Marvel Universe Invaders 4pk &
Black/White Captain America (SDCC)

I might have a confession. I might, this is hard to admit, but I might prefer 3 3/4" scale to 6" scale. Don't get me wrong. I love my DCUCs, MOTUCs, GBCs, MLs, DCDs, FanExs, etc, etc. Most of my collection is 6" because that scale is usually executed better than its smaller counterpart. I appreciate that. I also prefer loads of articulation. But there are exceptions when a smaller line does well with sculpt and articulation. Mezco's Hellboy 3 3/4" line. 25th Joes. Marvel Universe. (Maybe some upcoming DCIH?). And when I get a well-done figure in this smaller scale? I'm ecstatic. It makes me wish I had other stuff in this size (my Hellboy really needs some 3 3/4" Ghostbusters, for example).