DC Classics.com Legion of
Super-Heroes Review (Part II)

Aside from Wildfire,Ultra Boy is the other adult sized figure.  His head, belt, and shins are all new pieces.  I really love his head sculpt too.  It has this great determined/pissed look.  His mouth is even open and it looks totally natural.  The only bad thing about his head is that it seems a bit small for the adult body.

Ultra Boy comes with the only open hand in the set, but I’m not sure if this is a new piece.  It looks similar to the regular adult ungloved hand; the flesh colored paint they used was so thick that it sealed the tip of his thumb to his index finger, ultimately limiting what accessories Ultra Boy can hold.

Chameleon Boy is an interesting figure.  Aside from his head, he actually has a brand new upper torso piece.  The piece is smaller like other teen bodies, but its shoulders extend over the top of the biceps.  I’m kind of curious if we’ll see this piece on future figures.  CB also has a newly sculpted head that showcases his pointy ears, antenna, and a happy expression.  They also did a great job on the paint, giving his skin a darker or lighter orange color in certain areas.  I still would have wanted an orange eagle though.

Timber Wolf is the last figure of the set and he has my favorite head sculpt, aside from the ridiculousness that is Matter-Eater Lad.  I really love the cocky expression on his face, and his hair does that cool vampire effect where it whooshes back into points.  I also really like his dark orange and black paint job, with the gray wolf symbol on his chest.  He’s a great example of a simple and clean looking figure that only needs a new head.

The Legion set also comes with two accessories, kinda.  The first is Proty, a shape changing little creature that resembles a pile of mashed potatoes.  Although he doesn’t look it, this figure is made of hard plastic and isn’t even bendy.  So he’s stuck doing a waving pose.  The figure does have a really nice paint job though.  His white plastic has been highlighted with dark yellow and brown spots to show off his odd definitions.  He’s also been covered with a layer of gloss, so the whole figure looks wet and a bit disgusting.

The 12-pack also comes with a Legion flight ring.  The ring is made of metal and coated in a shiny gold.  It makes for a nice prop accessory, but I just don’t really care about it.  I’d rather see extra money go towards accessories my figures can use.

All around this set is pretty nice.  The biggest problems I’ve had are with paint issues, but there’s nothing major that I can’t fix.  Even though the 12-pack sold out both times it was released, I’m not sure Matty considers it a “success”.  I would be up for another multi-pack Legion, since it would be the easiest way to get through so many figures, but I have doubts it will happen.


15 thoughts on “DC Classics.com Legion of
Super-Heroes Review (Part II)

  1. I seem to be collecting super hero rings, so if you want to part with the legion flight ring, let me know

  2. LMAO at the implied “other pose” MEL seems to be doing (in Cham and Jo pic)! and his solo shot having a bite out of the AIT logo is icing on the cake!

    I do agree with you that there could have been a couple re-used props to include to show off their powers, like the R/B Superman’s electric bolts. Maybe toss him white Flash’s? I can only hope Shady come with black/smoke ones to show off her power, should she make the increasingly limited cut.

    However, Cham isn’t limited to orange beasts like Changeling is to green (or now “red” in DCnU?), so any random animal will do.

  3. I’ve realized something. It looks like the four horsemen have been using Chris Sprouses’ art as a model for their DCU faces lately. Look at his work and then Lightening Lad or Cosmic Boy.

  4. if IAT ever does an awards show (report? segment? Post is so ordinary) I surely hope Matter-Eater Lad gets an award for “totally out of left field and completely perfect face”, ok? I see what they tried to do with Superboy but yeah, just doesn’t work but MEL, wow. Now if only he had an open hand so one could put various items in it for his eating pleasure!

    While my opinion won’t do a thing to what Mattel does with future (ha!) LSH releases, I’d kinda like to see 2-packs with a little bit more development thrown their way, so Lightning Lad (and Lass) could have some lightning bolts, other characters have whatever might be key to them.

  5. yeah, matter eater lad is just about as flawless a facial execution as one could ask for in an action figure. that’s just MEL’s face, no two ways about it.

  6. Not to be mean, but a little pet peeve of mine: Imperiex never fought against the LoSH. That was a plot used only in the cartoon. At least, as far as I remember. Just to clarify. I understand you’re not overly familiar with the Legion’s history. It is rather long and involved.

    Great review, as always!

    1. I thought we decided that was the ONLY reason he got a figure at all, the LoSH cartoon? In the comics, he was a one-event baddie and never seen again.

  7. I really liked this set. I’ve kept the packaging and display them in that. My biggest problem is the lack of females though. I would have liked at least two or three more women in the set. The LoSH have some great females to choose from.

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