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2011 Retrospective:
Our Five Favorite Figures

Vikor Review

I want new characters in MOTU Classics. I want Stinkor, Frosta, & Flipshot too – but I really want to see MOTU Classics expand with a few new guys in the mix too (Horde Mummy, please). Mattel comes closest to fulfilling that desire with the January Club Eternia figure: Vikor – He-Man of the North!

Matty on Facebook:
More Vikors on the way!

Thought that 3 minute sellout seemed a little fishy? Well, it turns out that not all the Vikor’s made it to Digital River in time for the sale. In a separate announcement, Mattel also let us know how they’re dealing with the glitch that left many fans unable to add the battles stands to their order today.

MOTU Update: Vikor’s Early,
Bow’s Late, and a new Bio Page