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Castaspella Review

Casta included three accessories: a magic blast, shield, and a magic “effect” disc. The wheel is the most fascinating. I’m not sure how the original disc attached to the figure, but Mattel chose for this one to clip around the waist and I think that was a fantastic decision. Yes, the clips look a little clunky when it’s on, but I don’t mind being reminded these figures are toys now and again.

That said, I’m probably happier with it removed though and glad that the figure has no evidence of a piece being removed or missing when it’s not on. I also want to give Mattel a shout out for the rough texture of the clear plastic disc emulating the hold holographic sticker. That was a pretty smart design call and it looks great. I do wish it would spin a little more freely, but I’ll leave that complaint to folks who plan to keep it on the figure more often than myself.

There’s also the standard shield cast in clear yellow, but the real gem is the energy blast. Much like Thunder Punch He-Man, Mattel was casting clear yellow parts anyway so the fiscal stars aligned with the creativity to give us an energy blast. I love it. I wish more figures could have pieces like this as the line would be both more fun to play with and display. Getting little tastes of it is a little aggravating, but some is better than none I suppose!

If anything, this figure kinda makes me wish that the line were healthier and we could get multiple versions of the characters. Casta’s vintage toy was done up in orange instead of blue and I think the figure would look great as a repaint. We would need some thigh-boots sculpted, but we should end up with those soon anyway. While I think an orange Casta would look cool, I can’t argue with the blue. I think the cartoon looks should be taking precedent and the figures looks awesome in this color scheme.

I dare say Casta feels like the best female figure in the line yet. Perhaps it was that the figure didn’t pose as much a challenge as some of the previous figures, but I choose to believe it’s more that Mattel is finally getting the hang of the ladies. The sculpt looks fantastic and the disc was wisely made removable. The use of the spell-casting hand is another nice touch (& further reinforces that Mattel needs a better library of hands). If you’re like me and the POP figure you’re most looking forward to, Mermista, hasn’t been made yet, things are looking up. There should be more than a few POP figures in the line’s future and the more we get like Casta the better things are going to get!

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Castaspella Review