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Subscription Scourge Review

I’m going to do something I don’t normally do tonight and review a toy that I didn’t fall in love with like I thought I would; one that even I’ve already made arrangements to sell. I don’t think it’s a bad toy, but it just wasn’t the right fit for me and I paid way too much to find that out.

I often feel the need to be more discriminating than I am (don’t we all?). I’ve been really bad this year though. I partially blame not having my collection set up. I find that when my collection is displayed, I feel more like a discriminating curator. I’m more careful. When it’s in boxes… or piles, I’m a little more cavalier about adding to the heap. The ReCollect! Blog was to be my effort to combine my time-consuming site duties with my time-consuming collector duties. As some of you have noted, it hasn’t worked… yet.

Anyway, I picked up this guy (but forgot to subscribe in time, leading to the high price) for two very simple reasons. I don’t know about the parade of black repaints that Scourge/Nemesis Prime has perpetuated, but I tend to like figures redone devoid of color. My favorite Spider-Man costume is black. Keaton Batman rules all. U.S. Agent. War Machine. I’m still bummed there isn’t a good Justice Lords Superman figure. I guess black is the new black. The other reason, is… evil Optimus Prime. Duh.

I didn’t watch the RiD cartoon that closely, so my first exposure to Scourge was this RiD toy (with that sweet vac-metal tanker), but I never saw it in person. I had the cool fire truck version of RiD Optimus and the matching Ultra Magnus, but I had left Toys R Us just before Scourge came out as a TRU exclusive and when it did come out, I missed it. It was either because I didn’t have a lot of money right around then or because I really wasn’t interested in walking into TRU at the time, I forget. Probably both.

I’ve never really gotten around to going back and grabbing him in the decade since either. While I love vintage Transformers – and the old Scourge is essentially designed like a vintage Transformer, a repaint of 1995’s G2 Laser Optimus Prime (check out the Ultra Magnus in these pics, he too is a repaint of Laser Prime). I have a tendency to lean towards more modern interpretations a; so the TFCC Scourge should’ve been right up my alley.

When the little brown box arrived, I was excited. I knew what to expect, I’d see the Generations version of G2 Prime a few times at Ross and knew that Scourge was his rightful redeco. The alt mode is a little unfaithful to the original, but it looks like a semi truck (much more so than at least the legs of the Masterpiece version) and has a lot of clever touches like the sword hilt doubling as the hitch or the arms being fuel tanks. I did have some trouble getting all six wheels on the ground, but that could’ve just been me. I never did open the instructions… Continue to Page 2…

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Subscription Scourge Review

  1. Scourge is one of those characters who I like because EBIL!Optimus! but also find slightly annoying as he seems to have replaced MotorMaster who was also a black truck like Optimus. He also has several origins I’m aware of (evil clone, mirror universe twin, Evil!Optimus) and probably more I don’t know/care about, depending on which version it is. I used to make fun of MMPR for rebooting every season or two, then TF started doing the same thing. *groan*

    I don’t recall seeing this updated G2 version of Optimus, and never knew there was a Magnus redeco of the original G2. I did have the Optimus, and recall being offended that Soundwave and Megatron were now TANKS! and a green/purple camo tank at that! OMG *sooo* much WRONG happening! LOL

    This version doesn’t look too bad, aside from the bad silver paint and solid red windows, which several TFs over the years have had to suffer from oddball mix of clear and solid windows, so that’s nothing new. It appears your only other complaint is his size, which…goes against many a stereotypical joke in this case. LOL
    (I’ll leave DayRaven to make the more obvious jokes. oh my! 😉 )

    Also, is their a story behind the inverted Autobot symbol? and do the arm flaps hang loose or are they hanging straight down on purpose? the sword pic shows the symbol “upright”, s it had me wondering which way it is supposed to be shown. and where DOES that blade fit if the trailer hitch is the hilt? (cue DR again! LOL)

    1. almost forgot: which paint works best on Transformers for touch-ups and customs? other figures, it depends on personal taste, but with these having interlocking parts that rub together, it seems like you almost have to reverse engineer them, take each figure apart, dye the individual parts, then reassemble. Have any regular readers/posters customized TFs or know anyone who does?
      (yeah, I’ve got a couple OP/UM set aside for MotorMaster and a few others I’d like to custom. eventually. maybe. sometime before I die.)

      1. I don’t typically try to customize TFs, so no help there. I know of some that sand down the figures surface to reduce rubbing, but a good sealant and some nicer paints should be better than some old Apple Barrel paints.

        1. I’ve done a little TF customizing and have had good luck with Krylon Fusion spray paint and Duplicolor’s vinyl dye. Both bond with the plastic to reduce scraping. Some colors seem to work better than others (I used a very light brown/cream color once that seemed more susceptible to scraping off), but I’ve generally had good luck.

    2. TF fans go to a lot of trouble to try & fit it altogether so it’s one continuity. Course, PR fans do too.

      The flaps on the arms don’t seem to have a good wait to fold up, so I’ve been letting em hang. The symbol should be upside down, and I’m not the origin, but the symbol was molded on parts of the original OP, so it was present on Scourge too, but they flipped it over to explain it away.

      1. Since the G2 Autobot symbol (which is what that is)was already molded onto parts of the Laser Optimus mold that was repurposed into the original Scourge for RID, some clever guy at Hasbro (or Takara) just decided that turning it upside down would be the symbol of the sub-faction he led. The other guys in the sub-faction were the original Combaticons.

      2. Power Rangers is one continuity. There have been more than enough crossovers and references back to prior series to establish this.

        MMPR-PR in Space was one ongoing series. Lost Galaxy included the Astro Megaship and Alpha 6 from PRiS, as well as featuring a team-up with the Space Rangers. LG Rangers crossed over with Lightspeed Rescue, who teamed up with Time Force, who teamed up with Wild Force. “Forever Red,” an episode of Wild Force, featured almost all previous Red Rangers teaming up with the Red Wild Force Ranger to stop Zeo-connected villains from resurrecting MMPR era villain tech. Ninja Storm teamed up with Dino Thunder, who featured one of the season 1 MMPR Rangers as a member. There was also a clip show in DT explaining the history of the Power Rangers to the new kids. Dino Thunder later teamed up with SPD. The source of the Mystic Force Rangers’ powers was revealed to be the Mystic Mother, who was a reformed Rita Repulsa (a reference to the fact that the Japanese characters that Rita and Mystic Mother were based on were both played by Machiko Soga, who sadly passed away from cancer while Mystic Force was in production). In Operation Overdrive, there was an episode called “Once a Ranger,” featuring one member each form MMPR, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD, and Mystic Force forming a team of Veteran Rangers to aid the newer team when their powers were damaged by the son of MMPR villains Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa (their son, Thrax, survived the end of in Space by being imprisoned in a space dumpster, similar to the condition Rita and her minions were found in at the start of MMPR). The RPM Rangers lived in a domed city in a post-apocalyptic wasteland that had the same pizza restaurant the Jungle Fury Rangers worked at. After the post-Disney hiatus, RPM crossed over with Samurai. The current season, Megaforce, features a mentor character who was once pupil of original-series mentor Zordon. Keys of the previous Rangers adorn the new Command Center. It’s known that, similar to the Legend War in Gokaiger, there will be a massive battle at the end of Megaforce/beginning of Super Megaforce featuring all of the previous Rangers returning to action (the Red Megaforce Ranger has been having prophetic dreams about it). Veteran Ranger actors were on set and filmed cameos, including members of MMPR, in Space, Lightspeed Rescue, Lost Galaxy, Time Force, and Samurai.

        1. Okay then where all the sentai only teams fit in. Dairanger’s Ryuu Ranger being shown already and all.

          And some wonder why alot of old pr fans have gone all sentai. Less confusing (and less rushed)

          1. It is currently unknown how/if the older Sentai teams fit in at all. What is known is that, last year, Toei was planning to refilm the Legend War without the pre-Zyuranger teams, and without he main 5 Dairangers (though no Titanium Ranger, as they had no costume for him and weren’t budgeted to create one). It’s also known that some of the war was refilmed by Saban, to include cameos by 10 past Rangers (Jason Frank as Tommy, Selwyn Ward as TJ, Patricia Ja Lee as Cassie, Danny Slavin as Leo, Reggie Rolle as Damon, Melody Perkins as Karone, Sean Johnson as Carter, Allison MacInnis as Dana, Jason Faunt as Wes, Hector David as Mike, and Brittany Pirtle as Emily). While we won’t know how it goes down for sure for a few months, what’s been reported is that Saban plans to edit around the pre-Zyu teams in the Legend War footage from Gokaiger and then use a mixture of footage they’ve shot and newly created Toei footage to focus on the 18 Power Rangers teams. It’s possible that any pre-Zyu teams visible in the battle can be chalked up to editing mistakes (similar to how the audience is supposed to disregard Japanese signage on buildings and obvious differences between American and Japanese props). The fact that pre-Zyu teams have been visible in the snippets of the Legend War footage used so far could be chalked up to it being Troy’s dreams and not the actual reality of the PR universe.

            Or Saban might just say “screw it,” reuse all the Gokaiger footage, and either half-ass an explanation or not even offer one as to who those extra guys are. It wouldn’t create a continuity conflict, it would just mean there are 16 previously unknown teams of Rangers who joined the other 18 to fight this particular invasion. If there were Rangers from other planets like Aquitar and Triphoria who came to Earth to fight evil, there could be other teams from across the galaxy who’d be willing to lend a hand.

            As for PR vs. Sentai, I don’t take sides. There are examples of how one does things better than the other all over the place. I wouldn’t call Sentai any less confusing than Power Rangers, though. Power Ranger doesn’t confuse me at all, and has kept about as tight of a continuity as any program that’s run for over 20 years.

  2. Missed out on Black Battle Convoy when got into Car Robots (sold off Gigatron and have a speedbreaker somewhere) before it became RiD. I saw BBC/Scourge’s US release and did want but everytime I seemed to be short then they sold out of him and never got any new shipments. Never saw the G2 version cause probably would have atleast got that. Now I have decided to quit TF collecting for me and just get for a TF fan cuz. Ofcourse big Christmas surprise came up short one Brawl so Bruticus is missing a foot.

    I am debating the MPs as well as some of the 3rd party ones. Wish I had the cash this year for the Not Stunticons.

    Oh yeah, for a sub type TF not bad but see what you mean. Tiny Prime/Convoy just doesn’t fit right. I never saw the first take on this mold though. Barely saw that line except at Walgreens.

    1. I saw the Generations G2 Prime & Bumblebee whenever I would visit Ross while traveling. I never did grab it though.

      The MPs are an awesome thing to collect, but it’s expensive and you’re still buying a lot of remolds. They’re great toys though. I need to review more at that scale instead of just salt & peppering them in.

  3. I don’t mean to nitpick, but you forgot to push the wheels into his legs. Helps with the girth, but kind of kills his knee articulation as a result.

  4. I don’t blame you for selling off this figure. I’m not a very big of the G2 Optimus figure, it’s just really small and not at all fun to transform.

  5. Great review and pics, as per usual.

    Can’t blame you for wanting to sell this off. Even as an evil black repaint, I couldn’t be bothered to pull the trigger on this guy, and in the end, he’s a trailer-less truck. Big whoop. Thanks for crushing any latent desire to own one of these; I can easily do without.

    Getting less interested in collecting all these repaints. Tanks and cars, possibly. Fighter jets and helicopters, very likely. F-15s, I’ll buy as many as they want to produce, in whatever weird colours and wing-shapes they care to make. Tractor cabs without the trailers? Yeah, I don’t need that many. If at all. It’s the trailers that made the toys in the first place!

    I hope the rest of the Subscription line doesn’t have the same problem with cheap, flaky paint apps. I’ve got Barricade and Treadshot on order from BBTS (hey, more black repaints!), and I don’t want to have spent that much for a couple of toys who shed colour like trees in autumn.

    At least you got some damn good comic panels out of it!

  6. Nice review! Did you have plans to get the Novae Prime figure that is also a great repaint/remold of this mold? MakeToys has really made some nice tanker add-ons to this mold.

  7. For the price he costs, wouldn’t it be a better deal to just get a RiD/Car Robots Scourge? That’s the way I see it at least. If this guy was a mass retail release, I’d be all over it. But as an exclusvie? No thanks.

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