Guest Review at TheDaytimeNinja:
TMNT/Trek Donatello Retro Review

It’s TMNT Week at The Daytime Ninja! I’m not privy to what goodies are planned for this week, but Gavin graciously led off with my guest “retroview” of the classic TMNT / Star Trek Mash-up First Officer Donatello! Check out my review for a cool piece of Turtle history & keep an eye on DTN this week!

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7 thoughts on “Guest Review at TheDaytimeNinja:
TMNT/Trek Donatello Retro Review

  1. I never had these so I just noticed the shells tucked under their shirts. LOL! Great review, Noisy. The Turtles have always been a fun line from day one.

  2. I kind of loathed the endless variants like these back in the day whenever all I wanted were “normal” versions of my favorite characters, but now that I own pretty much all the TMNT figures I’ve ever wanted, I can look at these differently and appreciate the cleverness at work.

    1. Agreed — I never had a TON of the variants, I think the most I had were the storage Shell and the Turtles in Disguise (the Samurai Leo, Undercover Don, Astronaut Raph, and Surfin’ Mike) — the rest were all a bit much — You really can appreciate them now, like the Trek ones, and I belive there are Western ones too, right?

      1. I don’t think I had any Turtles variants back in the day, but my thoughts on this extended to pretty much any line. I wanted the Kenner Keaton Bats in the regular black outfit, not like a gold one. Real Ghostbusters the same idea.

        I think my one exception was GI Joe, since I really dug the Tiger Force figures and such.

        1. Oh, man. I loved the stuff like that. I loved the various Joe Squads and I’d love to just have an “Arctic Batman” collection. That white Keaton one was one of my favorite figures.

          I do agree on the RGB though. I never really did care about the variants of those for whatever reasos…

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