MassiveFantastic Studio Visits:
Mel Birnkrant Full Interview

Last week, we posted a teaser video from Massive Fantastic for their upcoming interview with Outer Space Men creator and all-around toy legend, Mel Birnkrant. This week, Massive Fantastic has added the full 22 min interview to their library of posts featuring Mr. Birnkrant!

Massive Fantastic has been doing great work featuring plenty of Birnkrant-related content including the aforementioned teaser, as well as a two-part History of Mel Birnkrant and a text interview with the man himself! A huge congrats to Massive Fantastic for some great coverage!

6 thoughts on “MassiveFantastic Studio Visits:
Mel Birnkrant Full Interview

  1. Very cool! It’s not often we get to hear the thought process behind things like this. That was pretty sweet!

  2. that dude is stunningly serious about his toys… that’s megacool. my wife had no interest in watching the video, till the panning shots of the mickie displays… then, mel earned himself a new fan. i was already past the part about the toys he’s developed when she got home, so after hooking her, i dialed it back to show her those pieces. awesome stuff man.

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