MOTU Classics Update:
First Look at Sy-Klone

Last night on Facebook, Mattel released official images of the Sy-Klone figure that was revealed in this month’s issue of ToyFare. Like most of the recent releases, he feels like the “Classics” style is slowly being replaced by a straight up “Vintage” style. I don’t know how I feel about that…

Here’s a collage of the images. Click on it for a larger version.

Previewed in Toy Fare magazine this month, here are some more image of April 2011’s Club Eternia figure! He comes complete with shield and clip on Solar Ring. The final radar sticker will be a lenticular just like the original toy!

Sy-Klone has been added to the Upcoming Releases Page at MOTUClassics.Com.

13 thoughts on “MOTU Classics Update:
First Look at Sy-Klone

  1. He could’ve used a bit more of the 200x bits in him, but he does look good. He’s vintage enough that Bow’s boots look out of place I think.

    1. He’s going to have a sexy hot tub scene with his hula hoop? Will the long time compatriots cross the final line and become more than battle hardened comrades or will cooler heads prevail? Find out next week. Same Sy-Klone time. Same Sy-Klone channel.

  2. I like all the newly tooled parts for him and that the giant red ring reminds me of a giant chakram ( Ankles look a bit weird though.

    To me the weakest part of this figure is the face and helmet. Would have liked a “classicised” 200X face and samurai helmet at least or the ability to swap helmets.

  3. It looks like a 25 year old design with new tooling. This is why I have been getting less an less from this line. Mattel needs to let the 4HM do what they do best and update these figures. The best part of DCUC is that they are usually a new take bringing together the best of many versions of the character for a new design. MOTUC has lost that edge and my money with it

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