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Earths Starman Review

In terms of construction, this guy is the bread and butter of a reduced-tooling subscription. He’s entirely built on the standard buck, sporting only two new pieces – both head sculpts. The masked head is pretty basic, but it looks good. The real gem, to me, is the unmasked head though. It looks fantastic.

I don’t know if this head was always intended to come with the figure (it wasn’t shown when he debuted) or if this was something that the 4H/Mattel went back and added after many, many fan requests, but I’m stoked to have it. I think the best thing I can say is that I just don’t know how I want to display him. My DC figures are pressed for space right at the moment, so there’s no “Legion” or “JSA” section, so he’s just on his own and I keep flip-flopping back and forth on which head to display. The extra head, whichever one at the time, is actually being kept in my desk for easy swapping instead of going to the parts box.

The other thing that sets this figure apart is the clear plastic and glitter used to create his star field costume look. I wish it were a little different – bigger and fewer flakes of glitter might have created a better star field, but I still love the figure. I think I had more fun taking the weird photography pics of him than putting together the joke pics for once!

In terms of paint, we’ve just got some white for the gloves, boots, and eyes on the masked head while most of the paint work goes to the unmasked head. All the paint on mine was sharp and it does look like all the white parts were molded clear and painted white… I kinda want a second one so I could clean off the white paint and having an all-star field figure. That’d be cool.

Accessories? Bupkis beyond the second head, but I’ll take it. The only thing I can even think of him including is a half-masked head and a sandwich, but I don’t want this figure to get any more Geoff Johns than he already is, so I’m good.

Overall, we’ve got another solid entry into Club Infinite Earths! He’s a little low on the value side, but it doesn’t bother me one bit. He looks sharp on the shelf and he’s tempting me to buy a second one; that should speak pretty highly.

Anyway, we’ve choked down Rocket Red and its pretty much clear sailing for the rest of year. Mirror Master. Ivy. Elasti-Girl. Metal Men. Tons of good stuff coming up!

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25 thoughts on “DC Classics.Com Club Infinite
Earths Starman Review

  1. My Star Boy is sitting on my LoSH shelf. Personally, I wasn’t too big a fan of Thom in the JSA. Of course, I cut my (comics) teeth with silver age LoSH, so I’m a little partial there.

    I do really enjoy this fig, especially with the unmasked head. While Thom has so little to distinguish himself from other figs, he does work very well, even with this buck system. He may not be a highlight fig for a premium subscription line, but I’m glad to have him! Of course, it also helps that the rest of the year looks pretty great for a DC fan.

    Love that last pic! What a beautifully creepy Starchild! I can totally picture Thom singing “Daisy Bell”!

    1. Thanks! I’d wondered of the last pic was a little too “out there”! lol

      Yeah, Starman isn’t the best figure this year by a long shot, but he looks sharp and keeps me happy that the line’s still going! Now, where’s Dawnstar…

      1. yep, Dawny can use Hawkgirl as a starting base, with only a few mods, depending on the costume they pick. (Hopefully, not the current L.Lost look! dangit, I just jinxed us, didn’t I?)

  2. I really am enjoying this fig. My only complaint is wish he had a half mask on head and a sloppy joe platter. Yeah I brought that up but I dug that look with Thom in the books. The joes just a throw in and if read the book you know why.

    He’s with my JSA shelf and I switch heads when clean the shelves. Each time I wonder what if we got that head. Also the legion ring hand. Forgot about that but I don’t have the legion 11 fig set (lazy matty) so thats okay.

    Currently waiting on Mirror Master to get here along with the rest of the 2012 sub.

    1. Dog! I forgot to mention the lack of a ring hand! Not sure if it’s a design choice or an oversight, but it’s sloppy either way for sure.

  3. I have Thom displayed with my lone JLA/JSA shelf as well since there is no room for the Legion and it just struck me the other day that there was no Flight Ring fist! Bummer. Other than that and the lack of brighter stars on his costume, (as per the Giffen era Legion) this is my second favorite offering from CIE next to Jay. I love the “Zinger frosting” hair on Thom and his beard rocks for sure. A solid offering all around.


    1. The Four Horsemen sculpted it that way. Neitlich and Benecke left it that way. The clucks in charge over at DC approved it. Rocket Red makes me question how any of them can claim to be DC fans.

  5. A couple of people have suggested the unmasked head on a X-Men movie Professor X as a good Dr. Niles Caulder to round out the Doom Patrol

  6. I really like this figure. Its kind of that less is more thing. However i would have liked it if they made him a little more clear…so you dont have to put a search light behind the figure to see that he’s transparent. BUT with that said…if they did make him more clear…you’d lose that dark black and end up with a smokey looking figure. Its tough to get that right mixture….but i think he’s a little too thick

    I’m a lad dissapointed that he didnt come with a Legion ring hand…but since I think he was intended to be with the JSA…I’m ok with it. I think if they DID give him a flight ring…then he’d be too much of an adult with that buck.

    In a perfect world he’d come with the alternate head AND alternate teenage buck body AND flight ring hand. Maybe even a clean shaven teenage head like in the Mike Grell era

    1. Every time i look at my Legion 12 pack i wish they would have given Timberwolf his more modern 80’s costume. That earlier costume design just dosent match with the others

      1. Agreed. If they ever do another 12 pack to round out the Legion, it wouldn’t bother me one bit if one of the slots went to a 80’s Timberwolf. I remember Steve Lightle drew the hell out of that costume for T-Wolf’s “Who’s Who” entry.

        1. My biggest problem with that 12pk is the gender ratio. One more girl, preferably Apparition if I had a vote, would’ve made the set much better.

  7. I got mine, opened the shipper box to check them out, and…set them aside. This was after I ordered extras just for the bearded head for a “Chief” custom, and was thinking the other day that instead of never getting around to turning black suit Superman into Will Payton, I can add the “sparkle” of this body, since it will be fodder, anyway.

    don’t diss the Beard, tho! I had several friends in HS who weren’t exactly facially follically challenged, including one guy who could pass for 30 at 13. Noisy, you can check my recent pics on FB to see my friend Elliot aka “Big Bear” who’s just shy 7′ tall and is a literal Sasquatch.
    (then again, I don’t recall the Thom of the past two decades or so having a handlebar mustache apart from his beard, they flowed together.)

    Would I want a Price Gavyn Starman? Not really, but if he does make it, I hope it’s at retail so they can do the 50/50 for the blue/red costumes. Considering the current mindset at DC, tho, I’m not holding my breath unless something really big happens with the character really soon. I doubt even Sylvester Pemberton’s original Star-Spangled Kid or later persona as Skyman isn’t even on the DC/Mattel radar.

    Regardless, this figure fills in several spots: Legion, JSA, and Kingdom Come (where you forgot MAGOG from the JSA wave!). I think the main reason I didn’t immediately add this Thom to my shelves is I already have the DCD version in with my JSA, and the main difference is articulation. (and price.) I take it you don’t have him, or we could have gotten a comparison review?

    I also got my 2 Mirror Masters today, kinda peeved they were already shipped before I could order the JLU set with them or an extra Bow before he sold out. I hope they offer the JLU sets again later, as I can’t see paying $30+ship for them, right now. Weird thing is, I actually wanted to open him up, but told myself not without opening the other DCIE figures, first.

    crap. just checked and the JLU are “almost gone” and MM is Sold Out! sigh….do I want Old Static to fill up a line I stopped caring about when it was still at retail or not…?

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