September Review Round-Up
(Sept 1st-15th) 107 Links!

Well, it’s a little late this Sunday… you might have started to wonder if Review Round-Up’s return would survive into a second month! Fear Not! It’s here… and it’s got a whole lot of G.I. Joe Reviews??

This Round-Up features the first half of September Seventeen of the twenty-four sites posted reviews during this period, the 1st-15th, and those links are included below, 107 in total Some of the highlights include a really early look at MOTU Classics Standor and the Predator 2 Trophy Wall (available as part of Battlegrip Magazine’s first downloadable issue!). Classic Batman TV has a good run for the most reviews, but it can’t hold up the slew, and I mean slew, of new G.I. Joe Reviews. I don’t know where these guys are hitting, but I need to get on that action, particularly the “Ultimate” figures!

Finally, my Review of the Week tag goes to Joeaday’s Payload for no reason other than that I absolutely adore that figure. I need to pick up a more “minty” one and I, like the reviewer, would love to have it in multiple colors. It’s a fantastic Joe figure, even at twenty-four years old! And, hey, where’s my modern era Payload??

Reviews are categorized by major brands, independent releases such as Onell or Spy Monkey are listed under the same “7th Market” heading we use for our own reviews, and smaller brands are grouped together under Miscellaneous. As always, offsite reviews do not necessarily reflect the views of IAT or its staff.

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Do you know of (or run) a toy site that you think I’d enjoy? Let me know!



4 thoughts on “September Review Round-Up
(Sept 1st-15th) 107 Links!

  1. Faora – I gotta agree that the build, esp around the neck/face comes off as a bit mannish. I was thinking of repainting her blonde and trimming some of the armor off for a MM Power Girl, altho a repaint to Barda may be just as likely.

    Avengers Black Widow – I’ve only seen a few of these and I’m not impressed. actually, I don’t think I’ve seen Natasha at all?

    Batman ’66 – I did finally see a Riddler and 2 Penguins the other day. I couldn’t spare the extra for Gorshin, but I hope to see him again….

    Daleks – so “Titans” is the new name for the Lego-esque figures? bleh.
    does anyone else do reviews of the 5″ DW/TW/SJA/RH/Primeval lines? WhoNA is the only other forum I check in on (altho it’s been a LONG while), and they don’t seem to have them, other than quickie reviews on their individual sale pages.

    Shokoti – do NOT forget to use the “I’ve seen enough hentai…” gag on this one! LOL
    (adds to list)
    Do we know anything about upcoming releases other than Extendar yet? like RIO??

    Sky High/Sky Sled – I had the original, but “lost in storage”. 🙁
    I’m hoping these will last a while so I can get $ituated this coming week. [happydance]
    (also really want to hit Project:ComicCon up in StL, too!)

  2. The slew of G.I. Joe reviews is coming from the fact that all of the online stores shipped the cases of wave 3.5 and wave 4 in the last three weeks or so, and that means 15 all new figures hit all at once. Definitely makes it hard to keep up with!

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