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G.I. Joe Club: Dice Review
(& Jinx Non-Review)

And then… Dice finally got the better of me. I read his old bio, about some of his comic appearances, and it just kinda formed an opinion of Slice & Dice in my mind… they’re kinda lame. That may be blasphemy to a hardcore Joe fan, but if there’s ever one universal truth about 80s toy lines, it’s that being lame isn’t always a bad thing. There are some really lame, beloved Joes after all. The same is true for just about every other line too. In some cases, it’s true of whole lines! And in that realization, I sorta unlocked an appreciation for Dice (& Slice too I suppose). They’re like “the other guys” when it comes to Cobra Ninjas. They’ll take it seriously. They’ll try really hard. They’ll dream big. And then Snake Eyes, a reformed Storm Shadow, or Jinx will come along and hand them their ass. It’s their thing. I can dig it.

So Dice stays. It also helps that he’s a remarkably well-done Frankensteined figure even if he’s not exactly on model. On the figure itself, there’s nothing new here. Dice is largely cobbled together from two different versions of Storm Shadow – one version from 2009 even included Dice’s mask, so perhaps Hasbro was thinking ahead or at least paying homage with that figure. Either way, it made a figure of him incredibly easy for the Club to put in the FSS.

Dice did need a head under that mask though, so the rather non-descript ROC “Aqua-Viper Officer” donated his noggin’ for the cause. I normally don’t like reusing specific heads like that, but I couldn’t pick out the Aqua Viper Officer on the street, so I’ll make an exception here.

All the pieces came together well, and were painted sharp, to make a great Dice update The pieces coming from a little later in the 25th & POC lines also gave Dice some great articulation too. Some of the cooler bits like the ball-jointed wrists and reverse ball-jointed ankles aren’t present, but there is plenty of articulation on the figure and he’s a blast to pose. The double-hinged knees and ball-ankles is probably one of the best evolutions in articulation as the Joe line went along.

In addition to his mask and removable harness, Dice also came with plenty of accessories including an axe, a bow staff, two throwing stars, and two tekagi claws. I didn’t remember to take a simple accessory pic, but each item can be found somewhere in the various pictures. Since the accessories are also largely borrowed from the same Storm Shadows the hands are borrowed from, Dice holds everything snugly. I’ve found that I prefer to keep his tekagi claws attached to his arms though. He came packaged that way and the claws just seem to fit with him being called “Dice”. He may have never used them in the comics though, I’ve no idea.

Overall, Dice is a fun addition to what will one day be my Joe shelf (once it’s all unpacked). In additon to being fun, he’s also a great example of a how a company can go under budget, reuse the right parts, and still turn out a fantastic figure without cutting corners. The construction is sound, if a little off-model, and the accessories really liven up the figure.

And yes, it’s true that Dice & Jinx weren’t the figures I was hoping for to kick off the Joe Club FSS, but my figures will come. For now, I’m happy to have found a new appreciation for Dice by means of his getting a cool figure. Though it does mean I’m locked in for getting a Slice now. You just can’t have one without the other. As for Jinx, well, I still think they did a good job on the figure even if I don’t need it. I’ll make sure she gets to a collector that can appreciate her at least.

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(& Jinx Non-Review)