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DCClassics.Com Batman Unlimited
(Super Powers) Penguin Review

There are figures you really want and then there are figures you inexplicably must have. The classic Penguin is one of those figures for me. I have a lot of wants for the 6” DC line. I want more characters. I want more tooling. And yet here

Mattel’s MOTU & DC Reveals
2013 Toy Fair Armchair Coverage

As you can guess by the content here at IAT, I’m a little more keyed in on the Mattel reveals than other companies. While Digital River spoiled most of Mattel’s Toy Fair news (though I’ve heard some say it was done purposefully), the panel still proved

Vault Review: DC Unlimited
New 52 Superman


It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve bought a DC figure at retail. After Classics was canceled, I pretty much just glaze over that aisle on my way to the Marvel section. So I was a bit shocked to see a

DCClassics.Com Club IE
Lead, Platinum, & Tin Review

In my efforts to get caught up on my backlog of reviews, I thought it might be a good idea to throw December’s Club Infinite Earths offerings into one big review. It seemed only naturally since Mattel chose that month to (nearly) complete the Metal Men with

Watchmen: Club Black Freighter
Rorschach Review

I finally found where I packed my old trusty blue background. It could use a good scrubbing, but that’s nothing new. Since Uncle Sam was done on the fly, I’m calling this my first official 2013 review and what better way to kick things off than with

Vault Review: DC Classics
John Constantine


In our never ending quest to get caught up on toy reviews, I’ll be taking a look at a figure that originally came out way back in November. Like Swamp Thing, Constantine is a character that I was really looking forward to.

DC Classics.Com: Club Infinite
Earths Uncle Sam Review

Today was supposed to be my grand return to getting IAT back on schedule. Well, I managed to lose the box with my camera & photo shoot gear, like the infamous blue backdrop, and it’s nearly noon as I finally get started writing. So let’s just

Ask Mattel December “15th”
& Link Round-Up