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MOTU Classics Mosquitor

It’s easy to fall behind on Masters of the Universe Classics figures.  There’s always a new one or two coming out, or just around the corner.  So today I’m going back a few months to check out a figure we missed, the Horde vampire Mosquitor.

I didn’t have Mosquitor as a kid.  I never understood why the Horde needed two bloodsucking minions.  Leech was a hulking brute who could lift Man-At-Arms into the air with his mouth.  How could Mosquitor contend with that?  He didn’t even have wings.  What kind of mosquito doesn’t have wings?  Of course that blood pumping action of his was way cooler than Leech’s ability to stick a mirror.

Mosquitor has a pretty unique design, and his MOTU Classics figure reflects this with a nice assortment of new parts.  He has new armored biceps and spiny gloved hands.  The boots and feet are also newly sculpted, and they’re one of my favorite parts of the figure.  They’ve got such a distinctive look, I’d definitely like to see them reused and recolored in the future.  Maybe on one of the Space Mutants?  The same goes for his new triangular belt and codpiece, which would have looked really good on Laser-Lot.

Mosquitor’s head sculpt is heavily based on the vintage design.  Maybe it’s because I never owned the original figure, but I never realized that the red part of his head was a cybernetic helmet.  Makes me wonder what his real face looks like.  Also, does he actually need this helmet to be a mosquito?  Is he just another one of Hordak’s guinea pigs, and that‘s why he doesn’t have wings?

The crowning jewel of the original figure was his blood pumping chest.  While the Classics figures don’t really have action features, the 4H did do a great job of sculpting an entirely new armor that fits over a regular body.  The front shows off his clear red bat symbol with muscle, organs, and a cybernetic heart underneath.  The armor is also nicely detailed with an endo-skeletal feel.  They even added a couple of insect legs for a bit of MO2K goodness.

All around these newly sculpted parts look great, but unfortunately a lot of them were made of a softer plastic.  His chest armor seems to pull away from the translucent red piece, and his hands feel like they’re being twisted every time they swivel.  Definitely not a good sign for durability.  Continue to page 2…

14 thoughts on “Vault Review:
MOTU Classics Mosquitor

  1. Too much vintage and all that soft plastic. Those are my complaints about this figure. Love your pics, Mosquitor seems so lame.

  2. Never had him as a kid either, living in Florida the real ones were just as big as these toys. The soft plastic is scary, recall how had to pose Catra’s claw hand and that scared me with how soft it was so, know where going there. After having my Superman lose a hand I would keep these one way and that is it.

    Will look for her/him/it later at local toy show. The horde is a fun evil faction and Skeeter will be a nice addition to anyones ranks. Hoping for Troopers to show up later.

  3. The soft plastic for the body parts is annoying. Brand new Catra hand broke off when I twisted the wrist. It was sticking so I twisted a little harder and the soft plastic just broke. Very disappointing….we know it’s pretty much impossible to get anything out of Matty so far as customer support goes.

    Funny review. The eyes of Mosquitor set me off as well, and yes insect wings would have been great! Maybe BuzzOff’s wings in a translucent purple or crimson color.

    One of those times that I wish there were 3rd party’s that put out kits like with Transformers.

  4. I’ll take Mosquitor over Leech any day. The latter peg warmed for years after the vintage line folded, while sightings of Mosquitor at retail were few and far in between. (Think Super Powers Cyborg.)

    Great review and pics as always, Vault.

  5. 1 of the Evil Horde members I never understood nor had when I was kid. I always hated Mosquitos b/c they love bite me during the summertime. Cool review.

  6. Great review and pics, and extra-funny comics! I must also add my voice to the intense dislike of soft parts, and not too fond of the weird “backwards-facing” eyes, either.

    Just one minor biology quibble (I’m biologist, it’s reflex): Endoskeletons are what we vertebrates have. Arthropods have exoskeletons.

  7. not a fan, but as much kvetching going on about how much parts re-use Mattel does, yet this guy has PixelDan and a handful of others in his corner and gets pretty much an all new sculpt? Ram Man I can understand, but this guy?

    I could see his backpack(?) having all new pieces, but not almost all the rest of the body.

    easy pass for me, regardless.

    (and yeah, you can argue Scott getting his Killer Moth in DCUC early, but then the “SP Redux Plan” was realized immediately after, then the Johns arse-kissing in both lines.)

  8. Bah! Humans and Terminators have endo-skeletons, bugs have ECTO-skeletons… endo means inside, ecto means outside… ok… sorry

    another great review for a figure I’m almost completely indifferent towards… I didn’t have the original or the staction figure… he’s cool enough, but without the pumping blood, mostly silly

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