New York Comic Con 2012:
Armchair Coverage Round-Up

Another convention has come & gone and that means it’s time for a little Armchair Coverage here at IAT! I was away this weekend, but I came home & dived in to the news, taking some notes along the way. Some lines had big news while others seemingly forgot there was a con on this weekend.

7th Market

One of the things I was looking forward to for this convention was seeing the new items from Onell that were to debut at NYCC including the purple Armorvor pictured to the right and two new colorways. It took a little why to find out exactly what they were, but images were posted in this thread at October Toys showing a cool grey colorway as well as GITD. Both of those and a few other cool items should be available at Onell later this week.

The Four Horsemen were also in attendance with their own exclusive, the Beta Phase version of this year’s figures: Orbitron, Gemini, & Cyclops (these will be available at StoreHorsemen soon), but what stole the show for OSM fans was none other than the Man from Earth, no, not that other guy – Jack Asteroid! The name may be too clever for its own good, but the new human head and helmet (shared with Terra Firma) atop the basic Metamorpho body looks fantastic. You can see them in galleries at ToyArk, ToyNewsI, & Cool Toy Review. While you’re checking out the OSM, don’t forget to salivate over the images of the Gothitropolis Raven & his Cardinal companion. No word yet on their release. Also of note, StoreHorsemen is having a huge sale over their way. Now’s a great time to jump on board with some 50% off Outer Space Men or to pick up some amazing Gothitropolis figures at only $15 each!

Not to be outdone, OMFG also had a Series 1 Exclusive at NYCC: “Stealth”. Check out this this Pixel-Dan Video review of this color-changing (black to clear) set.

Finally, I don’t follow ThreeA much myself, but both ToyArk & Action Figure Pics stopped by their booth and got some great shots.

DC Comics

Mattel didn’t have a DC Panel at NYCC, so collectors were treated to two Club Infinite Earths reveals right out of the gate: Captain Marvel, Junior & the Red Hood (Day One Pics at ToyArk & AFP). Junior is my preferred of the two as that’s a pretty recent, short-lived costume for the Red Hood (appearing in Batman, Incorporated for a few issues just before the reboot), but the Red Hood still looks a like a great figure that I won’t mind having in my collection. Not too long after, an unpainted Huntress (AFP, Fwoosh) was added to the booth along with a basically ignored “No Photography” sign. For Huntress, I was pretty evenly split between what costume her figure would come in – the classics E-2, the Morrison JLA era, or the more recent Jim Lee design. It appears to be the more recent Jim Lee design sans the midriff and I’m fine with that, but it doesn’t diminish my wanting the other two someday (though the some days seem rather numbered anymore, don’t they?)

On the Mattel front, we also got our first look at two more Club Watchmen Figures: Silk Spectre (via AFP) & Nite-Owl (via Fwoosh). I’m a little concerned on how much movement I can get out of Nite-Owl there, but the pair looks good. Though I must admit that seeing the classic Nite-Owl realized as a figure kinda makes me want to go track down the DC Direct film version. Hrm.

DC Collectibles had their own exclusive for the show, another of their 3 3/4″ Green Lantern 2pks, featuring John Stewart & Atrocitus (via AFI). I must admit I’m tempted by the line overall, but not enough to pick up either of the 2pks yet. DC Collectibles more or less lost me after the new 52, but I know they still have plenty of fans out there. ToyArk, AFP, AFI, & CTR have pics of the booth if you’re interested. I will say the Frank Miller Superman statue is rather hilarious…

Some other DC merchandise shown at NYCC included several items from Kotobukiya (via ToyArk), Play Arts Kai (via ToyArk),a sweet Nightwing Prop Replica (via TNI) and this Dark Knight Rises Movie Master 3pk (via AFI). Oh also, if that new evergreen Batman line from Mattel has caught you fancy check these galleries from AFI & TNI

G.I. Joe

I haven’t talked about it much here, but the clearance prices and TRU BOGO on the Transformers Kre-O has made me a quick addict for the little guys. When they came out last year, I kinda sorta scoffed at the notion. After picking up a few, I found the brick quality was top notch and that the having the little Kreon drive around their vehicle modes is the exact kind of fun I’m usually looking for in good toys.

And now I can have Joes piloting those Transformers as well as their own iconic vehicles? My wallet has headed for the hills. I’m mostly stoked for the blind-bagged single Kreons so far Quick Kick, the Alley Viper, and a classic Adventure Team Talking Commander (awesome!), but some sets like the Checkpoint Alpha & Dragonfly are pretty sweet – and the prospect for some really classic vehicles in the future has me excited to see where this line goes. Check out Hiss Tank for pics from the Hasbro Preview Party & the Hasbro Official Images.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention there wil be Star Trek Kre-O’s (via ToyArk) too. Just imagine Captain Kirk & Cobra Commander fighting on the back of Optimus Prime’s trailer…


Like DC, I believe all or our Marvel toy news came from booth reveals as there was no actual panel for the toys (what’s that signaling?). Most everything from Hasbro was shown during the Preview Party (via AFI) including the first Iron Man 3 figure (via ToyArk) and Marvel Legends of Hope as Phoenix, a new Black Panther, and a new Hawkeye. It didn’t take long for the “we already have these characters” complaints to roll out, but I much prefer the new Panther and this Hawkeye looks like a better figure and isn’t pulling $50+ on eBay. I do wish Marvel Legends was a little more expansive in terms of character selection, but many of the originals came out 5+ years ago (& under a different company), so I can see why Hasbro is ready to revisit them.

If there were any Marvel Universe figures shown, can someone point them out to me? I sure didn’t see any…

For other Marvel News, ToyArk has galleries for Kotobuyika and Diamond Select including Minimates .

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37 thoughts on “New York Comic Con 2012:
Armchair Coverage Round-Up

    1. what exactly do you mean by “outclass the previous two playsets?” you mean just the grayskull castles, right? which i have to say, bigger isn’t always better. not that i’m dissing this new castle but as a comparison, the 200x castle had the battle station add ons which not only gave you more accessories, but expanded the castle in a basically limitless way (and allowed you to have a four sided castle if you wished) the original castle, as of the current listing of stuff, still came w/ more pack-ins… and it was first. that’s a tough thing to overcome for any new set. motuc has done some killer reinterpretations of fan favorite older characters (thinking directly of fisto) but they’ve also crapped out on more than a few (thinking of stratos… and making the exasperated lurch growl)… so while i have hopes for this new set, even w/ blueprints, i wouldn’t call them high hopes (my hopes are drug free dammit!)

      not to mention, masters as a franchise set the bar retardedly high on playsets. snake mountain was the first karaoke set on the market, the fright zone was cool, slime was at it’s peak in the pit, and eternia had an amtrak for joe biden to ride to work… pretty epic track record. and of course, that forgets the NA playsets, which were huge and cool as well. starship eternia was “the defiant” of motu! and nordor is without challenge the top of the heap for “drome” playsets!

      1. You drive me crazy sometimes, but this freaking epic:

        “eternia had an amtrak for joe biden to ride to work”

        Well done!

        1. thanks ero. i always appreciate being the fly in the ointment for some folks, especially when i can make them laugh enough to keep reading anyways. 😉

      2. You know, the 200x Castle Grayskull sounds insanely epic, and I have NO MEMORY WHATSOEVER of seeing ANY of that in a store!!!

        Figures? Sure. I even bought He-Man and Skeletor. I recall seeing TONS of Ice Armor He-Man clogging zip-strips pegged on an endcap at K-Mart for, like, forever. I bought a Skeletor ‘rant staff’ for my late friend who was just a HUGE Skeletor fan/collector. So I was ‘active’ during the time.

        Never, ever saw Grayskull 200x.

        so, was it a limited distro item or something? Just a regional release? Something only Service Merchandise carried? Or was I shockingly, surprisingly blind?

        1. i do not recall any ‘battle station add ons’ for the 200x castle… but you’re talking a decade ago, so to be honest I can’t remember. i don’t recall seeing it in stores either though. the only reason i know for a fact that it was in stores is because i got one for a steal at kay bee toys.

          to be honest i wasn’t that impressed with the 200x grayskull though.

          1. pics here, for those unfamiliar:

            the castle was widely distributed, but not as well publicized as the vintage castle. but i’ve heard tale of folks who snagged a couple at the time, as they found them (the castle and the battle station) in discount bins at various locales. i myself never saw the battle stations, but i saw a ton of the castles in my day, my TRU was aglut w/ them. i mostly avoided the millenium toys, so i didn’t pull the trigger personally, but i thought about it. had i known about the battle stations at the time, i’d likely have upgraded. while that castle lacked some of appeal of the vintage one, the voice chip was a cool idea (though not made nearly as useful as it could have been), and the battle station add on gave you more cannons and extra walls and shiz making it a more complete environment w/ a cubic assload of display space for the masters of ones choice.

          1. Okay, thanks for that reassurance that it’s not my computer or broadband that’s at fault! I’ll just check back later when things’ve settled down, I guess.

    1. It seems that Mattel just announced Castle Grayskull massive playset for pre-order ($250) along with the NYCC exclusives… If they don’t reach a minimum the won’t do it as many other subs or DC items like Superboy and Martian Girl

  1. Im loving the grayskull so far. Tho im still pessimistic about it going through.
    On a side note, tamashi nations brought with them 12 ghidorhs to sell, all 12 AND the display case one sold out thursday night. Was pretty upset about that friday morning

  2. DC:
    Red Hood – NEVER seen this look before and am annoyed it’s in the sub. I bet many wouldn’t have minded Jason in the black jacket look, either with the domino mask or “Cobra commander”-esque helmet, or both heads,like Thom/Starman. It would be an Easy re-use of the Mr.Terrific buck, at least.

    Huntress – still too early to tell whether the unpainted prototype is TJ/JLA full body or Jim Lee Hush with open belly, but people are leaning towards Hush, unfortunately. (already got the paint brush ready!)

    ML White Phoenix – I’m hearing people were told it was JEAN as Phoenix, not Hope (guessing from AVX #12/finale??).

    NAHM – meh. never really watched the show and only saw the figures at on store, hanging around for MONTHS. What I thought was funny was that apparently his arm fell off and they stuck it back on with blutack? LOL

    Champ clamp – Another unknown for me. Fisto as a black man with pincers? except he actually still has both hands? um, ok?

    Castle – looks to be almost worth the $250, going by the blueprints on the Org link I shared. (reg.retail = $100-150 range, definitely) One thing I keep questioning is the “perch for Wind Raider”? I recall something about a perch with the Talon fighter for the Castle back in the day, but there was no evidence for the perch in those blueprints. I’m guessing another stand for the massive winged boat that attaches to the turret??
    (I’d still be all over an updated Sky Sled, tho!)

    slowly losing interest in the line, but I did find the new (Prime?) Rumble (car) and…green dude…Kup? at WAMO WM Saturday. Looks to be packed out with 2x Vehicon and …ffff…can’t remember who else was “new” on the pegs, but it was already released in another case? I was tempted to get Rumble, as he does come with cannons that resemble his G1 cartoon pile drivers.

    1. oh yeah, what’s up with the nu52 WW and Hawkman? are they All-Stars or DC sub? I saw the All-Stars and Ivy sold out in the first hour. too bad, I wanted Prime and KC Robin. (not going to happen right now, but soon…!)

      that animated Bane looks pretty cool, but the first two waves of that are clogging up the pegs, here. I lucked across Freeze and Two-Face in Louisville two months ago and glad I grabbed them there! (Forget about completing the DKRises set, too!)

      and looking at AFI’s gallery:
      Courtroom Ray is the final mystery figure? cool. but who’s the ghost, Scolari?
      Still wish we could’ve gotten a Janine, at the very least. or RGB squad.
      (Luckily, I bought an extra set of the gang for that and have an extra ML Rachel for Janine, as based off one of the other sites you link to for Q&A. Critical Mess?)

      BTTF Hoverboard = laughable. I’d be demanding my money back if I had a pre-order. Not even worth it for the obviously upcoming breakage complaints!

      that GI Joe Kre-O stuff looks awesome. why didn’t they make more vehicles and bases with Lego before this? LOL Now I want a new (hydro-/refinery/whatever it’s called) base like that for the 4″ line!
      (and WA Target just got a new case of movie figures in this past week, too!)

    2. It’s quite obviously Jean as White Phoenix (from Phoenix Endsong), not Hope. It’s built on the same body as the previous Phoenix figures from Toy Biz, and it uses a retooled Jim Lee Jean Grey head (no “face frame”) for the head. Rumors are it’ll be a running change variant to the Jim Lee Jean Grey (with the inexplicably flesh-colored hands. 90s Jean’s suit had gloves).

      1. XTAS cartoon version had flesh hands, comic depended on colorist on whether she had gloves or not.

  3. I’m still wondering when those Vampire ladies are coming out from the 4H. Last I heard is they were shopping for a factory that’ll make them at a reasonable cost, but that was months ago.

  4. Personally, I love the DC Bombshells statues. They are great looking. I’ll probably pick up the series of Superman statues too.

  5. I like how the superman statues still have the red briefs.

    The reveals liked all just that Red Hood no want. Clamo Champ after seeing the mini, yeah I’ll probably get but he’s gonna be living with guilt in verse (or have Teela kill him)

    NA Heman, never saw the toon or owned the toys so can’t say much, the design is nice and the new wrist, gotta see a new Adam with it.

  6. A few nice reveals for DCU, but with all the custom red hood figures using Mr Terrific as the base and all his exposure in the new 52 and in a recent animated series, I am shocked they went with a costume that has only been in a few issues (Batman Inc right?). Interchangeable masked/unmasked heads on Mr Terrific/Animal Man buck seemed like a no brainer. Nice to see Huntress finally, but it looks like the Jim lee Hush design which was not my favorite (the exposed belly and short shorts makes no sense for a crimefighter but all the sense for Jim Lee when it comes to his design choices), but a black brush will make her better. Hope she is in the Batman Unlimited line and not the DC sub (which i do not have)

    1. actually, didn’t Jason wear jeans? so MrT torso, then suit crotch/upper legs, and combat boot lower legs/feet?

  7. Couple questions for ya, Noisy (or any of my homies, for that matter): Any word at NYCC from Shocker Toys? I don’t know much about them, but about a year or so ago they revealed some 6 inch 50’s era public domain superhero figures (Black Terror, GA Blue Beetle, etc.) that looked pretty decent, and then they promptly fell off the face of the earth. Did they have a booth? Do they exist at all?
    Also, this Batgirl figure Mattel has been showing; is it a straight re-issue of the Batgirl that was just in stores for all of last year, or does it have a new sculpt/color scheme? Just wondering. Thank you in advance for any help on this!

    1. Shocker released the Indie spotlight w1, but if you could find them, they were $15+ and looked like they were cheaper than Happy Meal toys.

      w2 only Snot Clone Tick was “widely” available, and I use that term LOOSELY. It looks like a couple blue Ticks made it to Amazon, but the rest, like Dick Tracy, Black Terror, and the original Dan Garret Blue Beetle (note: Garret with ONE “t” and YELLOW accents over DC’s RED accented Dan GarreTT), never materialized for whatever reason Geoff was spewing on any particular day. There’s a reason he’s blacklisted on most sites, his threatening legal action for the slightest doubt or disagreement probably has something to do with it.

      Batgirl – it does look like the same previous mold for last year’s Batgirl, this time with gold instead of yellow and purple inner cape paint variations? (sorry, quick image search only turns up one pic of this new figure with lots of glare and reflections.)

      1. Thank you, sir, for the information! I had heard grumblings about Shocker not having the best reputation, but having never seen any of their products in person, i didn’t want to jump to any unfair conclusions. Too bad about the Indie Spotlight line, though. The prototypes looked pretty good, and “JLA vs. Project: Superpowers” could have made for a cool shelf display.

        As for Batgirl? Well, I know reusing parts has always been Mattel’s bread-and-butter, but Jesus, the previous Batgirl figure warmed pegs all last year. Now we have to see it all over again this year? Good call, Matty! You never fail to disappoint.

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