Marvel Universe Checklist
Updates, Cap & Thor Pages Added

New pages for the Captain America & Thor movie lines have been added to the Marvel Universe Resource. The Iron Man 2 and Spider-Man pages have been updated with the latest wave information. And a Two-Packs section has been added to the 2011 page. Images have been added for most updates.

The Captain America and Thor pages are now available but they don’t have their cardback graphics in place just yet. As soon as I obtain some hi-res images of those cardbacks, we’ll get to that last little bit of business.

The two new movie lines wil be handled like the Iron Man 2 line, with the comic series figures on the cardback graphic above and a full checklist featuring movie & comic figures below. In Thor’s case, we haven’t had any comic series figures announced yet, but recent Hasbro Q&A’s suggest that there will at least be a few. For now, that page will feature only the simple checklist that contains all figures.

The 2011 page received a minor update with a two-pack section added for the March 2pks of Deadpool/Taskmaster and Wolverine/Silver Samurai.2011 Series 1 (Wave 7) has been added to the Iron Man 2 page. We’ve also gone through that checklist and added images for some of the older product that we didn’t have previously. I believe we’re down to just missing images of the K-Mart Proving Ground 3pk.

Finally, the Spider-Man line has two waves on the upcoming schedule. We don’t have official Hasbro images yet, but sections for Waves 5 & 6 have been added along with the names of the planned figures.

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4 thoughts on “Marvel Universe Checklist
Updates, Cap & Thor Pages Added

  1. I’m happy to see you getting into Marvel figures, Noisy! Looking forward to Marvel getting great reviews like your DC Classics ones!

  2. I’m stoked for that Cap line! The comic figures all look great. Crossbones, US Agent, and that Winter Soldier looks amazing.

    I hope the Thor movie will have some comic figures after all. It’d be a shame to not get something out of that line.

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