Checklist Updates: MOTU Classics, Ghostbusters, & Captain America

A good checklist is almost always a work in progress and while we were away the last couple weeks we missed a fair share of updates. As IAT returns to its normal schedule, I need to spend some time getting our various checklists in order. I’ve started with MOTU Classics, Ghostbusters, & Captain America.

Here’s a list of the current round of updates:

There really wasn’t too much MOTU news rolling out at the end of last month, but with the May Mattycollector sale going in the record books and June coming up, MOTUClassics.Com required a handful of small fixes. The Upcoming Releases, 2011, & Reissue pages have all been updated for June (I still need to track down Stratos’ sellout time). I’ve also added the latest Bios to the Biographies page.

The Ghostbusters Checklist has been updated with the current Mattycollector release schedule including Slimeblower Winston, Ready to Believe You Egon, SDCC 22″ Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man (Do I need that? I still haven’t been able to decide…), & Slimeblower Ray in the 6″ section as well as the Ghostbusters 2 12″ 2packs in the 1:6th scale section.

The Captain America: The First Avenger Checklist was probably the checklist in most dire need of an update. With some of figures out in stores, there was plenty of new information to be had. I’ve realigned the checklist with proper wave breaks, Hasbro’s numbering system, and corrected product names for the figures. Waves Three & Four have been added as well as the latest two-packs, deluxe figures, and vehicles that have been announced for the film’s toy line.

Finally, I did a quick run through on the MattyCollector Release Calendar and have it updated with Mattel’s current plans for the June, July, & August sales. SDCC items are not currently listed, but will be added when we get a firm date for that sale.

In the coming days, I’ll continue to work through the remaining checklists. I know that DC Classics.Com in particular is in need of a couple big updates with new two-packs and the announcement of DCUC19. And, if all goes well, we’ll be adding one new checklist to the site by week’s end.