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Sy-Klone Review

It’s May!! That means it’s time to review… April’s Club Eternia figure?? Yeah, guys, we’re a bit behind, but you’ll see why in towards the end of the review. We’re here with Sy-Klone today. I had mixed feelings about the figure, but a friend of mine helped put my thoughts on him in perspective.

A Funny Thing Happened
when Sy-Klone Arrived…

Sy-Klone & Panthor arrived at the ItsAllTrue’s “central offices” late yesterday evening. The figures came packaged in two boxes: a giant one for our Panthor order and a less giant one for our Sy-Klones. Once I had everything opened up, I was suprised to find that not all the Sy-Klone boxes were marked “Sy-Klone”…

Matty on Facebook:
Sy-Klone in Package

Mattel posted a new packaged picture on Facebook today. This time a shot of Sy-Klone in package. He looks pretty good in there and I’m particularly happy that Mattel was able to keep the classic lenticular chest and still retain the ab crunch. Plus, we also get our first look at Sy-Klone’s bio.

MOTU Classics Update:
First Look at Sy-Klone