Vault Review: TF Prime Beast
Hunters Twinstrike

Color-wise Twinstrike still holds the homage, just with more vibrant blues and yellows.  All these parts are molded in their respective colors, but there are a few painted metallic purple and teal areas that do a great job of highlighting the figure.

Twinstrike comes with one accessory, a “Piston Hammer”.  It can also double as an odd shaped gun and has 3mm connector ports that can attach to various parts of his body.

Articulation is where this figure comes up against some hard limits.  The good news is that all of the joints he does have are ball joints.  They’re in each dragon neck/robot shoulder, his hips, ankles, and both beast mode shoulders also.  The bad news is that this still isn’t enough to give him a lot of posing options.  In robot mode his arms are too straight to look dynamic, and in beast mode his legs really need knee joints to give him more natural animal-like poses.

All around Twinstrike is a nice update to a G1 character that hasn’t seen anything since his original figure.  Even though I’d prefer to have a larger figure of his character, his small stature doesn’t bother me since he still looks good with his fellow dragons.  Also as an added bonus and homage to the original Sinnertwin, Twinstrike is the first of a group of Cyberverse Predacons that can combine to form Abominus.  So I guess I’m stuck getting a few more of his Cyberverse brothers.


14 thoughts on “Vault Review: TF Prime Beast
Hunters Twinstrike

    1. I do like the big combiners more, but there’s also something appealing about having a bunch of minicons form into a Deluxe or Voyager. Like if swarming an opponent isn’t enough, they can combine to match his power.

  1. Wait, so he’s actually going to combine with the other ones to make Abominus? I… did not know that.

    1. Yeah, for some reason they didn’t put that info on Twinstrike’s package or instructions though. They must be taking marketing ques from Matty.

  2. This was the first Cyberverse bot that I picked up, and it was mainly to eventually form Abominus. I’m still not exactly sure how they’ll all connect, but I’m optimistic. I’m really hoping they’ll all be released individually over time so that I don’t have to rebuy Twinstrike as part of a box set.

    I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this guy when I opened him up. He was much more articulated than expected, and his transformation was a couple twists past what I expected to be too simple (kind of like iGear’s Rager). For what he is (a Cyberverse bot), he far exceeded my expectations.

    ps, thanks for showing the G1 comparison. I’d never seen the original Sinnertwin. This guy really is a great update.

    1. No prob. I definitely agree that he’s a pretty good for a cyberverse. Hopefully the other figures that form Abominus will be equally as interesting.

  3. They are all being released individually, and there will also be a boxset, but the details of that boxset (such as colors) are unknown.

    1. yeah, I saw BBTS is already offering a third repaint of Combaticons, “Ruination”, after the neon camo, and retail deco versions.

      I had a mix of the animal and other G1 Combiners, but I don’t think I had a full set of any specific team? I think Hungrr was the only central combiner I had, the rest were all limbs.

      1. I’m with you there. I don’t think I owned the main body of any combiner.

        You should take pics of new Hungrr with old! 😀

    2. Cool. Thanks Kevin! I didn’t know they were doing a box set release also. I wonder if he’ll be G1 color accurate.

  4. If you do a Google image search for “Cyberverse Abominus,” you get several good photos of all the components and the combined form.

    And, come to think of it, if the new versions aren’t that much smaller than the originals, I may just pick up that gift set after all . . . .

    1. Hun-Gurrr will be much smaller than G1 Hun-Gurrr, and that’s going to make Prime Abominus a lot smaller than G1 Abominus. So if that’s your dealbreaker, it may still be one.

      On the other hand, this Abominus can’t accidentally leave his feet and head at home.

    2. I was really surprised at how close in size Twinstrike was with Sinnertwin. In my mind I thought Sinnertwin would be much bigger.

      I’m not sure how big Abominus will be though. We may be lucky to get him to Voyager size.

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