Top Reviews for April
& Updated Review Indexes!

After a rocky start to April with the site outage, we got things back on track here at IAT and had one of the better months this year. I’ve gone through and updated the Review Index for IAT and for, but let’s also take a quick look at the Top Ten Reviews for April.

First up, here are links to the updated Review Indexes for IAT & for Battlegrip!

And here are the Top IAT Reviews for April:

Normally, you don’t see reviews from the end of the month shoot up quiet as quickly on the list, but MOTUC He-Man himself finally getting an IAT review packed the house, garnering nearly double the traffic of any other review. If you ask me, it was all the great content from MOTU Day. We had a great ring of sites going and it shows in the statistics for this month. Coming in a strong second with a more usual amount of pageviews was the Watchmen’s Doctor Manhattan, or as I call him Dr. Oblong-Head.

After the top two, we’ve got a cause of the Usual suspects with MOTU & DC reviews annihilating the competition. Vault & I really tried to tackle the backlog on the those two properties with six reviews from the two properties – and I think we crossed a good chunk off the list, but I know you guys can swoop in and tell me exactly which MOTU & DC figures we still need to get to. I can name… five, not counting the April offerings.

After that batch, we got a nice bump from D-Arts Mewtwo and TMNT Leatherhead made a strong showing despite being posted on the last day of the month. The Masterpiece Transformers reviews continue to do well for IAT with Masterpiece Rumble & Ravage charting, but it was a third party item, the TFSource exclusive DX Armored Batallion from Fansproject, that beat out Masterpiece Frenzy & Buzzsaw to close out the Top Ten.

Finally, we’re still wallowing in our backlog. The G.I. Joe FSS is almost and I’ve only reviewed the first shipment, we’ve got April’s MOTU & DC offereings to post, and I have a ton of Third Party & Masterpiece Transformers reviews. I’d like to get up on the site. My question is, which ones do you want to see first?

In addition to these top IAT Reviews for April discussed here, be sure to check out Battlegrip for their Top Reviews!


6 thoughts on “Top Reviews for April
& Updated Review Indexes!

  1. I want to learn about the Batman and DC Unlimited figures I can’t find. nu52 WW. Injustice Bats. DKR Bats. Planet-X Bats.

    Or just DRK Bats.

  2. i’m definitely looking forward to more 3rd party TF reviews. especially any of the gestalts that are now kind of the rage, i love seeing those guys. bet i bet you didn’t get any of those.

      1. i think, knowing your fanbase, and your review style, that folks will be happy hoever the focus may lie.

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