Update! PowerCon ’12 Armchair
Coverage: Mattel MOTUC Panel

Powercon 2012 kicked off yesterday in Los Angeles and Mattel wasted no time; their Mattycollector panel was first thing Saturday morning. We’d been told there might not be much to see, but Toy Guru teased a huge announcement. Well, there weren’t many reveals, but huge just about covers it…

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The news coming out of the con started off small with the reveal of the “secret accessory” for PowerCon attendees. There was a lot of speculation about the piece, described as a “happy accident” by Toy Guru. Well, it turns out that happy accident wasn’t as cool as some thought – it is merely the two-halves of Keldor’s swords (from next month’s Weapons Pak) mistakenly fused together by the factory. Now, I can’t knock a freebie… and I certainly can’t knock one like this where anyone who buys a Weapons Pak and knows how to use glue can recreate it, but that perchance to dream of something cool? That wasn’t necessary. If this opportunity ever arises again, let’s hope Mattel will just be specific about what’s being given away.

Not too long after word of the accessory leaked out, things kicked into overdrive when the Mattel panel started. There were three new figures revealed. Mattel, doing it’s best job to scoop the news also made these reveals via e-mail to subscribers:

Looking across though, it’s difficult picking the order of coolness. I think Karatti has me most excited, but Snake Face shows promise (and I’m happy for the two heads). Octavia’s colors really call out to me, but the lack of bendy tentacles – though they do appear ball-jointed at the base – does hurt somewhat. SCB (from He-Man.Org) has some great pics of Snake Face in this post. SCB also mentions that the staff may get cut, so if you want it, say so. It’s the Hssss staff, so it can hopefully be included in a future weapons pak if not here.

Some other good tidbits rolled out as well including Geldor announced as the November figure after winning the Fan’s Choice slot (we should see him at SDCC). The other cool thing was the faction sticker for King He-Man (pictured at right). I know we have to get Extendar, Sweet Bee, Hydron, [INSERT YOUR “OMG HOW CAN THEY NOT MAKE MY FAVORITE” HERE], but the prospect of only seeing this faction sticker once is killing me. I’d love to see more from this era, possibly more than I care to see a Vintage/Filmation/POP/NA figure or three. Naturally, I’ve already read some of the same old party poopers who hope they never see this sticker again. Sad day, right?

There was one bit of bummer news – Frosta, the figure that feels like it’s been nothing but trouble since it debuted, does indeed have unintentionally reversed forearms. At the con, Mattel announced that she would be returnable with full refunds, but reminded collectors there are no future plans for putting a corrected versions into production. It’s reported that Mattel will do a free gift for sub holders to make up for this error. I’d speculate on what it should be, but the possibility that it could just be two other accessories glued together looms.

That should be about it… wait, were you waiting for me to mention something else… a certain iconic 80s playset perhaps?

Even if you were disappointed by the accessory, even if the three reveals weren’t your cup of tea, even if you’ve become so jaded that you’re convinced Castle Grayskull will be molded in black plastic with chipped in the package paint, misassembled, and crack like the Goddesses’ hip when you touch it, I hope that for at least the five seconds before all that kicked in, I hope that your 5yr old self, got a satisfying “woah” at the mere prospect of it.

My ‘woah’ is going to carry me for awhile, but I’ll be the first to admit that it’s going to be an uphill struggle. This fall, MOTU collectors will be asked to pre-order the Castle for $200 sight unseen. A drawn mock-up and a list of planned details at Oct’s NYCC will be all we have to go on. Honestly, I’m not too worried about that part. A Four Horsemen creation based on Mark Taylor’s design (pictured at left) with fans getting a look at the “B Sheet” (cue the criticisms and suggestions) before anything is started? That all adds up to a pretty safe bet for awesomeness.

The part that doesn’t is that Mattel will need thousands of people to pre-order this toy. That means a thermometer. That means bellyaching, cajoling, in-fighting, and every other bad aspect of toy collecting lumped in to the sign-up period and laid at the feet of this new castle. I hope there’s enough collectors out there that want it, that can afford it, that can make it happen – because if we do, then that shitstorm will surely be worth it.

Obviously, I’m in. I’ve got an envelope ready; Castle Grayskull scrawled across the front. There’s $15 already in it, and they’ll be $15 added to it next month and the month after. I’m expecting that Mattel won’t charge for the castle until it’s ready (just as they’re doing for the BTTF Hoverboard, I’ve got that envelope in my desk too). That means we’ve got 13-14 months before we’re going to have to pay for the Castle and that $15 a month will cover any of us that discipline to keep up with it.

Yeah, I’m sold. Classics Castle Grayskull. Woah.

For the news as it rolled out, the panel slides, and pictures from the show, choose your favorite Powercon attending site: He-Man.Org, Action Figure Insider, Fwoosh, or ToyNewsI.

9/24 Update!

The second and final day of Powercon gave us two more tidbits. As expected, a teaser for the next reveal was placed in the booth today, but there was another oddity in the display case. Head over to this post on the Fwoosh to see the unhelmeted Zodak head (the one that comes with Strobo) sitting proudly atop a Zodak figure. We knew about that already, yes, but check out what’s in his left hand. A Zodak helmet! I hope this isn’t a tease or just something for the display case. I need that! I suppose I can dremel one out myself, but I’d rather Mattel just include one.

Anyway, so the tease. That can be seen in this post at He-Man.Org. It appears Clamp Champ will soon be destined for our shelves! I’m stoked for this figure, but the staction made me forget he was really “Pincer” Champ. Doh!

97 thoughts on “Update! PowerCon ’12 Armchair
Coverage: Mattel MOTUC Panel

  1. I’m saving for the Castle but man do I have issues here. It’s pretty audacious for a company like Mattel to ask for this much money based on a drawing and a list of ‘expected’ features. I’ll need to really look over that info before making a commitment like that. There better be sove very good, high Rez, images offered up.

    1. They should email subscribers the presentation when the panel kicks off!

      I don’t find it audacious anymore. The higher-ups make this an art house line left & right. Since I’m assuming it’s an auth-only preorder, I don’t mind making the commitment being asked. It’s actually cheaper than two of my three Matty subs.

      1. What’s most surprising about it to me is how often we’re told that Mattel Legal won’t allow this or that fan suggestion, and then they turn right around and offer it.

        1. Yeah, not trying this after the Hoverboard was such a hit never made much sense. It won’t catch on like that did, but ideally it’ll still hit numbers.

  2. Man o man what a terrible day to be away from the computer! Went to a family function all day and pretty much sat on my phone the whole time. Even after all the trouble with motuc recently they manage to sneak some amazing stuff. Looks like I know a few people who are already trying to figure out how to photograph Greyskull already πŸ˜‰

  3. Glad I wasn’t missing out too much on the “secret accessory.” Pretty darn impressed by Snake Face. Never expected Karatti, but he looks cooler than I thought he might end up. Mostly thrilled by Octavia, but feel a bit let down by non-bendy tentacles. I am definitely gettin’ me a Castle Grayskull!

    Seven shades of awesome with a side of bitchin’ sauce.

      1. Long ago, my MOTUC Keldor simply pushed over my Millennial Skeletor and nicked his swords. Then gave him a wedgie and walked off with that charming smirk of his.

  4. Got the email today with the three new reveals. If things improve by a wide margin within the next 13-14 months, I *might* be in for Castle Grayskull, but it’ll be competing with Hasbro’s SW deluxe Millennium Falcon and AT-AT reissues. MOTU vs SW: Just like back in the early 80’s!

    1. Sorry for being OT but wait, what? Hasbro is re-releasing the giant I-can-now-fit-FOUR-figures-in-the-cockpit Millennium Falcon? When, where and how much?

  5. exciting news all around! These figure reveals really do make 2013 shine in a new light. It might have been hard for Subbers to swallow with Netossa, Jitsu, Lizor, and FightinG Foe Men — but these reveals (well, at least Octavia and Snakeface) should more than make up for that! Karatti even manages to look cool (though, those Trap Jaw legs are getting a little too played out, IMO. I’m glad to see NA getting more love. Though I can’t say I was immediately able to place who Karatti was, and I’m a fan of the show!!! He’s not one of my top picks, over say Quakke, Butthead, Staghordn, or Flogg — but still nice looking!

    Grayskull — wow! I certainly was not expecting that. Anyone who says they did and they are not officially on Mattel’s pay role is bullshitting you. $200 seems quite steep, but considering the new TMNT Turtle Lair playset goes for $120 and THAT is a mass produced brick & mortar product, it doesn’t seem quite so bad. Still, I think people want to know more.

    1. I’m looking forward to the NYCC presentation on it just to see what they come up with.

      And agreed on Trap Jaw’s legs. They need to make new thighs at least!

    2. Little confused how Netossa who would be only the 3rd member of the great rebellion made (with more then a single appearance)is hard to swallow but Octavia with all of two appearances makes up for it?

  6. I know these factory errors are annoying, but reversed forearms are far easier to fix than reversed shoulders. With a blow dryer and a few tools you can correct that without too much fuss.

  7. As long as we don’t have to have the money up front, I am probably in for Grayskull … possibly two. I hope enough fans come to the table, it sort of worries me that Scott said they pretty much have to sell the same amount of Grayskulls as they do subs. Because I am sure BBTS and that guy on the .org that bought 33 will not buy nearly as many of these.

    2013 is really shaping up to be a pretty diverse and awesome year! Really glad I got two subs this year. Here’s hoping the $25 variant slot is NA Skeletor, we need him badly expecially after the third mini-comic reveal.

    LOL I’m so giddy after reveals.

  8. They did ask for upfront payment on the Young Justice two-pack that was scrapped, so it’s possible they might want the cash in hand before proceeding with Castle Grayskull.

    1. Was that ever confirmed by someone that ordered the pack (did you order it?)? I chalked that up to folks getting confused over the hold amount.

      Either way, it is possible. I don’t think it will be the case (unless TG wants to make sure Granamyr flops by taking all our money beforehand).

  9. First, the Keldor swords were molded as one piece, not glued together. Scott confirmed this in the panel stating they were tooled as one piece instead of two like they should have been and eventually were for the weapons pak.

    Second, the preorder for Castle Grayskull payment will be authorized on your card but won’t become a full charge until it is ready to ship, just like the subscription figures when we subscribe in July/August.

    Also on the Castle Grayskull front, if they get enough preorders this fall then they will go forward with a sculpt to show at Toy Fair next spring and open preorders up again. Then if they hit the magic number they will push the button on the factory and start production for a fall 2013 release, hopefully by Christmas.

    1. Sometimes, I think about writing an article on how credit/debit cards work. Normally, I wouldn’t think twice about it, but it does seem to confound a good chunk of people.

  10. Karatti is my easy fave. He pretty much covers all the bases of what can still be cool about MOTUC: He’s a Z-lister who was on pretty much no one’s wishlist, his design isn’t something we saw coming a mile away, his head sculpt and new armor rock, and he fills out an underrepresented faction.

    Main thing I don’t like about Snake Face is seeing those friggin’ Skelly feet again!!!
    With all the times that mold has paid for itself, you think those alone should offset any extra costs on Snake Face, LOL.

    Absolutely unbelievable about Frosta’s arms. Not that I wanted her anyway, but it really is depressing how not good at their jobs the Mattel camp is. Also very glad I didn’t make any attempt to secure the Keldor sword. Hilarious though how much of a sticking point that sword used to be, and now the fans get it twice in one year. So, is that design still “not in the Classics style” Toyguru? πŸ˜‰

    And yeah Noisy, I am pretty close to the “so jaded I think CG will crumble to bits” camp, but as long as they ensure that the 4H are the first and last word on its design, I am in. So much so that I think I’ve lost all interest in the Icon Heroes statue, which really sucks for them on the timing of this announcement. Seems like IH was trying to fill a niche that MOTUC couldn’t cover, and bam. Definitely worried about their sales on that one now.

    1. Scott said at the panel that they (Mattel) had gone through several random factory samples and found that the gloves were assembled wrong at the factory. Mattel had given the factory the correct master to work from but it still didn’t come out correct which is why they are offering the refunds and free gift to subscribers. From what it sounds like Mattel did everything they could short of flying to China and putting the figures together themselves to make this right. Is it a bad situation? Yes. But at least Mattel is admitting the screw-up and taking responsibility for it. They could have easily said piss off and take the toy we’re giving you whether you like it or not.

      1. He SAYS that, but what proof do we have? Other companies have someone visiting the factories on a regular basis to check QC, but despite the fact Mattel is #2, they can’t be bothered to do basic QC. They’ve already priced themselves out of my shrinking budget so these reveals mean jack squat to me, even if I still cared.

        1. The mystery of how Mattel handles QC with Chinese factories seems to be a tale of epic proportions.

          Not intending to sound political but the phrase ‘Trust, but Verify’ really is useful to follow. You really can’t go wrong following that.

          ESPECIALLY in light of continuing examples of ‘mistakes’. They’re not mistakes. The factory just figured it didn’t matter, and maybe it put a few more monies in their pockets by not paying for extra training. Lead Paint on Hot Wheels, people! Wake up!


        2. Why does Mattel need to give us proof? They’ve owned up to it — its not like they waited for the figure to get released and then release an “oop!” statement — they for once fessed up. They’re offering refunds so if the swapped forearms are a dealbreaker then just return her!

  11. Man I gotta work up some dough badly. Greyskull will be a fun display piece.

    The reveals were good but only knew of Snake Face and Octavia. No memory of NA but he looks cool.

    The deal with Frosta stinks but will do the fix.

  12. I don’t think Mattel should be offering refunds or free gifts. Subscribers should have to take that Frosta whether they like it or not. They all knew what they were getting into when they subscribed. When Mattel reached their desired amount of subscriptions, it was the same as collectors giving them the green light to continue business as usual. At this point everyone knows there are going to be defective figures. The only mystery is which figures will be defective.

  13. Forearms and shoulders make no nevermind to me; I can’t tell much of a difference. Two left feet, crumbly hips, or man’s biceps; those would piss me off. So long as it’s symmetircal and the atriculation ain’t hampered too badly, I’ll take Frosta and be content.

      1. I’ll take your word for it; I’ve not had much success parts-swapping MOTUC figures yet. And considering the expense, I am loath to try in case I louse up an expensive / irreplaceable figure irreversibly.

        Has anyone suggested carving the CHINESE symbols for “Left” and “Right” on the figure parts instead of “L” and “R”? Might that make the assembly a bit less screwy-uppy?

  14. Matty can have all my money sike– I love all the new reveals & will differently be pre-ordering 2 Castle Grayskulls!

  15. I collect DCUC, not MOTUC, but a Greyskull playset would be pretty awesome. Maybe Dr. Fate or Darkseid need a castle to hang out in?

    1. man, I remember fighting to get a Super Power Hall of Justice on ebay, spent over $100, even tho it had a brown “mystery stain” on top and was maybe 90% complete.

      the kicker? It was among the things “lost in storage” about a year later. fffuuuuuu….!

      1. Oh man, that sucks.

        I’m pretty sure my brother still has a Hall of Justice from when we were kids. I’ve thought about making him an offer for it, but he has a JLU collection that probably fits better scale-wise.

  16. I have a problem, and I don’t think I’m alone with this.

    There has been SO MUCH nonsense from Mattel, so many mis-statements (I’m being nice and not calling out lies and damned lies), it really creates a paranoid eye when ANY announcement comes down the pike.

    To Wit: Speculation: What if, humor me, what if in some odd bookkeeping search they found the tooling for the 200x Castle Greyskull? Or, even more shocking, the original one from the ’80s? What if right now they’re trying to figure out what changes they can make to that tooling by re-cutting to make it just different enough to excite people? Or going thru all the parts and see what they can safely omit. Something.

    See, I just can’t help but question it. All this time and “Oh, nooo, we can’t do playsets! Impossible!”, and now we’ve got the line ‘on the bubble’ because subs are dropping and NOW they’re gonna whip out an all-new tool Greyskull? It just doesn’t smell right.

    A $200 playset (and likely MASSIVE shipping charge. Don’t forget that!) to ‘test the waters’ of a ‘manufacture to reservations’pre-order system? Uh-uh. Too big a chunk of money, it’s bound to be ‘not quite meeting expectations’ time when the beancounters do their thing. Don’t expect Snake Mountain.

    Me, I would have suggested something more like $50 for ‘Skeletor’s throne and accessories’ as a ‘make to order reservation’ test. That would excite people I think. And sell more units.

    *sigh* I’ll go quietly. Ready the padded room. πŸ™‚

  17. it’s a tough thing… if anything should get me excited, it’s castle friggin grayskull, right?

    but it’s mattel… if anybody can mess this up, see the pixel dan review of voltron… or look over at your shelf at the stay puft marshmellow man. since snake mountain, can anyone point out an example of a large-scale mattel piece that came out perfectly?

    but it’s castle grayskull, it doesn’t need much beyond a good sculpt. it doesn’t have joints, it doesn’t have an action feature…

    but it does have moving parts… if i spend 200 bucks on a castle grayskull and the elevator doesn’t move or the jawbridge won’t close all the way, i’ll be furious.

    and it’s a lot of money… a LOT of money on a single toy…

    but it’s castle grayskull. if anything would justify that expense, the idea of a mark taylor proto, motuc-scaled grayskull castle. which, i would say to steve, is the only thing that makes me think they’re doing a real deal castle, the motuc scaling… it’ll have to be HUGE, easily 5 to 6 inches taller than the vintage castle or the 200x one. and it will be necessity be deeper as well, if a figure is supposed to stand on the interior flooring. they will be releasing more info at NYCC, and hopefully, that will include the dimensions of scale, that will reveal a lot. if the scale isn’t right, i just don’t know how they justify this expense at all.

    that said, i agree w/ steve that this seems like a huge leap of faith by the exces at mattel, for a line that is wilting on the vine in sales… either TG has more swing than we give him credit for and he coerced them into making this (doubt it) or someone in the backroom is rewarding our loyal purchasing of their figs (doubt it) or the line has been the success that TG has repeatedly said it is, and after repeated denials of that, some bean counter finally said, “look, they’ve made killer money, let’s do this big scale thing, which in reality is four panels of static plastic and a play mat, and charge them a crazy amount of money for it cuz it’s big” i think that’s the most likely scenario, but admittedly, i’m just lil old dayraven. what do i know?

    i’m sure they were also egged on by the release of the recent playmates turtle’s lair, but that’s playmates, who have a good track record for playsets, and are doing a mass retail release on their $120 set… but i’d bet dollars to donuts that this spurred mattel on that the scale and price point they were shooting for were acceptable to the consumer mind. again though, for me, i don’t see evidence that one OKs the other, as the details surrounding are VERY different.

    1. While I would agree that this was “thought up” after Playmates announced their new sewer playset, I would have to agree that it’s probably a re-issue of the previous castle(s), not something new.

      *Have* Playmates done better playsets? I know the nuTrek bridge sets got some grumbling as it was a playmat with insertible work stations. I do recall the 90s NG bridge getting some rave reviews, but I never have opened the one I still managed to have. I don’t know about the new sewer set or any other previous playset, TMNT or otherwise, tho.

      What was the last playset Mattel did, the JLU Watchtower? I know they re-released the Wayne Manor Batcave using the Kenner/Hasbro mold. The “The Batman” series had a Batcave that was a cardboard wall with various attachments. Nothing else comes to mind from Matty outside of the 2002 Castle, which I never heard about until this current series started.

        1. I’m tempted to sell it on ebay, but then I remember that most electronic toys came with batteries pre-installed. I’m almost afraid to see if they leaked….

          1. remind me which playset the TNG one is again?

            and playmates has done several other sets for the turtles that, more times than not, were solid rock n roll.

            1. It is the Bridge and I have looked at them on ebay. $15 loose to +$200 MIB/BIN. Not sure it would go? I’d probably get more closer to the release of the movie or right now with Xma$ closing in…?

    2. I was thinking that the TMNT playset may have been a goad, as well at Hasbro’s Avengers Helicarrier.

      Also, Imaginext (still Mattel, right?) has whipped out a pretty big castle playset for the current fantasy line.

      So, maybe it’s an ‘industry lemming behavior’ thing?

      The timing is just so damn peculiar.

      And folks? Seriously. Brace yourselves for the shipping and handling fees on this.

      1. Shipping is just a part of collecting anymore. I think we all know it won’t be cheap. In fact, higher the better – means the toy’ll have weight.

        As for timing, this is a how do we reinvigorate flagging sales scenario. Some factions are nearly complete and what was the most requested thing after (& before really) Ram Man? I’ve been expecting this since the Hoverboard went over so huge.

        1. Yeah, but what happens when the massive complaints about the Hoverboard start to hit?

          See, what I understand, it’s made out of styrene plastic. It’s meant to be a display piece.

          You know. I know, with the exceptions of those buying it just to resell, EVERYBODY is going to put it on the floor and step on it. It’s just natural. IT’S A HOVERBOARD.

          And it will break. It WILL break. Snap right in two. Won’t matter if you’re 98 pounds or 300. Anyone with half a brain would say “people will want to stand on this, so we need to manufacture it like a real skateboard deck. Carbon Fiber, or resin, or wood or something.” But no.

          Heck, I’d lay money that ANY skateboard manufacturer would have been glad to produce the deck in exchange for cross-promotion and stuff.

          So what happens when, in spite of warnings on the packaging (in small type) to NOT stand on the Hoverboard, people do and THOUSANDS break? “Too bad, so sad, should have read the box”?


          1. Um, yes, they should’ve read the box. I’ll feel no sympathy for anyone that breaks it by standing on it.

            And the massive complaints have already hit. Try reading through the BTTF Forum on Mattycollector. It’s downright painful.

        2. I think BA He-man, SeaHawk, and a couple other POP ladies are all that’s really left besides the larger figures and Beasts like Clawdeen(?), Modulok and whatever the counterpart was to that. No clue on these NA figures besides the obvious He-Man and Skeletor, then there’s the Battle Ram, Talon aircraft, and the red tank. (Attack-track? I know what they look like, but forget what they’re called.)

          1. what do you mean by “all that’s really left?” if you mean by that “all the vintage figures” you’re a few names shy… but then, BA he-man is already done, so i don’t get that reference. but yeah, we’re still missing 3 snake men, 4 horde members (from he-man, not PoP), 2 movie villains, 3 evil warriors, 5 heroic warriors, and at minimum, 2 vintage variants each of he-man and skeletor to go, to round out the original motu toy line. that’s before you get to the NA and PoP rosters to round out their original line-up, if you were talking about who all was left from those line-ups… if that’s not what you meant, i apologize and eagerly await you explaining to me. πŸ™‚

            but yes, the attak trak is the red battle tank. that, the talon fighter and roton are the ones the FFM are based on, and the wind raider had a pilot in the box painting that hasn’t been made (don’t know if it will, but the FFM kind of imply there’s a chance) i’d personally love to see the battle ram and spidor done before motuc ends, but i’m clearly in the minority. i don’t know if we’ll get any other vehicles made, but if we do, i’d lay odds on the mechahorses, stridor and nightstalker, since they have re-use potential.

              1. Ditto. They’re obvious choices for this line. So long as the legs are assembled correctly.

                But I still wants me some Preternian dinosaurs, boy howdy.

            1. okay, maybe I was just thinking I needed a RE-release on BA He-Man? the rest, as I’ve said before, I’m not up on everybody, especially the later releases, POP, and NA. I’m going off 30yo memories of something I was barely aware of.

              Back to playsets tho, I saw Target.com has a new Batcave (or “Batcacave”) for that new animated style line that came out with TDKR. It doesn’t look like much, but garage door with turret to left and prison cell to right on lower level, a bunch of kitsch that looks like a command center above that, then the upper level is basically top of turret with zipline leading down a level to the trap door above cell. Unfortunately, it’s “not sold online” and the stock locator doesn’t show any in StL area.

  18. I am happy with all the reveals, nice to see Clamp Champ’s pincers in there. I think the pre-orders and price for Grayskull are not that out of line for a playset that will not get a shot in the retail space. Like you said, $15 a month for 14 months for what will be pretty awesome given 4H and the work they have put into this line. Very excited and some nice surprises.

  19. Guess I’ve gotten spoiled by the SDCC treatment, but does anybody know of any solid gallery of pics from the con? Can’t find any from the usual suspects, and I’d really like to see turnarounds on the remaining 2012 figures, as well as the FFM.

  20. I think had Mattel Announced the Castle Greyskull back at SDCC, it would have been much easier to get subscribers. The problem with this line has always been the lack of Marketing forethought. I know they don’t have an advertising budget, but that still doesn’t mean you can’t think of marketing.

    1. Don’t think it was a lack of forethought. TG said in the video he posted after the sub went through that this allowed him to pursue something big. I’m sure that was a reference to the castle.

  21. Castle Grayskull, wow. I would rather have proper Snake Mountain, but only because the 200x grayskull works for me, with that said I will be preordering this, day one, sight unseen. Isnt this what alot of fans had asked for anyway? A preorder system for playsets and vehicles? Not sure why people are complaining. We all knew, and this shouldnt come as a surprise to anyone, that this is how it would be handled.

    Psyched for snake face and clamp champ! Only 5 more characters til i no longer sweat the end of the line (while i will never stop buying the line, as i want as much as we can get, i personally still need tung lashor, squeeze, mantenna, strong arm, and two badd for this line to feel complete to me)

    Karatti, looks awesome, NA keeps surprising me

    Octavia. Woulda preferred scorpia, but only because i am more familiar with her. Nice to get more water themed enemies. Her tentacles. Mattel made the right choice. After the snout spout fiasco, i wouldnt. Plan on seeing bendy anything with wire inside of it. Its the right call, people may not agree with it, but no ones gonna he cursing about them ripping.

    1. no, i don’t think so. most of the requests for pre-orders that i’ve seen (and yes, there have been a lot), when it’s being discussed in depth and not just jumped on as a talking point, suggest seeing protos of some kind or another to solicit the sale. this will, as of NYCC, have a mock-up drawing, and some dimensions offered, but other than that, you’re buying based a 30 year old promo pic that wasn’t designed to hold the toys you now have a large collection of. how excited would you be to have a castle that granamyr can look over the top of? as in, don’t you have (or could easily acquire) two of those already?

      i’m not complaining, personally, i’m still excited, just not as gung ho as you are about spending that kind of dough when i know mattel has gaffed big ticket items in the past… w/ great consistency. there’s nothing wrong w/ being excited, either. i am more in the cautiously optisimist mindset than some folks, since for me personally, that represents more than half of my annual toy budget. so if i go ahead and pull the trigger, that means it’s very likely that ram man will be the only 2013 fig i buy. for those who spend more on toys, it’s quite that psychologically weighty… and it’s also worth note that i have two kids who will absolutely need to play w/ this thing, so if mattel’s QC isn’t up to muster, i’ll know in a big hurry. and if it breaks from normal, casual play (my kids are well past the bang everything together phase) i’m going to be a kind of livid that demands a roadtrip pissed. i don’t waste 200 bucks, i just don’t. i was taught more respect for my money than that. so heaven help them if that thing breaks or suffers a notorious factory defect (“oops, the hinges are on the wrong side! no refunds!”) cuz hell will riding behind me.

      1. Hasn’t Barbie had her share of castles? You’d think that would be a bonus towards this whole thing, BUT….it’s Matty. Their track record speaks for itself.

        1. i don’t know about castles per se, but yes, she’s fielded a table top of dream houses and such… but that’s barbie. it is almost literally like a whole different company servicing barbie’s voracious needs. same could be said of hot wheels too, that they’ve had a ton of playsets that were large scale and had play features, but i would again say, it’s hot wheels, it’s like a whole different company. the resources and size of the teams behind hot wheels and barbie are staggering. there’s no way that i’d expect castle grayskull, even in it’s third go-round, even as one of the most iconic playsets in the history of playsets, to stand up to the sheer insanity of a barbie dreamhouse.

  22. The Son of He-Man sticker makes some sense, even without much more figures. Laser-Lot and Spector are both from this time. He-Ro II is a lock, and Dare is likely too. The Son of Skeletor is an intriguing possiblity. Plus, there are characters from the scripts, such as Tongue Lashor, Ram Man, Man-E-Faces, etc., that can be given it.

    I’m not sure if it’ll be much more than a sticker sheet, but it’d fit as one.

    1. so is this “son of He-Man” part of the NA or something? I never watched it, if it even aired in StL, and barely saw the figures. If it’s an entirely new concept out of nowhere but Scott’s fevered wet dreams, then they should just go ahead and get all the CANON figures out of the way before charging into more EU nonsense. The reaction to the past year’s “anniversary” figures should tell them that.

      1. son of he-man was a pitch by lou scheimer in the mid 90’s, so in the real world, after NA, but i don’t think it acknowledged the events of NA in canon. instead, it followed the intended storyline from the “powers of grayskull” story that he-ro first appeared in, and the son of he-man, a kid named dare, took the name he-ro as a nod to his ancestor. any other character from the “son of he-man” story would either be an alternate appearance to an existing motu character, or a totally new character.

        on the one hand, i’d love to see some of the concept art from that pitch get made into figures, and i’m always open for new characters… but this coming out, after the sub-bomb and the vintage figure rally? i don’t get it. it’s neither good press, nor good sense.

  23. The reveals are awesome, but I have to wait until Mattel delivers more info on Grayskull to see if I SHOULD take the plunge… I KNOW it’s CASTLE FREAKING GRAYSKULL, but at the same time, the 200X one suits my needs pretty well as a Facade. Mattel needs to turn me on to the prospect of pre-ordering a $200 Grayskull… which sounds reasonable… I expected from Mattel something around the $500 range.

  24. Even though I don’t like the idea of committing to buy without seeing a prototype, the castle is something I would definitely be willing to preorder. Because there’s no way I’m giving BBTS or an Ebay seller three or four hundred for it.

  25. I just realised that this proposed new Castle Grayskull is going to be TEN TIMES the cost of the original I had back in the 1980s. Adjusting for inflation, upscaling, increase in raw materials costs, et cetera, this new version had better be at least five times as cool as the original for me to feel I’ve really got my money’s worth.

  26. Maybe I’m being too harsh but im really into this line only for the PoP figures and Mattel seem to be playing it far too clever for their own good, although octavia looks nice and all wouldn’t we have been better with a character like scorpia who still has a visually interesting monster look about her and has never been a figure before but actually appeared in the show a decent amount of times. Things like the star sisters and octavia are all well and good but I have a feeling come the end of the line we will have all the obtuse never thought they would be made PoP figures and be missing most of the rebellion mainstays.

    1. I’m not a gambling man, but I’d be willing to bet we’ll get Scorpia within the next two years. Queen Angella might be able to share wings with a Veena / Millennial Sorceress as well as being an important character, so I’d think she’s a probable, though Glimmer would be more likely. After seeing what they did with Dana / Zuul, I would hypothesize that they could do a similar below-the-waist parts swap for Mermista as an SDCC exclusive.

      Can’t say I hold out much hope for Perfuma, though. It would be nice if once MOTUC winds down, Mattel might consider a POPC subscription line, with new characters interspersed with day-of-sale reissues. Heck, if it’d get me a Huntara and/or General Sunder, I’d sign up for that, even if it means having to take delivery of a Flutterina or Shower Power Catra!

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