Vault Review: DC Universe
Action League Wave 1

Green Lantern Hal Jordan vs. White Lantern Sinestro

If DC Classics is any indication, this is only the first of many Hal Jordan mini figures we’ll be getting. He even knows it too. Just look at that smug expression on his face. One thing I do really like about this figure is the use of glossy black on his costume. It’s strange that the first version of Sinestro we got is his White Lantern costume, but it still works well with him. I know they’re probably just going to repaint him for his other looks, but I hope they at least give him different arm poses so he doesn’t look exactly the same. Also, I love the extra large printed rings on both figures. Now if they’d just make some stylized ring constructs to fit over their large hands.

Firestorm vs. Deathstorm

Both figures look great in this style, especially Deathstorm. He’s so cute and evil. Both figures have clear translucent flames coming out their heads. But sadly Deathstorm’s eyes were painted over, so the chance for some lightpiping action is lost. Also, I do like that they are posed almost opposite of each other, but that novelty wears off when they’re with the other characters. In a group shot it’s hard to get them to look relaxed. (For any of you who have the DC Classics Firestorm, his energy rings fit perfectly on this little guy.)

Superman vs. Bizarro

Two of my favorite characters in this wave, both Superman and Bizarro have great personality. Superman, like Flash, comes with a clear stand for flying or punching poses. He has this great confident look on his face and his hand can be positioned in the classic “arms raised” flying pose. Bizarro has the biggest body of all the figures and also comes with the only accessory: a giant piece of kryptonite. He’s got a slightly sinister yet goofy look on his face and I can’t wait to put him with more Legion of Doom members.

As the line continues, I’d like to see a few more accessories with the figures. A couple of giant caricature lanterns would be cool for the various Corps. I’d also like to see tiny flying stands so the characters that fly can actually be in the air and not just taking off. And we definitely need more female characters. This line isn’t just for kids, and there’s no reason not to include at least one female per wave. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out though. About $7 per two-pack is a pretty good deal, especially if you’re feeling the crunch from the DC Classics line.

4 thoughts on “Vault Review: DC Universe
Action League Wave 1

  1. I dunno about these guys. They don’t seems to really capture the style in the same way as Hasbro’s various heroes lines. Something just seems off when I look at them.

  2. Damn these! Damn they I saw! I have to fight the urge to buy them everytime I see them at stores! I finally caved and bought a pack of the WWE Rumblers yesterday. I would have bought the GL/Sinestro set weeks ago, but the sets I’ve seen all had paint issues.

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