Vault Review:
SMC Lifespring Empyreus

Today I’m going to take a look back at Spy Monkey Creations’ last figure and accessory drop.  This time the guys brought us two of their Weaponeers figures and the Close Combat Armory in glow-in-the-dark green and a few metallic pieces to sweeten the deal.


The first figure in the set, and the snazziest in my opinion, is the Lifespring Empyreus.  All the plastic of this figure is done in GITD green, but the real icing on the cake is the paint apps.  The bright teal highlights really pop out on the figure while also breaking up the figures textures, especially when he’s glowing.


Along with the paint apps, this deluxe figure also includes a full set of alternate heads (Empyreus, Umbreus, Brutok, Palidar, and of course Gohlem).  This Empyreus also comes with a short blade, sickle, silver vac metal sword, and silver vac metal long and short handles.


Next up is the Glowstone Gohlem.  He’s a standard figure that’s also comprised of GITD plastic.  There are a few simple bright teal paint apps on the eyes and symbol, but they’re not quite as detailed as the Empyreus.  He also comes with a full set of alternate heads and a short blade and sickle weapons.


Last up is the DX Close Combat Armory.  This set comes with the standard assortment of pistols, a sickle, and a variety of short blades.  But since it’s deluxe, you also get a few extra pieces done in silver vac metal. Continue to page 2…

4 thoughts on “Vault Review:
SMC Lifespring Empyreus

  1. That last pic just shows how lacking in the GITD that the outer space men are. Now if they had of done those recent starlight sets in glow in the dark that would have been an easy buy, (or for that matter completely clear,or clear with glitter or pretty much most other options then plain white)

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