Playmates’ Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles: Official Videos

The Folks over at Playmates sent out a new press release announcing their official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles YouTube channel.  There’s some great instructional videos that show how to assemble the playset and vehicles, while also highlighting the various features and details.

Personally, I think this is an ingenious move on Playmates’ part.  Not only are these videos helpful to parents and kids who may have questions about assembling the vehicles or playset, but its also a great marketing tool to show off the various aspects of these toys.

These official Playmates videos are professionally shot and narrated.  They are also direct about the information.  All together this makes them incredibly helpful and easy to watch.

The first video you should definitely check out is the Secret Sewer Lair Playset.  I was already very tempted to buy this, but after watching the video it became a “Must Have!” for me.  Playsets are a rare animal in the toy collecting world these days.  Getting one that’s this large and has so many features is an amazing thing.


Next up is the Turtles’ Shellraiser vehicle.  This is a new take on the original Party Wagon.  It’s much more hard core and ready for battle, but you can still tell there’s definitely some areas that are call backs to the Wagon.  Also, I didn’t notice this until watching the video, but the Shellraiser appears to be a souped-up subway car.


The last video I’m going to share is a commercial for the new line.  I don’t get to see a lot of toy commercials anymore, and this was a nice bit of nostalgia for me.  Also, those Foot Soldiers remind me of Kamen Riders.  But that may just be me.


Playmates has a lot more videos on their official Youtube channel, which you should definitely check out if you’re interested in any of the other figures and vehicles.  You can also check out their homepage and Facebook for more news and info.

Also, check back this week for our Reviewapalooza 2, and my review of the Nickelodeon Michelangelo.


13 thoughts on “Playmates’ Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles: Official Videos

  1. I’d love to get that sewer lair… it’s like $200+ on eBay. How much is it in store?

    I doubt we’ll see it down here (Australia). 🙁

    1. Certainly not if Playmates are banning e-tailers from seeling them to non-Americans!

      First it was Bandai and their Thundercats, then Playmates and the new TMNTs, and I just got a cancellation notice from BBTS that Lego has banned them from sending stuff outside the USA. What the Seven Hells is going on?!!

      Having said all that, the new Sewer Lair looks pretty damn sweet.

      1. Amazon sells them, though. 😉 And damn good price too! Hope they get the sewer lair… I got the 4 turtles plus the 4 classics turtles… tempted to get the Shellraiser.

        1. Thanks for the update! Now I can order the Ghost Train. But that still doesn’t solve the peoblem of toy companies dictating who’s allowed to buy from them, and when.


          1. Well, there’s a lot of things at work I expect,complex issues. There’s the ‘who has a license and where does it cover’ problem, there’s the difference standards of accountability in terms of liability in case of lawsuit (I think the UK and EU are more strict about holding a company accountable for damages even under misuse, could be wrong on this), there’s the customer service and support issue which would tie to the accountability problem, and on top of all that, you have local laws about things. IIRC England still has strict laws about martial arts weapons to the point that Ninja Turtles had to be rebranded as ‘Hero Turtles’, and it may well be that Playmates fears repercussions from the Crown were a box marked ‘Ninja’ to slip past customs and inland revenue.

            Sounds stupid? Of course it is. The world is run by pussies who fear EVERYTHING and the world if filled with pussies who would bring suit at the drop of a hat JUST TO F**K WITH SOMETHING.

            Yes, makes me crazy. 🙂

            1. Which genius was it who said “The law is an ass”? I am an adult. I will not bring a lawsuit on a company for aggrandising ninjas, nor will I choke on a spring-launched missile. Furthermore, I have money which will NOT be going into their pockets if they refuse to sell to me. Their loss.

              I got a message from the Lego people essentially saying it was down to tax reasons. And I believe I’ve made clear what Devonians think of tax laws. };D

  2. I was never much of a playsets kind of kid growing up. I had castle grayskull, and my brother had snake mountain, but for the most part we just had a good set of building blocks we would use anytime we wanted a setting for our figures.

    That said: Dang, this sewer set looks really cool. I understand the $120 price tag. If I were a kid (or if I had a place to display it as an adult) I would be freaking out over this thing!

  3. Now, see? Mattel has really poisoned our minds over what is possible, what is doable.

    By Mattel standards, yes even for a retail ‘mom and kids’ line, that playset, that vehicle, SHOULD NOT EXIST. Or, being made, be much, much less than they are for the same pricepoint.

    I suspect Noisy is lusting for that playset. What a magnificent backdrop for DC. Marvel and yes MOTUC! Just leave off some of the pipes and stuff, or just use the separate parts as scenery.

    Now, I’m assuming the playset is made to be taken apart and put back together, at least the main major parts. If it’s “build it and figure out how to store it” that’s gonna aggravate a lot of parents.

    Damn. I was in TrU the other day and they were doing seasonal reset, stocking the TMNT section, I could have bought ALL of the figures but no money. I hate that kind of thing, it’s like fate is mocking me. Should I have at least grabbed the April figure?

  4. We got the whole set of figures and sewer set, I read bad reviews on how lacking the shellraiser is but may get it just to complete set.

    Yes, April and Kraang are rare, i think one per box so they sell out quickly.

  5. Re: the Kamen Rider thing, I think it is the compound-eyes that does it.

    I teared up a bit when they called the dog Splinter because it reminded me of my dog Ruphael who passed away several years ago now.

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