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MOTUClassics.Com Review:
Great Wars Weapons Pak

We’ll get a closer look at Roboto’s weapons here in a second. I do love the idea though. I eagerly await some complimentary TJ weapons in silver and I’m still hoping that Fisto & Jitsu’s fists attach similarly.

Evil Lyn’s weapons in purple are another oddity in this set. It’s said to be her MO2K gear, but that would be black. Maybe there will be a theme that something has to be turned purple for no reason in each weapons pack?

The packaging severely warped my long staff, but the real problem I had with it was getting the head of the staff on and off. I had to heat it up just to get it on for this review. The plastic quality bit me both ways on this one.

Finally, Mer-Man’s armor in MO2K colors. Kinda. Like a lot of this set, I think this will end up in the extra parts bin too.

Now I know these are technically intended for Trap Jaw, but I’m going a little off script to wrap this up.

One of the reasons I do enjoy the weapons pak (even the ones that don’t make a lot of sense) is that they can really help diversify the shelf when given to customs.

In this case, a forgotten, evil Roboto model.

Keep your eyes peeled. He might just show up again…

Overall, while there were some great things about this pak like Faker’s orange gear and Randor’s spear, but the oddities really seemed to outweigh them on this set. Some issues like the warped plastic and difficult to swap head on Evil Lyn’s staff were also drawbacks. I still love the idea of Weapons Paks (I’m a bit bummed that the Rack is taking the place of a 2011 Pak), but there’s no denying that I left most of these pieces in there package for nearly three months.

The important thing here is to note how many of the items were fan requested: Randor’s Spear, Faker’s Weapons, Zoar’s Armor & Perch, and Adora’s Sword. We’re also getting a purple axe with Battle Armor Skeletor. I can’t talk enough about how much I enjoy seeing companies utilize the fan ideas and requests in areas where they can. That combined with the novelty of Roboto & Trap Jaw having interchangeable parts and the set does make you feel like you got your $12 worth even if a chunk of the weapons don’t have an obvious place.

Speaking of obvious, even though I had a ton of fun with my evil Roboto, I figured I’d better show you Trap Jaw as intended…

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15 comments to MOTUClassics.Com Review:
Great Wars Weapons Pak

  • Snowglare

    Oh no, Roboto!

    Another fine installment of Weapon Shop Theater. The Pak itself looks dull, but you make it more appealing than any commercial would.

  • He-Mullet

    I liked this pak a bit netter than the first One…
    Randor’s Spear
    Roboto’s Black Weapons (after painting over CHINA)
    EL’s Long Staff and orb (on a Custom character)
    Merman’s items (repainted copper to look more like the 200X counterpart…)
    Optikk Shield (repainted in KR colors)
    Zoar Stuff
    Faker Weapons
    Optikk gun for a Palace Guard… (a Sniper)

    Short EL, short Wand, Fork and Adora Sword are the unused Items… Well The Adora Sword is with the KG Half Swords in a Diorama, so I guess I’m getting some use out of it…

  • bmnbinc

    yaaaayyy!!! finally da shop is back! been some time…ha ha!a mer-man fork indeed!!! 😀

  • dayraven

    roboto and the floppy axe suck too. the claw is nice, but really, i think roboto’s accessories look too massive for trap jaw’s arm.

    IDK how to feel about this weapons pak, cuz as you point out, better than half the pieces are complete wastes of time. truth be told, i didn’t even care for the perch for zoar, since i have the vintage birds still and the huge scale of them holds up better w/ the motucs that the tiny little things the series is actually giving us.

    that said, it’s greatest virtue was for custom fodder. and the price is a tad steep for fodder bits.

  • dayraven

    oh, and if we’re advocating for MORE faker gear… might i request a faker mecha-sword? cuz really… doesn’t the mechanical he-sword make more sense for faker?

  • Scott

    Dude, that was awesome!!
    You’re site’s one of my all time faves!

  • Adrian

    Great job, Noisy!

    This review was worth the wait. When will we see more of Evil Roboto?

  • Lay Ze-Man

    Awesome strip, Noisy!

  • Love the weapons store strips! I wish there were more weapons now.

  • Cunningham

    Great job on the customs! Got a recipe for that Roboto?

  • Clay

    I passed on both weapons paks, and both times I’ve regretted it. Damn! I’m a sucker for anything in black and purple, so I’m feeling a need for those Optikk weapons.

    Love the evil Roboto (“Ro-bad-to”! Huh? Okay, maybe not…) especially the cracked and stained transparent torso.

    The upcoming Rack looks kinda dull and fills me with zero excitement (I clearly haven’t learned my ‘don’t pass or you’ll regret it’ lesson) but I’m eagerly awaiting the return of the weapons store!

  • I love the store. And dark Roboto is snazzy. How did you get the cracks in him though? Were they deliberate or…?