Vault Review: Light & Dark Talisman Scarabus

The 4H also use the detail in another terrific way, to help hide the articulation. Scarabus has a ball jointed head, which is removable. His shoulders, wrists (also removable), hips, ankles, and even the scarab legs on his back are all swivel/hinge joints. His biceps, waist, tail, and thighs have swivel joints. And the elbows and knees are hinge joints. This gives Scarabus a huge amount of articulation. Add the fact that you can change out his face, head, or hands and you have even more possibilities for different poses.

One particularly impressive idea is that the two side pieces to his skirt are actually connected to his thigh above the swivel joint. This allows him to have the full range of movement of his legs while still keeping the impressive look of his armor.

There’s not much I can say about the paint job on these two because they are pretty much molded in their black and white colors. One thing that is a little disappointing is the black joints they had to use for the white version’s swivel/hinge joints. I realize they had to use them for structural reasons, which I’m fine with, but they still break up the figures look a bit.

But one thing I was really impressed with is how closely they got the red and blue painted details to match the red/blue molded parts. I get so used to so many toy companies screwing this kind of thing up that I forget it actually can be done right. I don’t know how much effort it took to get little details like this accurate, but it’s much appreciated.

Scarabus is also loaded with accessories! Scarabus’ main gear is certianly his large ceremonial looking staff. Although the design is simple, it’s just as detailed as everything else with its sculpted rings and scarab symbol at the top. But if the staff’s not your cup of tea, then you can always switch out the orbed top for a large spear tip. If you don’t want to use the scepter or spear, you can always equip his hands with energy flames. These flames slip over his fingers and really look alive with their twisting sculpt.

Plus, as an added bonus, the 4H have included a helmet, shoulder armor, and spear tip to replace the hourglass for the Timekeeper figures. These accessories come in the specific color of each Scarabus figure. This new look gives an added bonus to army build these little guys.

One thing I wanted to mention was just how customizable this figure is. Each figure comes with three different faces: normal, demon, and dormant (not to mention the different heads for the variants). I felt that the dormant face added to the ghostly look of the Light figure, while the demon face added a wicked look to the Dark. But the fact that we get to make the decision is the awesome part. You can also remove the scarab legs from his back, or even pose them differently. Then there’re the three sets of hands that each figure comes with: clenched fist, open clawed, and open fists for holding accessories. And don’t forget that you can change out his staff heads and remove his cape.

With all these different choices, I think it will be very easy to display all twelve figures while making them unique enough to be their own character. But if you’re looking for a little more, then check this out. The two scarab legs on his back will also fit into the holes for his hands, giving him a strange tentacled look. Not only that, but so will the spear and scarab tips to his staff (although you’ll want to be careful when doing this because they are very snug).

One thing I was really disappointed in though was that his feet are not removable. I was hoping we could change out the hooves on the bird-headed variants with bird feet from the upcoming FanEx Raven figure.

The Dark and Light figures are almost sold out, so if you’re looking to pick them up you should do it soon. They may seem a bit expensive at $50 each, but you have to remember what you’re getting for that price. A figure that stands over seven inches tall with a unique body, comes with plenty of accessories and interchangeable parts, has fantastic articulation and paint apps, plus I haven’t heard of any quality control problems. Compare that to the $20 I dish out for MOTUC, or the $15 for DCUC and I think it’s certainly worth it.

I love discovering a figure that you can tell was made with passion. I love figures that push the creative boundaries of what we thought was possible. I love when I don’t care who the character is or what property it came from, as long as it’s fun to look at or pose or even play with. This Scarabus figure is all of those things, and that is why I love him.

24 thoughts on “Vault Review: Light & Dark Talisman Scarabus

  1. Vault, I love that idea of the two scarab legs on his back in his hand pegs. Great picture.

  2. Awesome review. I purchased these, but haven’t had time to open them up. Now I know what I’ll be doing this weekend.

    1. you have a patience that borders on insanity sir. there’s no way these could be in my home and unopened. you’re like gandhi, but better.

    2. Thanks! I think you’ll be happy with them. But I’m with Dayraven, I have no idea how you haven’t broken them out yet, lol.

  3. These guys look very impressive but I just don’t have enough interest to plunk down that kind of money for them.
    Your review does a great job of pointing out everything special about them and I could definitely see paying the $50 if I knew or cared about the character.

    Thanks for the great review as always!

    1. Thanks Rex.

      Dwal has some great advice. If you’re interested in them, the regular figure is a pretty good deal for only $30.

  4. Wow! That’s the power of the Horsemen when they’re not bound by silly rules from Logistics, Anime Hyper detail is retired, and whatever starfruit Mattel can think of to cut corners and deliver lower quality at a greater price…

    1. I know. It kind of makes me miss the old days when McFarlane was experimental with their toy designs. It’s really too bad there aren’t a lot of companies willing to take that chance anymore.

    2. Truer words, He-Mullet . . .

      The 4H are making sure that everything that sucks about MOTUC (basically, everything they DON’T handle) is rockin’ to the hilt with these figures.

      Awesome QC, awesome packaging design, awesome packaging illustrations (by the sensational Nate “Baena” Baertsch), and a bio that absolutely blows anything MOTUC has tried to come up with out of the water.

  5. dude, this is what i’ve been asking for, gracias vault!! you got some really nice shots in there, and showcased a figure that is truly blowing the mass market crap right out of the water. YAY!!! SCARABUS!

  6. Scale question, if I may? How does Scarabaus look next to the Diamond Select Stargate Serpent Guard? They both have that rad Egyptian motif…If you have the Serpent Guard piece, I would love to see a comparison picture. Thanks in advance.

  7. That’s a pretty good idea JoMi, thank you.

    I had to dig around a bit for my SG1 figures, but I eventually found them. Scarabus fits in pretty well with them. He’s still a bit taller than everyone, except for the ridiculously ginormous helmet on the Serpent Guard. He’d make a really good System Lord I think.

    1. Thanks! I asked because as mush as I love the Scarabus, I’m not a fan of the hooves. I think I want to swap out the Serpent Guards legs and feet when I pick up the Anubis-headed version…I’m glad they line up!

      1. And for some reason I totally spaced out and forgot the pictures. Sorry about that.

        1. Hells to the yes. That is perfect!! I think the Serpent Guard legs will be a great fit on the Anubis! Thanks!

    1. They’re pretty cool. It’s not a bad investment if you’re looking for a great figure.

  8. Glad you got these two dudes, Vault!

    Nice review!!!

    I can’t wait to see how mixing and matching some of my D&L pieces will look on some of the regular painted Scarabi.

    Should be interesting . . .

    1. Thanks!

      I played around with mixing the Light & Dark parts, but it didn’t turn out as well because they are solid colors. I think the painted ones will make for better amalgamations.

      I do wish there were more interchangeable pieces though. It would be cool to change out the feet or arms or even torso.

  9. those new shots in front of the stargate are spiffy, but he looks almost too egyptian (and no futurey components) and the serpent guard’s feet look way too small to work for scarabus. plus, as i understand it, scarrie is pretty well balanced on those hooves, so find feet to fit is also a challenge in balance and engineering.

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