Vault Review:
MOTU Classics Karatti

Before I delve further into my growing pile of imports I thought I’d get another piece of our most recent Matty box out of the way.  So today’s review is for the evil Space Mutant Karatti from the New Adventures of He-Man cartoon.

I’m not very familiar with Karatti’s character.  Out of the few episodes I’ve seen of The New Adventures of He-Man, Karatti was either not in them or he played so minor a role that I didn’t even notice.  I also didn’t have the action figure as a kid.  So the MOTU Classics figure is really my first experience with the character.

Even though I know little about the character, it’s pretty obvious he has one of the more unique looks in the MOTU-verse.  His bright green skin and dreadlock orange hair definitely help him stand out on the shelf.  Looking at the figure I get a heavy Predator vibe from the design.  Well, at least a Predator that’s been reimagined by Roger Corman.

Karatti only has a few new parts, the head being the most predominant.  His weird lumpy forehead and dreadlock hair are interesting, but I think his mouth guard is my favorite part.  Not only does it have a neat mix of mechanical and animal features, but there are also some great battle damage details.

Karatti’s other new pieces are his upper and lower torso armor.  The Four Horsemen did another great job of recreating the original action figure’s clothing.  The armor itself looks like it’s made out of various metal plates that have been bolted and welded together.  The front has some interesting hoses and panels, with what appears to be purple spandex underneath.  (I guess that cuts down on the chaffing.)  The back has an interesting canister with tubes coming out of it and a little pouch on his butt (y’know, for carrying space coins).  Just like his mask, Karatti’s armor has a fun amount of battle damaged scarring and pockmarks that really add the figure’s character.  Continue to page 2…

20 thoughts on “Vault Review:
MOTU Classics Karatti

  1. ah, the 90s were never shy about using eye-meltingly day-glo colors were they?
    I do see the Predator influence. When did this guy first debut again?

    Nice detailing on the armor, but I know less about this guy than you do.

    1. somewhen arround 89/90 – he was one of the first wave villains of the NA He-Man figures, so there’s plenty time to take inspiration from the Predator movie (think it was ’87?).

  2. Vault another great review. All that is needed is a “to be continued..” on that last pic.

  3. Great review, excellent pics, and fun comics, as ever.

    Never knew much about this guy back in the day (the 1990s line didn’t catch my fancy, apart from Optikk and Slushhead), but they’ve taken a character I didn’t even know about and turned him into a pretty cool-looking figure I’m actually eager to own.

    1. Just got this guy today. Nifty figure, but I’m still annoyed that the Trap-Jaw / Man-E-Faces left hand was reused, since it can’t hold much, and even the knife doesn’t sit well in it.

      Oh, well. I guess he could be doing a Five Fingers of Death / Kali-Maa move with it.

  4. Great review and pics.

    Won’t go into how no memory of NA at all but, looking at the Classics fig will probably check this guy out. A very neat design and that gun axe is a cool weapon.

    1. on the plus side, if you’re getting NA he-man, which you are, you HAVE to know they’re doing NA skeletor too. so while you might not get a full NA roster, you’re getting the two heavy hitters at least (though i would caution, i suspect you’ll get a lot more than that by the time all is said and done.)

      as for karatti himself, i just don’t like the hodgepodge design. too many recycled bits, and the new is just not my cup of tea. more power to anyone that likes him, you keep the line running till i can get clamp champ. 😉

      BTW, does anyone know, are the filmation sub figs going to be only via sub? i don’t recall if the intention was to sell any day of or not.

      1. I believe it has been said that Sea Hawk (or whoever that sword is for that they revealed) will be sub only. The others that have been revealed should have DoS stock.

  5. I once bought a ton of heavily discounted NA figures when TRUs closed them out around ’90 or so. I don’t remember them moving at all from the start, which explains their brief shelf time. I wasn’t too thrilled with the bunch upon opening ’em up, so off they went to the latest garage sale. I’m pretty sure that Karatti was among them. I think the ones I liked best were the first He-Man, Spinwit, and Lizorr.

    Never watched any episodes except for the pilot, so Karatti’s whole Predator angle went right past my head. Still, a cool tribute by the 4H once more. And good work on your part as always, Vault.

  6. Wow we have the Predator in MOTUC. Even though I’m not a fan of this figure I still had too show it some love. I got 3 of him in my sub for this year.

  7. Those sunken eyes are downright creepy. At least Skeletor is missing his face, but this guy looks like he has no soul. Too bad according to his bio he’s a coward. It seems all the villains are cowards unless they’re a leader.

  8. You know who that really is underneath the piecemeal armor, right? Blanka from Street Fighter.

  9. The thing about THIS bio is that it’s pretty much crap. From what I’ve been able to gather, Karatti actually had some balls back in the 90s. There’s even an episode where he goes toe-to-toe with He-Man, and almost wins! At the very least he is able to knock the sword out of his hand. Does that sound like a coward?

    If he is one of the last NA figs to be made, I hope they at least get around to making Butt-Head!

  10. Lol, I got this guy the same day I got Predator series 8, so it was funny to have the actual Predator and compare him to this guy.

    I must say, Karatti and the Fighting Foe Men made for a disappointing month of MOTUC. Just nothing exciting about them. The Foe Men in particular are uber dull and their weapons just painful. I actually gave the long haired guy two Capt Glenn rifles and he looks better, while the woman got a couple of space pistols/phasers. Hooded guy got his staff at least.

    But back to Karatti… just a horrible late 80s/early 90s design and yeah, not a good idea to get him the same day I got a Predator and two Dutch figures as well. 😛

    Get to the choppa!!

  11. just so you all know this character may remind people of predator there is an episode in the new adventures series that has a charater based on the predator movie and his name is dreadator he is awesome and i hope they make him at matty he was a cool looking lizard type guy do yourself a favor and watch it by the way he wore the old skeltor armor so yeah easy on the outfit for matty if they do it

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