Vault Review: Captain America:
The First Avenger U.S. Agent

In celebration of the Captain America movie opening up this Friday, we’re dedicating this week to the Captian America: The First Avenger toy line.  Monday through Thursday we’ll have a new review on some of the more interesting figures in this series.  The first figure I’ll be looking at this week is the U.S. Agent.

Toy Fair 2011 Armchair Coverage
RoundUp w/ Updated Checklists

Got that morning after feeling? I know I do. I not only spent all weekend being abused by toy companies trying to take their money, I foolishly vowed to have all the IAT Checklists updated before the weekend was out (they are!) Once I was done, I remembered there was still that little matter of doing some Armchair Coverage...

Most Requested Figures: Marvel
Legends U.S. Agent + Poll

This suggestion comes to us from IAT reader, Adrian. So a quick thank you to him and an encouragement to anyone else with a character for this article! We will read them, and though we can't do everyone, we do appreciate hearing your ideas! If you have a suggestion for the Most Requested feature, drop us a line and let us know!

If you've been around the blog long enough, you might know I really like alternate superhero costumes. I don't know what it is, but there's just something about a superhero switching up his costume now and again that appeals to me.

Marvel Universe Invaders 4pk &
Black/White Captain America (SDCC)

I might have a confession. I might, this is hard to admit, but I might prefer 3 3/4" scale to 6" scale. Don't get me wrong. I love my DCUCs, MOTUCs, GBCs, MLs, DCDs, FanExs, etc, etc. Most of my collection is 6" because that scale is usually executed better than its smaller counterpart. I appreciate that. I also prefer loads of articulation. But there are exceptions when a smaller line does well with sculpt and articulation. Mezco's Hellboy 3 3/4" line. 25th Joes. Marvel Universe. (Maybe some upcoming DCIH?). And when I get a well-done figure in this smaller scale? I'm ecstatic. It makes me wish I had other stuff in this size (my Hellboy really needs some 3 3/4" Ghostbusters, for example).