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Vault Review: Nickelodeon Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles Metal Head

Metal Head’s paint job is very basic.  Most of his body is molded in a light gray plastic, with all the other details painted on.  This is probably the area that could use the most improvement.  The wires on his torso weren’t painted on the backside of his mold, and his “bandanna” wasn’t even painted on the sides of his head.  I do like the two tampoed details on his wrist armor, but overall the figure just doesn’t give off a very sewer-born dirty look.  A bit of grime detailing would have gone a long way, especially since this figure doesn’t have the new chrome look of the old one.

Metal Head’s articulation isn’t as extensive as his turtle brethren, but it works well for the most part.  His head is on a ball joint.  His shoulders and wrists are swivels, while his hips and knees are swivel hinges.  I actually don’t mind that he doesn’t have elbow joints.  I do wish he had swivel/hinge shoulders though.  That would give his arms the best range while keeping the limitations of his large shell to a minimum.

Metal Head only comes with one accessory, a flick-missile that kind of looks like flame.  To make this action feature work they drilled a hole straight through his right arm.  I don’t particularly care for any of this, but that doesn’t mean kids wouldn’t have fun with it.  I think I’m just getting too used to Japanese figures and their effects parts.

Metal Head isn’t a perfect figure, but I do like him.  His squat appearance and sculpting give him charm and he easily fits in with the other four turtles.  As a kids toy, I’d imagine he’d be just as fun to bash around.  As a collector, he definitely could use some additional paint and a couple of customized parts.  But I wouldn’t consider the lack of those things a deal breaker on a figure that has a nice bit of personality.


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Mutant Ninja Turtles Metal Head