Spy Monkey Creations Review
Chalybeous – The Hammer of War

I gotta admit that I’m feeling a little rusty here. I only got seven reviews done in May and those were almost all in the first half of the month. So I thought I’d start with something on the easy side – a quick (& mostly pictorial) review of Spy Monkey Creations Hammer of War, Chalybeous. Hope I spelled that right.

The Chalybeous hammer has been a hot commodity for Spy Monkey Creations, selling out quickly the two times it’s been offered. I missed out both times, but the fellas at SMC were kind enough to provide me one for this review. So, a quick shout out to them is in order: thanks, fellas!

If you have a Tytus, you know that his 80s Mattel weapon was just ill-conceived. It may or may not have gone over well back in the mid-80s – aside from a few Italian children, we’ll never know, but it just didn’t work out for the modern version. It lacked functionality due to logistics and Tytus himself isn’t really able to get in to too many poses with it.

Chalybeous (did you know that isn’t a made-up word?) definitely fills the much needed gap in Tytus’ armament. He still can’t hold it up (which is entirely the fault of the poorly executed figure), but he does look good holding it and should there be actual children that play with Tytus, it would work like an action feature since raising the axe above his head will surely result in it coming crashing down. And don’t let that picture below fool you. Just credit Castle Grayskull for a well-hidden assist.

The Chalybeous (it’s a shade of blue, “steel blue” specifically) Hammer spent a couple weeks on my desk due to various delays (Thor Week, Tornado, what have you) and he spent a lot of time hanging out next to Tytus’ side. It was seeing him there every day that actually gave me the idea for the photos for this review.

While the hammer is designed to fit in Tytus’ hand, I actually had more fun seeing who else I could give it to… Continue to Page 2…

10 thoughts on “Spy Monkey Creations Review
Chalybeous – The Hammer of War

  1. It’s clever contraptions like Whack-A-He-Mole that keep me collecting toys. Welcome back.

  2. Welcome back, happy to hear the IAT crew is doing well after the tornados. Thank you for such a fun review of good ol’ Chalybeous. The Galactus pic had be actually ‘guffaw’ out loud. Next product should be on its way to you in a week or 2.

  3. I know that it’s actually Chalybeous talking in the Frost Giant pic, but it just seemed so much funnier to me when I thought it was the Frost Giant talking.

    Thanks for being seemingly the first and only reviewer to show a “thickness” angle for this guy. Almost every site only shows profile shots, so much that you can barely tell it’s got a hammer end.

    Had I a chance to pick him up, I was considering getting him to be a new weapon for Roboto. Is the handle to thick for regular MOTUC figures?

    1. If you want it to be the Frost Giant, I won’t tell. 😉

      I tried to make sure to get a pic of it from each angle, but a few of the pics ended up not making the cut.

      A lot of them won’t be able too, but I’ll have to check on Roboto. The handle is equivalent to the upper portion of Skeletor’s havoc staff. He didn’t require any manipulation to get him to hold it – though it did have to be balanced – his wrist joint was to weak to hold the weight.

  4. First off — Welcome back glad you were able to get back up and running so soon. I passed on Tytus, but the Hammer looks like it would be a great add for one of many figures.Thanks for the fun look at the secret life of weapons.
    I’m glad to see she got her store fixed up too 😉 Have you thought about giving her a new ‘Do’ Catras’ hair would work well for her….

    1. Thanks!

      It is kind of a “secret life of weapons”! I hadn’t thought of that. LOL

      I do actually need to touch up her hair, the “roots” are starting to show through after all.

  5. no pics in gy-gor’s hand? what kind of slackjaw would omit such a necessary pick?

    JK homeslice, nice to have you back. sense of humor… CHECK! great photos… CHECK! fun review? CHECK! yup, looks like IAT is back running on all cylinders.

  6. Yeah, I gave this guy to Gy-Gor (I refuse to pick up a Tytus or Megator while Hasbro can put out a Frost Giant for less and with more articulation). I think Gy-Gor looks sweet with it.

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