Ask Matty
Mid-June Edition

Ask Matty – Mid-June Edition

DCClassics.Com: Why did Mattel opt to go with the “less accurate” goggled version of the Mr. Freeze head for the Super Powers repaint?

We had intended to go with the goggle-less head but it unfortunately was not available.

MOTUClassics.Com: Are there plans to reveal the Megator & Man-E-Faces secret accessories prior to their release?

We are actually hoping to have fans see these first when they open there figures. The samples sent out to the press had their accessories removed first! Editor’s Note: Earlier this week, eBay struck and revealed Megator’s accessory.

DCClassics.Com: Is there a variant or extra head planned for DC Universe Classics Wave 19?

Like Wave 5 and 14, there will not be a variant in this wave.

ItsAllTrue.Net Asks:The Stay Puft Marshmallow man on display at The Comic Bug appears to be rather damaged despite attempts to keep it from being handled. Will the final product be able to withstand play or is he intended to be a display item?

That was an early “looks like” hand painted sample. The final product should be more durable.

MOTUClassics.Com: Tytus had universally loose shoulder joints that kept him from being able to hold his accessory properly. Has Megator been altered in anyway to remove this flaw?

Yes, it looks like Megator will have some improvement!

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5 thoughts on “Ask Matty
Mid-June Edition

  1. “We had intended to go with the goggle-less head but it unfortunately was not available. ”

    What…what does that even MEAN?!

    OK, I can guess, the tool for the goggle-less head was re-purposed to another figure and permanent alterations made, and they didn’t want to do any new tooling, fine, so say that.

    Wait, that would reveal one of the SUPER SECRET business practices, wouldn’t it? Darn… 🙂

      1. Is this where I say “that’s what SHE said!” to roars of laughter? 🙂

        yeah, the GL arti. Man, I was looking at those at a Target and thinking “yeah, I need a GL, which has the most absurd construct…what? WHAT? No Elbows?!”

        Then I look over at Hasbro’s Captain America line and weep. Haven’t pulled the trigger on any of those yet (they all look a little crappy because they can’t seem to find a white paint that covers) but man, some sweet stuff that was either stolen from old GI Joe tooling or should, by all rights, BE GI Joe toys.


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