularity of NECA’s NES inspired Jason Voorhees figure, it was only a matter of time that he would be joined by his partner in horror, Freddy Krueger.  After all, there were games inspired by nearly every movie property back in the day of the Nintendo Entertainment System.  And lucky for us, NECA owns the rights to both franchises also.


First off, we’ve got to start with the box.  I’m not a big fan of keeping packaging, but at least half the appeal of these themed figures is the retro styled NES boxes they come in.  Like Jason’s, Freddy’s has the same layout of the vintage NES packaging.  A few of the logos have been changed or dropped, but that’s the biggest difference.


The back of the package is also a copy of the old NES box, even down to the three pictures they’d include to show shots from the game.  This time, those pics have been replaced with different features of Freddy’s figure.  The idea for the retro game look is great, but what really pushes it over the edge to fantastic are all the worn edges.  This gives it the same feel as its twenty four year old game counterpart.


For those of you who prefer to keep Freddy boxed up, NECA included a cover that opens up to reveal a window display.  The back side of the cover was given the ending screenshot of the game.  The other side is designed to look like an old 8 bit gameplay shot, with Freddy standing in front of one of the houses.  You even get the players’ health bars at the top.


Like Jason, Freddy is a repaint of a previous figure (or figures).  This is actually my first toy of the character, so I’m not completely familiar with past plastic incarnations.  But from looking around on NECA’s website, the NES version of Freddy seems to be cobbled together from at least two (maybe three) previous toys.  This surprisingly goes a long way in giving this toy unique feel.  Continue to page 2…

9 thoughts on “Vault Review: NECA Nightmare on Elm Street NES Freddy

  1. This is where NECA is a hit or miss for me: Articulation. I HATEHATEHATE the semi statue figures. This is why I skipped NECA’s HP, Kill Bill, Twilight (yeah! I said Twilight!) and other lines.

  2. Funny I have no memory of this game but the Friday the 13th one I do. Weird or just lucky but yes its so ugly its BEAUTIFUL! The legs not having joints is a weird thing but not a deal breaker and the packaging is too cool.

    I am trying to recall if their was a Texas Chainsaw Massacre game now.

  3. yeah, I’d pass on the LPS, too. These days, that’s a big deal breaker for me. Why drop all that money on something that may not balance right and take a header if the cat walks by it wrong?

    I do have to laugh at the color scheme. That last shot looks like it was taken out of a 70s Scooby Doo cartoon. The hands and head sculpt look nice, tho. Does the sweater have a good texture to it, too?

  4. I am loving these. Kudos to NECA for tapping into a nostalgia driven sub-line that to the best of my knowledge has never been done before. Looking forward to Robocop!

  5. I just don’t like that the upcoming 8 bit Robocop has painted-on highlights. If not for that, it would just be Robocop in a kind of neat shade of blue, and would finally give me an excuse to pick up the version of the mold that has the opening leg.

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