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Ask Matty
May 1st Edition


Previously, it’s been stated that “shipping rates are billed based on weight”, but ordering 2 sets of Battle Stands (under a pound) currently costs the same as shipping two figures (typically a pound and a half or more). While we understand that a figure like Panthor should and does cost more to ship, why do we not see lower rates for lighter items?

SDCC 2011 Exclusives:
Official Images from Mattel

Since Attack of the Show’s strangly decided not to focus on the He-Man items last night, it fell back to Mattel to give us our first good look at the 2011 exclusives. They’ve come to our aid early this morning with images and information on the upcoming San Diego Exclusives for MOTU Classics, DC Classics, Voltron, etc.

Attack of the Show
Mattel SDCC 2011 Exclusives

Attack of the Show’s met up with Mattel’s very own Scott Neitlich to find out what they have in store for San Diego Comic-Con 2011 and it’s a doozy. The exclusive video is availabe after the jump

Ask Matty
April 15th Edition

We really appreciated Prince Adam receiving unique head, but I’d like to see him with a laughing head as he was prone to a chuckle or two during his Filmation days. Are there any plans to ever revisit Adam (to fix his vest) and, if so, would a new expression head be possible

DCClassics.Com Review:
Green Lantern Stel (C&C)


Armless Stel Week is reaching its shattering conclusion with… well, a review of Armless Stel! He’s an interesting figure because he’s a mix of greatness and annoyance. I suppose that’s true for most of the line, but with Stel it’s a little more annoying knowing that they made him wrong on purpose.

DCClassics.Com Review:
Red Lanterns Skallox & Nite-Lik


Today is the penultimate entry in Armless Stel Week! Before we get to the big man himself tomorrow, I’m taking a look at the Red Lanterns Skallox & Nite-Lik. I’ve been dreading this review somewhat. See, I lost Skallox’s right hand some time during the month I’ve been waiting on Star Sapphire. Sigh.

DCClassics.Com Review:
G’Hu, B’dg, Dex-Starr, & Despotellis


I’ve been hitting the stores looking for Sapphire, but still no luck! So Armless Stel Week continues towards it’s one-armed conclusion. I’ve mentioned that this wave left me feeling rather dissatisfied and I’m reviewing two big reasons today! Movie Masters G’Hu and the so-called 3pk of B’dg, Dex-Starr, & Despotellis

DCClassics.Com Review:
Nautkeloi & Medphyll


Our second entry in Armless Stel Week is a look at the combo figure Nautkeloi / Medphyll. There’s just one figure in this review, but it includes alternate heads to be either of the two featured Green Lanterns. It’s cool that these two guys have found their way into the line, but I can’t help feeling bored by this lineup.

DCClassics.Com Review:
Green Lantern Sodam Yat


About a month ago, right after Bane Week, I found GL Classics Series II. Star Sapphire was painted like crap, so I left her behind. Over the last month, I’ve waited patiently for a second case to show up. No luck. And I’m tired of these guys clogging up my desk. Thus, Armless Stel Week! And I’ll start with Sodam Yat.

Ask Matty
April 1st Edition


Some non-Horde characters like Rattlor & Tung Lashor make appearances as members of the Horde in various media. Are there plans incorporate their Horde status into the bios or to maybe include extra Horde armbands when they’re eventually released ?

Ask Matty
March 15th Edition


DCClassics.Com Review:
Collect & Connect Bane


Okay, so like “Bane Week” was supposed to end on Saturday. Oops. Anyway, it’s Monday morning, I’m feelin’ good and I’m ready to conclude IAT’s look at DCUC16 with a look at Bane! Well, mostly ready. This might take a couple cans of Dr Pepper to get through. It’s 5am and I’m just getting started.

DCClassics.Com Review:
The Creeper


Bane week focuses on the last regular figure before the big man himself, the Creeper. Even though I’m not the biggest Creeper fan in the world, I was excited at the prospect of him being in the line. He looked great in San Diego last summer, but what we saw there wasn’t exactly what we got when we opened the figure.

DCClassics.Com Review:
Robin & Variant Robin


Bane Week rolls on with what was likely the most anticipated figure from the wave: Robin. Robin was also the variant figure for this wave; getting packaged with either a Bronze or a Golden Age head. I should warn you before we get into the review,, there’s been another broken joint.

DCClassics.Com Review:
Azbat / Azrael Batman


Bane Week continues with a look at “Azrael Batman” – at least that’s what Mattel calls him on the box. In the comics, he’s simply the second Batman, referred to by fans as “Azbat”. I don’t really care what he’s called, he’s a cool figure and it’s particularly fitting that he’s included as a character needed to build Bane.

DCClassics.Com Review:
Mercury of the Metal Men


Bane Week kicks off with a look at Mercury. Mercury is important to your collection if you’re trying to build Bane or complete your Metal Men team and that’s about it. I wanted to be excited about him, but I was disappointed by some of the design choices. And then, he broke. Kinda put a damper on things…

Most Requested Figures:
Justice Legion A


Even though our Requests article isn’t on a regular basis this year, we still want to dust it off now and again to give the companines ideas for figures fans might like to see. Normally, I don’t bring up DC Universe Classics because Matty’s doing a decent job. But after Toy Fair, an idea came to me that I wanted to share.

DCClassics.Com Review:
Riddler & Jonah Hex


An odd pair to be sure, but with theme waves coming I figure I should take advantage of the dissimilar characters offered in DCUC16. I’ve been looking forward to picking up this version of Riddler. I wanted Hex too, but I had fears about how Mattel would handle him. Sadly for Hex, both figures met my expectations.

Ask Matty
February 1st Edition


Costume Consensus:
DC Classics Elongated Man


Whether it’s for a few years or a few panels, all comic book characters change costumes over the course of their publishing history. In Costume Consensus, we poll our readers about which costumes they’d prefer to buy when their favorite characters are finally turned into action figures. This week: Elongated Man!

Green Lantern vs. Sinestro Review


Normally, I gobble up DC Classics releases as soon as possible. I like DC and I’ll buy figures of just about anybody. Add that to the fact that I’ve only seen some figures once or twice, and I’ve learned to buy ’em when I see ’em. But this 2pk? I left it at TRU plenty of times. It just didn’t seem worth it.

GL Classics Manhunter Review

We’re closing out our Green Lantern Classics reviews with a look at the wave’s armybuilder, the Manhunter. I have no love for the concept of the Manhunters, the figure’s rather bland, and you’re probably going to be wondering why I actually bought two Manhunters by the end of the review.

Ask Matty
January 15th Edition

Black Hand & Abin Sur Review


We’re still making our way through Green Lantern Classics reviews and today we’re looking at the two Black Lanterns from the first wave: Black Hand & Abin Sur. Well, it’s not really a figure of Abin Sur, but I have to call him that in the title so folks can find the review. Don’t worry, I’ll explain it all after the jump.

Updates to

With Toy Fair about a month away, I figured I should go through each IAT Checklist and make sure they’re all up to date, so there’s no backlog when the news and updates start rolling in from New York over Valentine’s Day weekend. First up, a big update to DCClassics.Com.

Costume Consensus:
DC Universe Classics Huntress

For 2011, we’re kicking off a new feature here at IAT to replace the semi-retiring Most Requested column. On Thursdays (usually), we’ll be polling our readers about which costumes better deserve the plastic treatment. This column will be open to any character in any toy line. And, as always, we’ll be taking your submissions.

DCClassics.Com: Sinestro Corps Mongul Review


I was going to pair Mongul up with the Manhunters for a “figure I like” versus “figure I don’t like” review, but the holidays and trips to see the in-laws have changed my plans. Mongul is getting a solo review, but is he the figure I liked or the I figure I didn’t? If you’re a DC Comics reader, I bet you already know.

Site Update: DCUC Wave
17, Panthor, & King Hssss


Mattel is at it again with Facebook updates! Giving us our first look at packaged shots of Panthor & King Hssss as well as our first glimpse of DC Universe Classics Wave 17 featuring the *yawn* Blackest Night Lantern deputies and a collect & connect of the modern version of the Anti-Monitor.

DCClassics.Com: Green Lantern
Kyle Rayner Review


For a line based on Green Lanterns, it’s kinda funny that the first wave included only one. And an interesting one at that, with five Hals, 2 Johns, and 1 Guy already in the line, it was Kyle Rayner’s turn. The modern costume wouldn’t have been my first choice, but at least there’s crabmask.

Ask Matty
December 15th Edition


In the last few waves, the figures that have visible eyes are painted to be looking up while older waves had the figures looking forward. Is this a design choice by Mattel or being done at the factory? At IAT, we’d prefer they look forward.

Low, Maash, & Arkillo Review


The so-called Green Lantern Classics (it doesn’t actually say that on the packaging) is the newest subline of DC Universe Classics. The first wave is chock full of modern takes on characters from the GL mythos including the three Yellow Lanterns in today’s review: Low, Maash, & the Collect ‘N Connect Arkillo.

DCClassics.Com: TRU
Nightwing (Renegade) Review


Just when I thought it was safe to stop going to TRU until after Christmas… there’s another exclusive. The TRU Single line showed up unexpectedly with no announcement from Mattel, so perhaps it’s fitting that it ended similarly. The TRU Singles are cancelled, but “Renegade” Nightwing managed to squeak out.

Wave 14 Zatanna Review


Zatanna has been a favorite of mine since I was a wee tot. Her origin is one of the first things I ever read. And I don’t mean comics, I mean out of everything. As a toy collector, a good Zatanna has been a long unfulfilled wish – she’s been cursed with bad figure after worse figure. I had my fingers crossed for this one.

DC Classics Update: Wave 16 Packaged & Renegade at TRU


On Facebook today, Mattel showed us our first packaged pics of DCUC Wave 16. I was expecting this delayed wave to be in the Super Power packaging (with buttons!), but it now serves as our first look at the 2011 packaging – the nice part? It’s bigger! Plus, some early TRU finds of that exclusive Renegade after all.

DCClassics.Com: Validus
& Ultra-Humanite Review


This year, I’ve only had the opportunity to review two C&Cs – Darkseid in March & Trigon in July. That’s it for the whole year. After some serious delays, waves 15 and 14 came out virtually ontop of one another. That means this review has a double dose of C&Cs in today’s review: Validus & the Ultra-Humanite.

Ask Matty
December 1st Edition


First, thanks for giving collectors the full complement of He-Man accessories in Faker colors! Looking ahead, has Mattel put any focus on producing more axes and shields to match the various swords already released with figures like Wun-Dar & Prince Adam

Wave 14 Tyr Review


Even with being a lifelong DC Comics reader, there are portions of the DC Universe that I haven’t had time or, at least, made a point to get to. The Legion of Super-Heroes is one of those areas. I know the basics, the characters, the history, but I can’t say I’ve ever read a Legion comic that featured Tyr.

Kamandi & Alan Scott Review


Today, I’m stepping in for Noisy to continue our DC Universe Classics Wave 14 reviews. In the spirit of the greatest Brave and the Bold comics, I’ve decided to throw two characters together that you wouldn’t normally see: Alan Scott, Earth’s Golden Age Green Lantern and Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth.

Wave 14 Hourman Review


DC Universe Classics Wave 14 is a wave without variants, so that means one figure gets a solo review. I picked Hourman because he’s a favorite of mine and because he has a ton of comic potential. He’s a smart character, but he’s still a brawler at heart. Plus, he only has powers for an hour. That’s kinda cool.

DCClassics.Com: Gold
& Obsidian (Todd Rice) Review


Before we get to DCUC15’s Validus, we’re going to jump into some DC Universe Classics Wave 14 reviews. Today, we’ll take a look at a character from one of my favorite teams, the Metal Man’s Gold, and a character from one of my least favorite teams, Infinity, Inc’s Obsidian… er, I mean Todd Rice.

Sortable Checklist Added

In IAT’s ongoing efforts to update and expand the DC Universe Classics Checklist at DCClassics.Com, I’ve added a new page with a text checklist. I can hear you now… “text is so 2000s, Noisy”, but there’s more. This new checklist includes C&C information, accessories, and release dates, but the best part is… it’s sortable.

Ask Matty
November 15th Edition


With DCUC16 being scheduled for early 2011, will it be considered one of the five 2011 waves or will Mattel now plan for six waves of DC Classics on the 2011 schedule

Raven & Jemm Review


Our fifth DC Universe Classics Wave 15 Review focuses on the last two regular figures in the wave, Jemm, Son of Saturn & the New Teen Titan Raven. They’re an odd pair, they’ve probably never met before today, but they do have one thing in common. They’re both DCUCs that don’t have double fists. How rare is that?

DCClassics.Com: Sinestro Bats
& Golden Pharaoh Review


Our fourth DC Universe Classics Wave 15 Review focuses on Golden Pharaoh and Sinestro Corps Batman. These two are alike in that neither has a true spot in the DC Universe, but their translation into DC Classics is a tale of two toys. One a fantastic update

Starman (Jack & Ted) Review


Our look at DC Universe Classics Wave 15 continues with not one, but two Starmen figures – the Golden Age Starman and his son and successor, Jack Knight. As a big fan of the Golden Age and its legacy characters, I was excited for both figures, but only one really met my expectations.

Ask Matty
November 1st Edition


Will the Wal-Mart 2pks continue beyond Fates Intertwined & Power Struggle or are those the only two currently scheduled?

OMAC Review


Our DC Universe Classics reviews keep on trucking with today’s look at fan favorite OMAC! At IAT, we feel obscurity is in the eye of the beholder and if you’re us, lifelong DC fans, the line hasn’t gotten anywhere near obscurity yet. If you’re not familiar with OMAC, fear not, we’ll cover his history along with his review.

Mattel Non-NYCC Coverage:
MOTU & DC Classics Updates


Even though Mattel couldn’t make it NYCC this weekend, that didn’t stop them from making a splash in the headlines. Amidst the great pictures being beamed back of DC Direct’s Batman, Inc line and MU Cable (complete with Baby Jean!) came a slew of pics and updated info on Mattel’s collector lines.

Martian Manhunter Review


It’s been months since we wrapped up DCUC13, DCUC14 is still MIA, but DCUC15 has is starting to trickle in. Weird time to be a DCUC collector. Now, it’s been a couple weeks since my last review and I’m a little out of practice. Please bear with me as we look at Martian Manhunter & his variant.

Ask Matty
October 15th Edition


Ask Matty October 15th Edition

Amusing Articulations:
Starman, Are You Crying?


Ask Matty
October 1st Edition


DCClassics.Com: Green
Lantern’s Light 5pk Review


My long search for the GL 5pk is finally over. After striking out at Wal-Marts in Oklahoma, Ohio, Arkansas, and Florida, (I promise I wasn’t really looking as hard as that sounds) the rascally thing finally arrived at a Wal-Mart not twelve miles from my house. Toy collecting can be funny like that.

Starman’s got a… gun?


At SDCC, the DCUC15 Starman from was a little off. Due to logistics, he was temporarily sporting Obsidian’s cape. He was also holding a pistol which many of us assumed to be a case of ‘booth error’. Now though, Starman has arrived and he’s still got that pistol. We weren’t sure of its origin, so we turned to the Four Horsemen

Ask Matty
September 15th Edition


Amusing Articulations: Finally, a Use for Shiny Repaints

Walmart Exclusive 2pks Review


Sometimes I do reviews right away. I’ve turned around some MOTU figures within hours of their arrival. Other times, I get a little behind. That’s the case today. I didn’t pick up the Walmart 2pks at first. I finally got them as a birthday present, but even that was a month ago. Not the most exciting release, but they do warrant a brief look.

Ask Matty
September 1st Edition


Can you clarify where the line is being drawn for 200x influence? Second heads are out, but 200x weapons, redesigns like Sorceress, and characters like Carnivus & Dactus are still safe? From the outside, this rule appears hard to follow.

CherryBarry Review (TRU Flash)


We picked up the TRU Flash a few weeks ago, but I’ve been putting off his review. I just find that I don’t have a lot to say about him. Still, he needs his DCClassics.Com entry and so we’re giving him a pint-size review. Four pics, a few paragraphs, and everything you need to know about CherryBarry.

Upgrades to DCClassics.Com
& MOTUClassics.Com


Some of you might have noticed that we were a little light on the updates last week. There were a couple family birthdays and some crazy wedding preperation adventures, but mostly, I was neck deep in photographing all of my DC Classics and coding CSS/HTML for the biggest updates to our checklists yet.