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MWCToys.com Review: Hot Toys
Batman Cosbaby – The Nolan Series

Accessories – DK Batman, BR Joker, Catwoman **; the rest Bupkis
There’s not a ton of extras with this set, which was a bit of a disappointment.

In fact, the Bruce Wayne Batman, Joker, Bane, Scarecrow, BB Batman and DKR Batman have no extras, at least by my definition. Since parts do pop off, you can remove some of the items like the belts or coats, but I’m not counting those here.

The DK Batman has the one true accessory – the gun. I had a little trouble getting it to fit in one of his hands, but it does work with a little effort.

Catwoman has a removable mask, and I’m willing to count that here. It pops off her head in one piece, but the ear-like goggles do not flip down over her eyes.

The last accessory is definitely a bit of a stretch – it’s the bag of money from the bank job, hung over the shoulders of the masked Joker. You’ll need to pop his arms off to remove it, but you can and it’s a nice addition.

Fun Factor – ***
These are great fun little figures, with plenty of sturdy articulation. They’re also just so damn cute it’s almost impossible to resist posing and playing with them. Younger kids probably haven’t seen the films, but they will recognize the characters, giving them even broader appeal.

Value – ***
If you pick up the full set of nine – the most common way they are being offered – you’ll pay around $80, or about $9 each. There are a few retailers selling these as sets of three at $27 or so, again at about $9 each.

Considering the general quality of most sub ten dollar action figures these days, that’s actually a very good price. I’d like to see a few more accessories, but these are still well worth the price for the fan of the style.

Things to Watch Out For –
I had the issues with the stuck necks, and managed to break the Bank Robber Joker before I realized that it wasn’t turning, it was ripping. I found that almost all 9 were stuck to begin with, and I managed to free up the others by moving the head side to side and back and forth before trying to twist or turn.

Overall – ***1/2
These might not be what most people think of when they think “Hot Toys”, but the company brings high quality work to every license, every style, and every concept. These guys are a bit too cute for some folk’s taste, but I like them quite a bit.

This is one of those lines that works best when you have a lot of them together across many licenses. Put Batman with Iron Man with Buzz Lightyear and you have quite the display!

Scoring Recap:
Packaging – ***
Sculpting – ***1/2
Paint – ***1/2
Articulation – ***
Accessories – DK Batman **; the rest Bupkis
Fun Factor – ***
Value – ***
Overall – ***1/2

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Batman Cosbaby – The Nolan Series