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First Look at Hurricane
Hordak & Leech in Package

Matty on Facebook:
Swamp Thing’s Closeup

Some Thoughts on Clawful
& Faceless One in Package

I spent most of last week (my week “off” from doing reviews) updating the checklists at MOTUClassics.Com, DCClassics.com, etc. Wouldn’t you know that as soon as I was caught up, Mattel jumped right in and started filling up my to-do list! Mattel has posted two new MOTU bios on Facebook: Clawful & the Faceless One.

Some Thoughts On
Battleground Teela in Package

It seems like it’s been awhile since we’ve gotten a Matty Facebook reveal. I think next week’s Sy-Klone was the last one? Anyway, Mattel has given us our first look at Battleground Teela in package on their Facebook page. As usual, the figure looks great and the bio is… well, it is what it is

Matty on Facebook:
More Vikors on the way!

Thought that 3 minute sellout seemed a little fishy? Well, it turns out that not all the Vikor’s made it to Digital River in time for the sale. In a separate announcement, Mattel also let us know how they’re dealing with the glitch that left many fans unable to add the battles stands to their order today.

MOTUClassics Update:
Three New Bios Revealed

Today on Facebook, Mattel unloaded three new bios and packaged shots of three upcoming February 2011 Club Eternia figures: Bow, Battle Armor Skeletor, & the subscription figure Preternia Disguise He-Man. The figures always look good in package and the bios are the usual mix of interesting and cringeworthy…

MOTU Update: Vikor’s Early,
Bow’s Late, and a new Bio Page