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Outer Space Men Orbitron
& Gemini Review (Infinity Ed.)

But what about Gemini? Well, Gemini I love for different reasons. While the sculpting on him is still top notch, Gemini is more notable because he might just have one of the highest play values in the line.

While his arms & legs ended up too small for standard Glyos joints (they feature a smaller port that can at least swap with Alpha), he more than makes up for it everywhere else. Let’s see if I can get them all. There’s the standard shoulders, waist, and hips, of course. The removable helmets and each head has a neck swivel, but the collar pieces are also removable and there’s a third port between the heads if you’d like Gemini to be of one mind. But the crazy part is that all ten of the little purple studs around his torso are removable. I haven’t poked around over at October Toys Forum, but I can just imagine what some of the more creative folk are doing with such a giant hub piece.

Gemini also includes his classic pistol and his new staff accessory keeps with his interchangeable parts theme. The bottom of the staff is removable (it makes a great antenna) as is the helmet and the little head inside. Gemini is one of the smaller OSM, but he’s packing over thirty pieces in that tiny frame. That’s almost as crazy as the fact that, since Gemini was in the proposed second vintage assortment, we’re again getting a figure that had to wait forty years to go from concept to shelves. I love that.

And then, as I mentioned, you get them all together. Well, almost, there’s still two of the originals to go plus the newer characters. Even with only eleven of the thirteen so far, I think that’s a fantastic group shot right there. The design & colors that Mel originally put together and the 4H’s diligent work to recreate it in the new scale. The care shows through. That group shot just pops. I can’t wait for the rest!

Special (Much Belated) Thanks to the 4H for sending these along!)

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6 comments to Outer Space Men Orbitron
& Gemini Review (Infinity Ed.)

  • Brainlock

    Okay, Orbitron is obviously reminiscent of the Metaluna Mutant (This Island Earth), but it’s really bugging me where Gemini comes from? I’m thinking slightly bemused (borderline effeminate?) pair of aliens chuckling to themselves over their prey/victim/subject. Not sure if inspired by or they inspired Great Gazoo on Flintstones?

    • Gemini looks like something off The Outer Limits, only with two heads instead of one. Sorry, but I can’t be more specific than that.

      Great review and pics! Love the Two-Bad riff at the end!

    • NightSurgeon

      I think Gemini was inspired by the alien from the Twillight Zone episode Mr Dingle, the Strong.

      • Brainlock

        That’s what I was thinking, one of the classic OL/TZ shows had aliens that looked like this guy! glad to know I’m not (that) insane!

        or am I?

  • mkultra

    Hey I enjoyed your articles and photos. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lay Ze-Man

    Man, I kinda let these fall by the wayside…

    Great review though, they look awesome!!!